The Corona Diaries #2 - how the Coronavirus is affecting lives around the world [19 March 2002]

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For a few the worst is over, for most it is yet to come.

Lockdowns, curfews, restrictions that would have appeared unimaginable only a few weeks ago.

The world is at war with Coronavirus.

World War C has begun.

Regardless of whether we are on Steem, or on Hive, or on Tron, life is changing dramatically.

Some of us will get seriously ill. Some of us, sadly, will lose loved ones.

The next few months will be tough. For some they will be terrible.

Our platforms provide a space to tell your stories, to share your worries, your fears, your grief.

My aim is to collect together these stories and share them with the world.

This is the first edition of the Corona Diaries in case you missed it...

Please let me know if you are writing posts about how the Coronavirus is affecting you and your family. Post a comment below or message me on Discord (Pennsif#9921).

I am looking for posts about your life and how it is being affected rather than scientific commentary, or theories of where the virus came from. They are important, but not for these posts.

If you are writing Corona impact posts you might also be interested in this contest on TravelFeed...

















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Thanks for collecting stories. I do want to know how the world is being affected by our common foe and I’m glad you’re gathering our stories. Here’s another one I wrote a couple of days ago.

Peace and good health,


Thanks for this - most interesting post. I will include on the next Corona Diaries.

Let me know when you do another one like this.

Thanks again for collecting stories. Trying to make sense of tweets or short bits on the internet is tough that I appreciate when people share their stories and document life from their corner of the world. Here’s my latest post:

Peace and good health,


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Thank you, much appreciated.

thanks.. but I hope there will be some information about this matter that can help.. I will keep on posting about thie virus for sure

I will look out for more of your posts, thank you.

Africa isn't prepared for this, and can't even be prepared...

We basically lack every form of preparedness for this, to be honest, the moment corona spreads as much as it did in Italy the world should be ready to loose over 100m people.

The health facilities are way below standard, don't have enough health workers and can't even accommodate up to an average of a thousand.

All we have over here is hope to not get infected.

To everyone out there that has been infected or has a friend or family infected my heartfelt consolation to you.

Which part of Africa are you in?

I hope the virus doesn't get out of control there.

Thanks for this Initiative. Should be interesting

There are some very interesting stories to read.

Thanks for the mention, yes here in South Africa I have just heard that a couple in the next town 25km away came back from an overseas trip to EU and have tested positive.

Oh dear, stay safe. Let me if you do anymore update posts.

Thank you @pennsif for mentioning my post.
UPdate he is recovering and still under quarantine but says it's not as bad as the media has amped it up to be. Granted his is healthy (and in his 30's) but he said rest, sleep and fluids(just like ALL other viruses) and getting fever under control is the road to recovery

Hi @goldendawne, glad to hear your son is getting better. Hope the rest of the family is okay.

We're keeping pretty much out of the way.

Luckily the garden is already producing some over winter crops. And it will be full speed on growing this year.

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