🍴 Cook with Us #19 🏆 Winners Announced!

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The Cook with Us team, @offoodandart, @pandamama and @chefsteve, thoroughly enjoyed your breakfast posts. It is so interesting to see what people eat around the world for breakfast. We appreciate all that we learn from you with each challenge! You all continue to raise the bar each week and we are so impressed with your creativity and high quality posts. Thank you for your continued support of CwU and we are honored to have so many great steemians in our community!

Before we get to this week’s winners, we would like to remind you that this week is the knife skills challenge. We want to see how skilled you are with your knife! There is still plenty of time left to enter.


OK, let's see who the winners are this week!

In Third Place is...

Breakfast Challenge- Black rice with sepia roasted with rosemary by @fjmb86

Congratulations @fjmb86, You have won third place this week and you will receive 1 SBD.

@fjmb86, We thought your sepia with rosemary was an interesting and delicious idea! Thank you for your entry!

The Second Place Winner is...

Mom’s Breakfast Casserole by @slowcookingchef

@slowcookingchef, Congratulations for being the second place winner. You will receive 3 SBD this week.

@slowcookingchef, We love that you shared your Mom’s amazing breakfast casserole with us! Thanks for a great entry!

And The WINNER Is...

Traditional South African Breakfast by @leelektrik

Congratulations @leelektrik you are the winner this week! You will receive 5 SBD for placing first and you will advance to the winner's circle.

@leelektrik, Its great to see a traditional South African breakfast. Thank you for sharing your dish with us!

Third place in the Winner's Circle is!…

Continental Breakfast Muffin Feast- Apple Bran Muffins by @lizelle

Congratulations @lizelle, You won third place in the Winner’s Circle this week. You will receive 1 SBD as your prize.

@lizelle, You made such a beautiful breakfast spread! Thanks for sharing this dish with us!

Second place in the Winner's Circle is!…

Eggs with Gourmet mushrooms and Prosciutto by @foodforsoul

Congratulations @foodforsoul, You won second place in the Winner’s Circle this week. You will receive 3 SBD as your prize.

@foodforsoul, What a beautiful and well executed breakfast! Thank you for sharing your dish with us!

The Winner's Circle Champion is!…

Malaysian Breakfast by @alansthoughs

Congratulations @alanthoughs, You are the Winner’s Circle Champion this week. You will receive 5 SBD as your prize.

@alanthoughs, We just adored your breakfast! Thank you for sharing your dish with us!

The following, if participating in Cook with Us #20, will be competing in the Winners Circle, including our latest 1st place winner @leelektrik. There will be three winners from the Winners Circle and the winners will be awarded 5 SBD, 3SBD and 1SBD.
  • ground2feet
  • loveself
  • foodforsoul
  • whattheduck
  • deimus
  • blackberryskunk
  • cooknbake
  • dianadee
  • alansthoughs
  • lizelle
  • gladysstillwagon
  • carolynstahl
  • plantstoplanks
  • pusteblume
  • birdsinparadise
  • foodflaneur
  • rawadventuress
  • saimondonata
  • leelektrik


We would like to give a shout out to our sponsors. @goldendawne, @jedau, @zord189, @sneaky-ninja, @jznsamuel and @christinepoulos. With the generous support of our sponsors we were able to increase the prizes for the contest in the last few weeks. We are constantly working on finding new sponsors so we can make Cook with Us even better and so we can reward your incredible efforts even more. We feel that you all deserve much more for your efforts and we will continue to add to the rewards when we can. If anyone is interested in sponsoring Cook with Us or if you know someone that might be interested, please contact us on our discord channel.

There were many people that helped us to get this competition up and running. We would like to say a BIG thank you to them all and express our sincere gratitude for their contributions.
We are delighted with the caricatures made for us by @bazbiscuit and already people are asking where they can get these delightful little characters. Thank you Barry!
@jacklimberis made our banner and gif for us. Thank you Jack - we really appreciate all the hard and beautiful work!
Thank you @edenmichelle for making the youtube video for us.
Please follow @Jacklimberis and @bazbiscuit and @edenmichelle. We hope to add to this list of supporters of our competition. If you would like to be a supporter of @cookwithus, please contact us. We would love to hear from you.

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Oh I missed the post by @foodforsoul!! SO glad I stopped in for this post!


Congratulations to all the winners and participants. It was a really fun week to be involved in.

Thanks for the post, cookwithus.

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Congrats to all the winners! A well deserved victory! I like how breakfast is widely different depending on where you live. The diversity is just so awesome! I don't know how I'm able to show off my knife skills, so I'll look ahead to the next weeks instead haha!

Congratulations to the winners and all contestants! Thank you so much for the prize @cookwithus :)

Congrats everyone!! Now time for me to go eat some breakfast... 😉 Have a great rest of the week!!

Congrats to all! Another great week @cookwithus! Fantastic entries.

Congratulations to all the winners and thanks for choosing my casserole. Great entries this week from all!