Cook with us Week #18 - Lemon Meringue Ice Cream Pie

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I hope to make the deadline today - took a last minute breakaway down the coast last week so have been in sandwich mode as that was all I could make whilst lazing by the seaside.

However, whilst away, I thought a lot about this week's theme - one of my absolute favourites - friends don't even ask me if I would like some, they simply dish up and pass it on as I'm a total glutton when it comes to this icy delight; whether it's summer or in the midst of winter!

Something else I have a total weakness for is tangy and creamy Lemon Curd, but have never thought of combining these two into one dessert.

A huge thank you to the @cookwithus team of @offoodandart, @pandamama & @chefsteve for all the hard work, and for all the wonderful support from the many others working in the background; and last but not least, the sponsors; you're all amazing and I am truly thankful for this exciting contest!

So for this week's Cook with us #18 I have made a Lemon Meringue Ice Cream Pie; believe it or not, I'm still licking my sticky fingers in between typing, it was that good!


Layers of creamy Vanilla Ice Cream, luscious Lemon Curd and tiny little Meringues make up this Ice Cream delight, which can be made in advance and kept frozen.

Nothing beats homemade Lemon Curd, so I quickly rustled up two bottles of this yummy curd, one for the Pie and one for later on which I will keep in the refrigerator - can be stored for up to two weeks if it's not devoured sooner! I love having this on toast, a real treat in the morning with a strong cup of coffee!


Not having an Ice Cream maker, I resorted to buying store bought Vanilla Ice Cream, my favourite rich and creamy brand, which I softened before use.
A layer of ice cream was spread into the pie dish, followed by a layer a Lemon Curd and placed into freezer.


Topped with another layer of Vanilla Ice Cream and placed back into freezer.


Lastly top the pie with tiny light and airy homemade Meringues and toasted Coconut.


I don't think this is going to last very long :)



Lemon Curd Recipe

  • 250 gram Butter
  • 300ml Sugar
  • Rind and juice of 2 Lemons
  • 2 extra large Eggs, beaten

Place all into pot, just bring to the boil whilst stirring.
Remove from heat as soon as it starts to bubble.
Pour into sterilised jars, cool, seal and store in refrigerator.


  • 2 Egg whites
  • Pich of Salt
  • 125ml Castor Sugar
  • Couple of drops of Vanilla Essence

Beat egg whites and salt till stiff.
Add sugar and continue beating till stiff peaks form, adding the vanilla.
Pipe onto foil lined pan.
Bake at 90 C for an hour and a half.
Leave in oven till cool and store in airtight container.

A quick look at the making of this Lemon Meringue Ice Cream Pie:

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wow this looks so amazing! My moms favorite pie is lemon maringue but I have never heard of it with ice cream in it, that sounds magical! I am going to have to show my mom this and I am sure she will appreciate it.. Thanks for sharing :0)


I hope your mom gets to make this ice cream version, it was so delicious! Thanks for stopping by :)

Oh, my sweet Lord!! This is positively sinful. I want this SO BAD. I may have to make this -- and then force The Weasel to help eat it.


Haha @enchantedspirit, would you really have to force him?

I always thought the limit for homemade lemon curd was three days, not two weeks.

"I don't think this is going to last very long :)" Two days and I'll suffer the consequences gladly.

Trust me, I'm a doctor.



Haha @catweasel, I scoop out spoons full when I pass the refrigerator so it does not last that long. Hubby's a type 1 diabetic and tucks in when he has a sugar low!
Thanks for stopping by :)

Lemon curd yum @lizelle. Great you manage to put in your entry on time. I hope you had a great time on the coast. Love your presentation. What was the temperature by the coast this time of the year?


Thanks @foodforsoul! It's quite warm on the KwaZulu Natal coast during the day, maximum averages around 22 C currently. Luckily we did not have any cold spell last week, had glorious weather, was a much needed break :)

Yummy! @ironshield


Scrumptious a great looking treat any day @lizelle


Ah thank you @joanstewart, appreciate your support :)

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Thank you again @thesteemengine, really appreciate your support :)

OH MY GOOODNESS!!!! I didn't think anything better than the lemon bars existed and then you went and added ice cream to my favourite tart. Genius. I'm making myself this for my birthday! (probably sooner, doubt I can wait for January!)


