Corona Virus - A 93 year old's Thoughts

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As someone in the Corona Virus vulnerable age bracket I thought I would give my first thoughts on the frightening infection. My intended title ‘I’m Alright So Far!’ reminded me of this optimist, half way down, falling from a mountain.

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What a shock this Frankenstein infection has caused - Who saw it coming?. I’ve thought for some time a correction was due. The good times don’t go on forever.

But the modern major economies seemed to defy the normal ebb and flow, and have the answer to any hint of a slow down by printing more money.

But this infection is extreme and not yet in our control. It will cause total upheaval and misery to lives and businesses.

I was born in 1926 at the start of the great economic depression leading to the stock market crash of 1929 and mass unemployment. Soup kitchens in the street fed the desperate.

As a toddler I didn’t know this. My parents told me later. My family were spared and unaware of the suffering and shortages in the wider world, because my father was a farm wagoner, he looked after and worked the shire horses that did the heavy farm work before tractors.

A farm cottage came with the job, It had a big garden so we were self-sufficient for fruit and vegetables.

The farm supplied eggs and milk, also hens for meat when they finished their egg laying cycle. Rabbits were also caught as a source of protein. Most villagers kept a pig and arranged to share meat by processing at different times of the year.

The problem with ending the recession was goods needed to be produced for people to buy, but without money they could not.A classic Catch 22!

The 1929 recession was eventually ended by ‘digging holes’ That was the name given to the policy of ‘priming the economic pump’ by borrowing money to pay construction workers to build roads and other infrastructure needs. The workers spent their wages in shops and so re-started the supply and demand cycle.

We have been told for some time that we are on the cusp of the Artificial Intelligence age with most work done by Robots, so must prepare to find occupational pursuits from home.

I think history will look back on this crisis as hastening that change.

I’ve occasionally wondered if life goes full circle? Why? Because growing up I had just enough money to be content – then made a lot of money – and lost it- now just enough money but content again!

As babies we have wispy hair or none, and have difficulties in balance & walking. I’ve returned to that state!

I entered the world in a catastrophic depression…………..? Are you thinking the irony of what I’m thinking? Watch this space!


Thanks for bringing your experienced perspective to this situation! I saw a financial correction coming too, just wasn't thinking a pandemic would spark it. Hang in there; you're all right so far! :)

Thank you kenny. I was lucky in that I experienced hard times first.Life has progressively got better and better. My grandchildren have known only good times,so any hardship or sacrifice will be more keenly felt.But we'll all chip in and support if needed.

Actually I am more a less some Pessimist, but still tho, I can just fully agree on your observations. Life is full of circles and even if you are able to understand them, they are quite difficult to predict. Whenever humans look into the future they see a lot of visions. Some are come true, some others are some decates later just funny.

As a younger one, its often very entertaining to see some Scifi from the 60th. All that strange stuff people expect humans would life in the future. I am pretty sure that in 60 or 70 years everyone will look at us and smile the same way. How could they just believe in THAT?

So I personally really like to share thoughts with older people. Because with their stories the past is more than an echo from the past, but become suddenly closer, often more painful, but always more understandable.

Even if it currently looks not that well in the world, don't even dare to think that its the last depression you might see. As a pessimist i am pretty sure there will be a lot more you can expect ;)

Thank you gammastern. Your insightful-comments have started all kind of thoughts running through my head.
Nature is wonderful, but can be cruel as evidenced by dealing this deadly card to the world from its arsenal.
Is it a powerful warning shot across the bows, that advanced societies have become too selfish & indulgent, by obsession with play,pleasure & extravagant, thoughtless, wasteful user of precious non-renewable resources?
Just look at the leisure sectors that have been hit first!
Play & pleasure are an essential part of good health.But have things got out of balance?

Our parents and grandparents came out of those bad times stronger, and I hope we can make it through these days learning some of the skills they learned to survive the hard times.

Thank you melinda010100. Oh yes,you,we,as a society will come through this.Humans are resourceful,adaptable.
Just think of the wars pestilence and plague crises that have been thrown at us since creation or evolution - and we're still here - and will be!

Wise words and a great perspective for viewing these horrible times! ❤️

Thank you Melinda010100 - All right so far!

If your thinking "oh, man the changes and the things I sen happen during my life!", then yep I'm with you there. 1918 Spanish flu 50 million dead, yet your parents survived to have a healthy and likely, happy child. So I think the odds of you reaching 101 are pretty good. Live on, and have fun watching the melt down.

Thank you bashadow. Poor, but happy.That was my childhood.Poor, but we didn't know it!
In our small village everyone seemed to have similar conditions.
Not much was known about life outside our village and neighbouring ones.
World wide communications are brilliant,and I'm glad it can't be un-invented,but the downside is that it can cause unrest.

Well done, Sir! :)
This was needed...[again]! ;)

Thank you trayan. Before all major change there is usually upheaval, total disruption. Casualties,winners,losers.Things will never be the same again.

Humans have always been survivors, adaptors,innovators.The seeds of change are being sown already.

I was impressed by one small business victim this morning saying after the initial shock and panic his thought processes were motivated and challenged to think differently,he was excited by the new look and different techniques he envisaged to reach customers.

The thinking & inventive processes get lazy in an economy awash with borrowed cash and debt.

Yes sure, I'm in tune...although much younger in this Earthly experience (especialy this one)... I've been here before... and couldn't stand the process...
so I've decided to gather data before coming again :)
Respect for the brothers and sisters! :)
This time is Epic! :)

Hear hear - well said.Thank you trayan.