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RE: Who wants to win a week of 6,500 SP Delegation? Power?

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We have come to this publication thanks to @fulltimegeek, that he has been a pillar for our project with the delegation that he granted us at the time.
Hello, this initiative seems to me very well to give added value to steemit.

We are not a private account, we are a project that has 3700 followers.

The @votovzla project is dedicated to supporting Venezuelans within the steem platform, influencing the way to create ideas and learn about the blockchain.
Our vision is to create human bonds among the community, based on good values, leadership and continuous improvement of knowledge.

We meetup, social work, events to educate new users through discord chat, among many other things.

Our discord chat :


Hello @chronocrypto this is a wonderful initiative, thank you for doing this.

I will leave my comment to the respect, there is an initiative in my country that is excellent in its work and has great reputation in the community. The @votovzla project has proven to be very collaborative and efficient, Votovzla has worked to support, educate and promote the steemit platform in venezuela, one of its great principles has been to educate the community. This has been a work without pause.

I think @votovzla is one of the Venezuelan projects that the delegation deserves, it would be a great help for many people.

I support @nnnanrvaez's comment, @reveur is a community that does an excellent job.


@votovzla It is a great project.

Excelente tu iniciativa @chronocrypto felicidades ... @votovzla es un proyecto comprometido con los venezolanos que se inician en STEEMIT..

Valiosa iniciativa @chronocrypto
Estrechamos su mano con la fraternidad que nos caracteriza en @votovzla, seguros que el sueño de aportar al crecimiento de más integrantes de la comunidad hispana apenas comienza.
Reciban un SteemAbrazo tricolor!

Even though I am mexican I support @votovzla project for this contest. On these short 90 days that I've been on the Steemit platform I've found huge support from the people of Venezuela and I think that if there is someone that deserves this kind of support it is the people from this great country.

I have many friends and acquaintances that live there and I know the struggle and the difficulties they have to face each day. So @votovzla you have my support and vote for this delegation contest. Everyone keep up the good work and keep sharing and promoting this wonderful platform. I wish you a lot success from Mexico.

estas iniciativas se agradecen de corazón @chronocrypto gracias, @votovzla ha sido un proyecto con un crecimiento enorme, juventud, entusiasmo, participación y educación han sido las piezas claves para su crecimiento, es una comunidad respetada y valorada por nosotros los Venezolanos, quienes también crecemos por los buenos consejos y guías que nos dan! un proyecto que merece un apoyo porque tiene mucho por aportar!

Hope you will win!

It is a well-deserved nomination, @votovzla is one of the projects in Spanish that does more for the community, in giving support and helping new members of Steemit, I know they would do a lot with this SP delegation, I totally support them

Hello @chronocrypto, great initiative, I support to @votovzla in this contest, is a community that is working hard, in a serious and respectful way supporting to Venezuela and if they winning this contest, would be very useful for their project. I am a citizen of the @reveur community and we support good projects, is the example that our brother @nnnarvaez has taught us. I wish very much success to @votovzla.

"Espero que avancen a pasos de los verdaderos vencedores"

I'm going to say only the following: @votovzla is a great community. Regards to all people!
I wish that @votovzla win the delegation, it doesn't matter if it is only for a week.

Con el proposito y la determinación de seguir impulsando la comunidad para lograr cosas grandes como se han venido haciendo. Éxitos para @votovlza y tambien para el amigo chucho.

First i have to sayThanks @Chronocrypto for this wonderful initiative. All my support goes to @votovzla team because they are helping a Lot o venezuelan steemers with their good work. It's a comunnity who not only supports with upvotes but also guide them on steemit, teaching how to be a good steemian, how to improve and make Quality post. The have done a Lot with low SP and Even if you think 6.5 is not much, it would be a GREAT help and they are going to put it un a good use for all of the venezuelan steemers.
I also support the comment of @nnnanvaez who is a wonderful person wich has also done a Lot for the community, teaching with his proyect @reveur how to make better human beings, and having him here supporting just show how serius the proyect @votovzla is. Best of luck!

This is a great competition, it's very exciting to see this kind of initiative.
I am applying to the @votovzla team and they are doing a great job and could support many people with this delegation.

Excelente iniciativa amigos de @chronocrypto, el proyecto @votovzla es un en gran proyecto de apoyo para toda la comunidad, no solo la Venezolana si no para toda la comunidad hispanohablante, es necesario apoyar estos proyectos para que puedan seguir llegando realmente a los verdaderos creadores de contenido original, suerte para @votovzla

Oh que honor sería que @votovzla en nombre de todos reciba esa delegación para que sea distribuida entre muchas personas para generar un incentivo extra para la comunidad.

Hello @chronocryto this is a great iniciative to help to the steem user, this time I want to express and support the community of @votovzla, who are a group of talented young people who have supported us throughout our history at Steemit, with events, advice, healing and general support to all Venezuelans we do life on this platform.

Juventud, disciplina, organización y solidaridad son algunas de las características que los distinguen. Uds como equipo merecen está distinción. Éxitos muchachos!

I support the community of @votovzla because it is a project that has made itself felt with very little, helping many people.
PS: I am proud to see colleagues from another important venezuelan community, @reveur, supporting @votovzla. An action is worth a thousand words and allows us to continue dreaming.

The @mosqueteros community gives its support to @votovzla in this contest :D

Hello @chronocrypto very good initiative on your part. The @votovzla project has been doing an excellent job on behalf of the entire community. To help and not only with votes, but also by contributing an added value by sharing their knowledge, promoting the good functioning of the platform and of course, encouraging Venezuelans to give their best. I think they really deserve this delegation.

Animo! espero que lo ganen se lo merecen n.n!

Adelante mi querida comunidad . Es un gran equipo con
Mucho talento y disciplina .

@votovzla es un grupo que me ha ayudado a mi y a muchos otros venezolanos en esta plataforma, me parece genial esta oportunidad que ofrece @chronocrypto y seria genial que le dieran esta delegación a este gran equipo que tiene grandes iniciativas e ideas, así como también es muy generoso al ayudar a todos aquellos que lo necesiten y lo merezcan. ¡Saludos @chronocrypto!

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