Some things old and some things new for cookwithus

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Time for a little re-cap.

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We are so very proud of our contestants and the recipes that have been entered have been nothing short of world- class.

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Week #5 was cocktail week and @deimus was in Thailand with his girlfriend - who has since become his fiance - and they made the most of the famous Thailand "bucket"

We had a Pizza Week and @foodforsoul gave us this different, mouthwatering way to serve a Pizza on Week #16

Screen Shot 2018-09-02 at 10.55.52 PM.png

Week #13 @loveself produced this visually enchanting recipe

Screen Shot 2018-09-02 at 10.53.44 PM.png

@lizelle always surprises us with a favourite and makes it just that much more special

Hmmm - just imagine your favourite lemon meringue tart now having an addition of ice cream - too good to be true?

Screen Shot 2018-09-02 at 10.59.43 PM.png

You can see why we are excited to make a recipe book from all these wonderful creations - and we will put this project up sometime soon - any volunteers out there to help us make it a special on-line recipe book with all the best entries

Sadly for this post I have left out many wonderful creations - but this was just a re-cap and reminder of what you can all produce. As we have completed our teenage years and are now in our 20's - you can just imagine how many other superb entries we have out there - and needless to say many who did not make first place with their entries were sometimes a fraction of a point out - so thanks to all of you - our fabulous winners and entrants.

The next 3 weeks with the @docsmith competition is another milestone in our journey. Please continue to support the contestants by upvoting and commenting on their posts. It is a tremendous act of love that goes into ALL of the recipes

Also please start using your video on your camera's and send us in some short cooking videos. will reward your videos with view tokens. We also have some up for grabs in our future competitions

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Thanks for featuring my "bucket" - keep up the good work @cookwithus

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Thank you @cookwithus for the shout out! Thank you for connecting the cooking community on Steemit. I truly been inspired by so many recipes.

Thank you so very much for the shout-out @cookwithus, you've certainly attracted some great cooks here - I'm in awe of some of the dishes produced!