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This time went for Indian clothing sketches and made some of them..

First I try to draw long kurta with wide Palazoo


Then I coloured it with red colour on kurta and black Palazoo, I think combination look good.


Second I drawn long frock suit with churidar (legging) and printed dupptta (scarf).


Then I coloured croquis bright colour, use pink shade for frock, black color for churidar(legging) and for good combination black dupptta( scarf).

I hope combination look great..

Third which I try to sketch is long Anarkali Angrakha style neck with churidar (legging) and dupptta(scarf).


Coloured it with red and green little bit touch of yellow on dupptta( scarf)


I used pencil colours for these sketches, so that I don’t mess my sketches. I’m comfortable with pencil colours, would try to use paint colour or sketch colours soon.

Right now I’m copying these designs from Pinterest to get some ideas. I will be designing my own design soon when I will start sketching perfectly.

I know sketches are still not perfect but this Is what I want to do to get some tips and tricks from my friends. Doing mistake is also important for getting useful tips from your good friends and followers.

I hope you enjoyed my little imperfect sketchs, waiting for your comments and suggestion.
Thank you!

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I met a fashion designer once, he is a friend's godfather and I remember him making the sketches and it was impresive how easy it was for him.

This is a sketch from him.


And this is the design.


I guess that with his sketch he wanted to stand out the skirt, how big it is and the design of the fabric.

Ps: look at the back of the sketch, he used a fucsia band to make it stand up from the background, here is video for this kind of things

Wow! Beautiful sketch, I really wish I also become like him one day. The design of gown is difficult to make but how easily he has sketched it.
Thank you for your inspiring comment @mbell, the video is great and shows about water marker colours, they are really good for sketching. I’m gonna buy them for sure. Have great day and stay blessed!

Good job shanu! I love the new creative and artistic approach,


I'm not good with colores pencils, so I have not much to say, but you can look for tuttorials on youtube to improve your skills.

I prefer using markers, the best are alcohol based, they blend so nicely, but they are super expensive. I use water based markers from the brand Crayola and they work very well and look very pretty and they are not expensive, also by adding a little bit of water they can work as watercolors.

Practice makes perfect, so practice making sketches of curves and different shapes and don't be scared of making mistakes, because we learn from them.

Good luck! I can't wait to see your own designs!

Hi @mbell, great to see you after a long time, how have you been? Delighted to get compliment from you. You are so good at drawing.. Thank you @mbell for your suggestion, let see if I get those water markers here on good price, hoepfully, I will get them.. once again thank you so much for well wishes dear. Take care and stay blessed!

How I missed this post: sorry.

It looks another wonderful and applaudable effort. Just carry on without losing the tempo...

No problem, sometimes we miss things but I’m happy that you noticed. I’m trying my best to draw sketches.