Where have you been Duck, missed you! Oh boy, this is deliciousness all in one plus hubby can't eat it (diabetic), Mom Lily is too conscious of her cholesterol (she does have a problem) so now it's just me - and this Lemony Ice cream calls me all the time, been pigging out but am saving some in the freezer for my nephew @therneau and his wife @jusipassetti, paying us an unexpected visit all the way from Cape Town this coming weekend, super excited! Shall I send a slice back with them for you??


I've been working on a new film project- unfortunately takes a little more time in the initial stages so have had to focus on that for a few weeks- will hopefully catch a break to whip something up over the weekend! Use all my tea (actually coffee) breaks to read through all the entries at least! Oh I'm so jealous! could they kidnap me? I'd love a slice but wouldn't blame them if they ate it on the way! (I would!) I've been looking for any excuse to make this but just did my grocery shopping and won't have a spot in my freezer for the tart for atleast another week! No birthdays until september...I might have to host a dinner party around the dessert. Or just eat it all before it melts! Too many options! Hope you're well!

Ah Lizelle - you never disappoint us - this is definitely something I have to try. I love a lemon meringue tart and to do this with homemade lemon curd!! My son loves lemon curd - great tempting pics as usual


Ah thank you @pandamama, you must try this lemon curd if not the pie, it is so delicious and super easy! Thanks for the contest :)


I most certainly will @lizelle

Oh yea baby, this is something I could embrace with a really big spoon. Thanks for coming over to my side for a change.


So glad i finally, or rather for a change, made something you would enjoy mr Papper :)


It had me drooling.

Hello my friend how are you? every time I look at your recipes my mouth watering is a pity that we are so far away


Thank you so much, I'd love to give you some of this!

That looks so yammy @lizelle, its a pity we never had some on our get away. I realy love ice cream snd lemmon curd so delicious.


It would have been perfect, most of it is still in the freezer as it's too sweet for Arthur and mom does not like ice cream in winter, it's so yummy!

Oh wow, that sounds like a fantastic combination :) Great work!


It was real yummy @therneau, thanks for your great support!

You are so talented @lizelle. This looks absolutely devine and so pretty too. I'd also be licking my sticky fingers after that.


Ah thank you @jusipassetti, wish I could give you a slice of this pie :)

This I love one of my favorite things is the merengue, the theme of this week in the contest is very good I encouraged me to participate

Greetings friend


Hey @yesslife, meringues are also my favourite, thanks for stopping by!

I see that the theme of this week in the contest is refreshing ice cream I love

As always my friend @lizelle did a good mix here of ice cream with cream I want to try this some day

Success in the contest, many greetings for you


Thanks @andrina, appreciate your support always!

Wow ! It's really surprising.
Good work ✌️


Thank you very much!

Marian (my wife) says this has to be one of her all time favourites Lady Lizelle. Soon I will be eating this Lol. A great recipe indeed! Blessings and upvoted! @lizelle


Ah thank you @papilloncharity, hope you enjoy it, was so delicious and so easy too :) Blessings to you and Marian.

Oh my goodness! This is sooo beautiful and fluffy and lemony. Very lovely @lizelle!


Thank you @carolynstahl, I still have some in the freezer, you can pop over any time ;);)

That lemon curd looks amazing! I love lemon meringue and it must be great with some vanilla ice cream. Good luck in the contest this week!


Thank you so much @slowcookingchef, it was a real yummy combo!

Now that's a new way to incoperated ice cream into a dish! Love your creativity!


Thank you so much :)

Yummyiest sweet ...loved it...mouthwatering


Thank you for stopping by @steemflow :)

You had me at "lemon" hihihi. I adore lemon cakes and this one even has ice cream?!?!? WOW, my birthday is pretty soon and guess what I will be asking people to make me? :D

This dish is just so wonderful! You made a lemon meringue even better with ice cream! Thanks for sharing your dish with us! good luck!

Your lemon curd looks good. Combined with the ice cream and the delicate meringue, it definitely makes a nice pie. Sweet, tart, creamy and ice cold ... simply delicoius!

Hope to see your breakfast creation @lizelle. Thanks for another tasty entry!

Thank you for sharing this recipe. It sounds delicious!! We have a ton of lemons/limes around here and I'm always looking for a way to use them. Lemon Meringue is my favorite pie and this sounds even more delicious!!! I may have to try it out!!! YUM!!

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