Cook with Us #19 - Traditional South African Breakfast

in cookwithus •  4 months ago

Having lived away from South Africa for 5 years now, I still enjoy a good old traditional South African breakfast. Whilst living in England I would sometimes treat myself to a full English breakfast but it was never as good as what we could get in South Africa. As a family we often have a good bacon and egg breakfast.

We are lucky to have a group of stores called PapaAntonio who sell the South African sausage. There are many South Africans living here so they also supply a whole section of South African goods. Pricey, but sometimes you need a bit of "home" - so they do exceptionally well.

Here is my South African breakfast:


2 eggs
2 rashers bacon
1 piece of boerewors (South African sausage - directly translated it is farmers sausage)
2 Slice of tomato
2 slices of toast

Use 2 frying pans - one for the eggs and one for the boerewors, bacon and tomato.

Add himalayan salt and black pepper

Butter the toast and add the eggs

and there you have it - a wonderful way to start anyday.

Yesterday I missed the breakfast that my brother made but would sure have liked to taste the breakfast pizza

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Looks delicious @leelektrik - welcome back to Cook With Us

Thanks for sharing with us a typical South African breakfast. The meal looks delicious and quite familiar. In the States this is a typical breakfast too! We usually call it something like “lumberjack” breakfast! A big and hearty meal for someone that will do a lot of physical work all day. I love the taste of this kind of breakfast but will only indulge on occasion as I’m not doing physical work all day! Thanks for your entry!

It's amazing how the typical South African breakfast is so similar to the typical American breakfast despite the geographical distance. I guess the latter also has hash browns sometimes added. Although I don't eat breakfast regularly, this is one I like having once in a while. Filling, delicious and satisfying.

I wish that South African sausage is available here in the US as it looks delicious!

Thanks for your entry @leelektrik!


Hopefully you will be able to enjoy a breakfast with our family one day @offoodandart