Cook with Us 19: Malaysian breakfast

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Greeting to my dear steemit people, for those who are following the CwU contest, this week is all about breakfast. It's no secret that there are different breakfast in every different country. For where I stay( Malaysia ), we are know for a few breakfast dish but the most popular among all is NASI LEMAK. NASI LEMAK is basically coconut rice which is serve along varies condiment such as fried achiovy, fresh cucumber, some sort of chicken, fried peanuts, chile onion jam sauce. For those who know me I'll almost never make a dish that is straight forward, so I present to you,

Thousand layer crispy coconut "NASI LEMAK " pancake

Steamed egg custard; pickled cucumber; chile onion jam; peanut sauce; fried anchovies; deep fried oats and curry powder crusted chicken drumstick filled with fragrant spice and herbs sauce( rendang)

Ohh and those who are curious what is NASI LEMAK look like, here's a picture of it

what's in it

thousand layer coconut " NASI LEMAK " pancake

When you first bit into it, you will exprience this extremely crispy exterior before expriencing a light and fluffy and somewhat flakyinterior. It's flavour with the fragrance of coconut milk and coconut oil with a slight sweetness. This element is somewhat resemblance to Danish pastry. In NASI LEMAK, the rice will be represented by this thousand layer pancake.

To make this element, we must first make the dough consisting of coconut milk, coconut oil, flour, salt, and sugar. Mix the dry ingredients well before adding in the wet ingredients, knead until its elastic and only then add the coconut oil. Knead once more and then let it rest for 30minutes. Roll it into a extremely thin sheet of dough and then cut a few round circle out of the sheet. Stack each cut circle dough in layers with coconut oil brush in between each layer. Let it raise for a hours before brushing the top with coconut oil and bake it in a 200c oven for 15 minutes of until golden brown. It's advisable to serve it while it's still hot.

deep fried oats and curry powder crusted chicken drumstick filled with fragrant spice and herbs sauce( rendang sauce)

Like all deep fried item, it's has this crispy and crunchy crust, but what makes it special is that the crust is flavoured with curry powder which gives its crust this extremely fragrant spice flavour. It doesn't ends there, the chicken drumsticks was debone In order for me to stuff the rendang sauce in it. The end product is a flavourful drumstick inside out.

To make this, we must first debone the chicken drumsticks. Once deboned, with a pipping bag, pump the rendang sauce into the cavity created by removing the bone. Secure the opening With a bamboo sewer before coating it in the curry powder and oat. Deep fry it in hot oil until golden brown, drain and let it rest before serving.

steamed egg custard

Smooth and creamy to the tongue, full of eggy flavour and nicely seasoned by chicken stock. The inspiration is from the traditional chawan mushi, the only difference is that I replaced the dashi stock with my homemad chicken stock.

To make this element, combine whisked egg, and chicken stock together before pouring into a mold if you want to achieve a certain shape. Wrap the mold with aluminium foil and steam it for 10 minutes on low heat or until it firms up. Make sure to not cranke the heat to high or the egg custard would be lumpy.

fried anchiovies

Crispy, savoury, has a mild sardine flavour. To make this element al, you need to do is to get dried anchiovies and deep fry them until golden brown.

pickled cucumber swirls

After all those strong flavour you will be wanting a palate cleanser or at least something fresh. This is just what it is for, sour, sweet, and slightly salty with a hint of cucumber freshness.

To make this element, simple brine the cucumber strips in sugar, salt, and rice vinegar for 30minutes.

chile and onion jam ( sambal sauce)

This element will bring the whole dish together by giving it sweetness, saltiness, spiciness, sourness and a strong flavour punch!! The main ingredients in it are red onions, dried anchovies, shallots, rehydrationed dried chille, fermented prawn paste(belacan), garlic, tomato paste, salt and sugar.

To make the chille jam, firstly blend all the ingredients above except for sugar, salt tomato paste and the dried achovies. Fry the blended paste in hot oil until the the paste starts to separate from the oil. Once that happens add the rest of the ingredients. Stir until emulsified, let it cool and it's ready to be used.

peanut sauce

Nutty flavour with a hint of deep roasted aroma similar to coffee, it's has a few small chunks of peanut in the smooth velevety sauce. You should expect a good balance of sweet and savoury taste.

To make this element, you need to first roast the peanut in a hot oven at 180c until slightly darker then golden brown, this will give the peanut sauce a deeper flavour. Let it cool before blending it in a food processor. While blending add in additional oil bit by bit until all the oil is emulsified and the peanut becomes small chunks. This can be used for so many other application so do make a larger batch if you love peanut, just remember to refrigerate it .

Food porn




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All I can say is WOW @alansthoughs - what an amazing breakfast dish you have made and sad that it would be devoured in such a short time. Wish I was able to taste it


Hahaha, that's why it should look beautiful so people admire it visual while tasting it. I would definitely be excited to have you try it if I can

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You've put together not just a beautiful dish but a flavorful one as well. All the elements and layers of the dish sound wonderful individually but also amazing together as they complement each other nicely.

Those steamed eggs look interesting and I'm so interested in them. Hope I get a chance to make them so I can satisfy my curiousity.

The anchovies look delicious. I miss them. So flavorful and crispy. We call them 'dilis'. Then the sambal sauce has dried anchovies which means the sauce has a very nice flavor profile.

It's great to learn about this Malaysian breakfast (or your own spin on it). Delicious! Thanks for educating me and the community with this dish @alansthoughs!


It's always a joy to share what I know with the community, thanks


It's always a joy
To share what I know with the
Community, thanks

                 - alansthoughs

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


I know. It's greatly appreciated.

I owe you links to my posts with spherification. Sorry for the long delay. Here's one. I will send more as I find them.

@alansthoughs you have outdone yourself this time! What an incredible dish! The pancake is amazing by itself. The spiced chicken sounds so good with the egg custard. What I really like are the flavorings of anchovy, pickled cucumbers, sambal and peanut sauce. This is exactly what I want for breakfast! Thanks for your entry!


And thank you for the review, it's always a pleasure to share my knowledge to the community

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Wow @alansthoughs, amazing breakfast!

Talk about elevating Nasi Lemak to a whole new level! The thousand layer coconut pancake is ingenious. Along with the chili onion jam and crunchy anchovies plus the rendang sauce, it's an explosion of flavors. Well done!

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