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My husband's going on a big hike soon, and has to carry in his own meals. He's got this cool little wood gasification stove, and I got a dehydrator for my birthday (thanks best husband in the world), so thought I'd try dehydrating some food for him! He was willing to take bought stuff but I reckoned I could do it better.. and tastier.


I am super impressed with how this pasta sauce turned out. The best thing was I didnt even have to cook the sauce! It was super rich and tasty and didn't take long to rehydrate. He will add pasta of course.


Dehydrated Pasta Sauce

I had already dehydrated a jar of tomato paste, so a few shards of that went into the Ziploc bag. I dehydrated enough for two bags, so what follows is an approximation for each serve, though I dried much more.

10 sliced olives
2 sprigs of thyme and oregano
1 spring onion
1 zucchini
1 punnet cherry tomatoes
A pickled jalapeno
Garlic chives
Tomato Paste

Now all he needs to figure out is how to dehydrate some red wine and water.

I do like the idea of him sitting down after a long walk and eating a good meal... better than those packet mixes. I'll also do a dehydrated paella and something else... risotto perhaps. I can't even imagine people going on month long walks and dehydrating all that food... must take them forever!

Have you got any good recipes for dehydrated camp food?


That looks awesome!! I bet that would make a great holiday gift, too. I borrowed a friend's dehydrator a while back but wasn't really sold on needing one myself, but you might just change my mind with this idea. Your hubs is a lucky man to have such wholesome food to refuel after a day of activity!

Yes I think it's one of those things that will stay in the cupboard for the most part , but when you have a glut of produce or when things are cheap you can dry them. For example mango season here and I absolutely love dried mangoes. Mind you they don't last long because I dry them and then I eat them all haha. To be honest my mum has one and it would have been better just to borrow hers but my husband thought he was very clever buying it for me, and he is terrible at gifts so I'm very grateful for it.

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Good stuff!
All those fancy dehydrated outdoor meals one can buy are also quite expensive.
What´s the brand and model of your dehydrator?

EZIDRI snackmaker FD500. I would have preferred a solar dehydrator but then again this did make it very easy. Yes I agree that they're really expensive and my husband can't really eat them anyway because there are lots of ingredients that he can't eat like onions and garlic and a lot of legumes.

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Recipe for dehydrated water concentrate:

  1. Boil 1 cup water until dry.
  2. Pour into jar.
  3. When ready to drink, reconstitute with 1 cup of hot water.
  4. Let set twenty minutes or until cool.

Makes approximately 1 cup ;)

Brilliant!!! I think we did it wrong so it's good to get another recipe. We left it on the front deck in a cup in the rain and it was taking ages!!!

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Yummy! I love the idea of taking perishables, sucking all the water out, and making them not-so-perishable. Not to mention, lighter weight with the same nutrient count. I built a solar dehydrator on my roof, and it has been working like a charm for fruit , vegetables, herbs, even spirulina. I haven't done the calculations, but it must have saved me a ton of money, and in my kitchen I have jars and jars full of stuff I dehydrated. Of course, another skill is putting the great tastes together in a delicious way. Like that zucchini tomato olive jalapeño dish of yours... Sounds amazing!

Oh my god I really want a solar dehydrator and putting it on your roof is a brilliant idea. We might make one when my husband gets back from overseas a few weeks time. I would love to see your setup.

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Well, I thought I'd just give you a link to my post about the dehydrator... but it turns out I don't actually have one. That is, the one that features my dehydrator is about a slightly different topic. But take a look: https://steemit.com/permaculture/@stortebeker/permaculture-principles-obrain-a-yield-and-everything-gardens In the meantime I'll make a post specifically about my dehydrator. :-)

I knew there was more than that. There had to be, since I felt like I've exhausted all my urban permie setup topics. So here's another one where my dehydrator is featured, and of course it is tied in to another broader topic: https://steemit.com/permaculture/@stortebeker/the-power-of-convection-from-boiling-water-to-drying-fruit

Dehydrated food would be so so so so so helpful on my journey - lightweight and nutritious. I even saw them on some big adventure stores, but they are freaking pricey!

Yes that's part of the reason I made them..

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Also great for prepping and storing.... It looks amazing! Good job best wife ever.

Xx ToL

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