Who wants to win a week of 6,500 SP Delegation? Power?

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Yes I know its not much but why not do a small contest for a lucky matrix dweller.

Rules are simple:

  • Account must be over 55, yes I know its a bit high for some of you but lets get real. So don't bother if you are under this number 55
  • Comment below why you should win.
  • Resteem this wonder contest post.
  • I will check your content. Must be original and not just videos or images or whatever else people post here.
  • Cannot make your account into a Bid Bot, we have enough of those little bastards.

Delegation is the assignment of any responsibility or authority to another person to carry out specific activities.

You may do as you wish with the power bestowed to you, for a week.

  • Be classy, and don't do stupid things with it.

Again I know its not an insane amount of power, humor me a bit.
Winner will be chosen in a week. Good Luck


yo yo, i'd love to get your delegation, should have my new guitar learning website and videos--all released cc0/public domain up in next few days.


I am an animator and cartoonist. Pretty much into creating parody/satirical drawings and story telling. I enjoy poking fun at the normal things in life. To me, life is already tough enough, why takes things so seriously, its time to laugh at ourselves and the things around us. That's why I choose my profession and hopefully, I can make the world a slightly better place with a bit of humour.

chrono crypto1.jpg

I am a fan of Ready Player One and here is a parody if the most controversial man on the Planet, the man who wear a squirrel on his head like a wig.

Here is an avatar I create for @chronocrypto...

chrono crypto2.jpg

The fight in the Oasis in search for the Easter Egg was extremely competitive. Now comes the inevitable, to unite and rebuild the Oasis but one unlikely hero...he is blonde and he wants to build golf resorts in the Oasis. Of course Trump came chanting with his slogan,

'Let's make Oasis great again!'

That is amazing! Great work on the character.

I would love to see a pet drone by its side.

Sure @chronocrypto ..i'll update the drawing..thanks :D

RPB 6.jpg

@chronocrypto here is the update avatar with a pet drone flying by

Nice drone can you make it look like a quadcopter with 4 propellers, I like the fish idea but looking for something more techie also looking and grayish blue colors.

owhh..ok..i give it a try

C_crypto drone 2.jpg

@chronocrypto here's the update on the new drone

you asked about a banner design..is it a banner for your steemit blog?..or different size?

We have come to this publication thanks to @fulltimegeek, that he has been a pillar for our project with the delegation that he granted us at the time.
Hello, this initiative seems to me very well to give added value to steemit.

We are not a private account, we are a project that has 3700 followers.

The @votovzla project is dedicated to supporting Venezuelans within the steem platform, influencing the way to create ideas and learn about the blockchain.
Our vision is to create human bonds among the community, based on good values, leadership and continuous improvement of knowledge.

We meetup, social work, events to educate new users through discord chat, among many other things.

Our discord chat : https://discord.gg/9yHznhf

Hello @chronocrypto this is a wonderful initiative, thank you for doing this.

I will leave my comment to the respect, there is an initiative in my country that is excellent in its work and has great reputation in the community. The @votovzla project has proven to be very collaborative and efficient, Votovzla has worked to support, educate and promote the steemit platform in venezuela, one of its great principles has been to educate the community. This has been a work without pause.

I think @votovzla is one of the Venezuelan projects that the delegation deserves, it would be a great help for many people.

I support @nnnanrvaez's comment, @reveur is a community that does an excellent job.


@votovzla It is a great project.

Excelente tu iniciativa @chronocrypto felicidades ... @votovzla es un proyecto comprometido con los venezolanos que se inician en STEEMIT..

Valiosa iniciativa @chronocrypto
Estrechamos su mano con la fraternidad que nos caracteriza en @votovzla, seguros que el sueño de aportar al crecimiento de más integrantes de la comunidad hispana apenas comienza.
Reciban un SteemAbrazo tricolor!

Even though I am mexican I support @votovzla project for this contest. On these short 90 days that I've been on the Steemit platform I've found huge support from the people of Venezuela and I think that if there is someone that deserves this kind of support it is the people from this great country.

I have many friends and acquaintances that live there and I know the struggle and the difficulties they have to face each day. So @votovzla you have my support and vote for this delegation contest. Everyone keep up the good work and keep sharing and promoting this wonderful platform. I wish you a lot success from Mexico.

estas iniciativas se agradecen de corazón @chronocrypto gracias, @votovzla ha sido un proyecto con un crecimiento enorme, juventud, entusiasmo, participación y educación han sido las piezas claves para su crecimiento, es una comunidad respetada y valorada por nosotros los Venezolanos, quienes también crecemos por los buenos consejos y guías que nos dan! un proyecto que merece un apoyo porque tiene mucho por aportar!

Hope you will win!

It is a well-deserved nomination, @votovzla is one of the projects in Spanish that does more for the community, in giving support and helping new members of Steemit, I know they would do a lot with this SP delegation, I totally support them

Hello @chronocrypto, great initiative, I support to @votovzla in this contest, is a community that is working hard, in a serious and respectful way supporting to Venezuela and if they winning this contest, would be very useful for their project. I am a citizen of the @reveur community and we support good projects, is the example that our brother @nnnarvaez has taught us. I wish very much success to @votovzla.

"Espero que avancen a pasos de los verdaderos vencedores"

I'm going to say only the following: @votovzla is a great community. Regards to all people!
I wish that @votovzla win the delegation, it doesn't matter if it is only for a week.

Con el proposito y la determinación de seguir impulsando la comunidad para lograr cosas grandes como se han venido haciendo. Éxitos para @votovlza y tambien para el amigo chucho.

First i have to sayThanks @Chronocrypto for this wonderful initiative. All my support goes to @votovzla team because they are helping a Lot o venezuelan steemers with their good work. It's a comunnity who not only supports with upvotes but also guide them on steemit, teaching how to be a good steemian, how to improve and make Quality post. The have done a Lot with low SP and Even if you think 6.5 is not much, it would be a GREAT help and they are going to put it un a good use for all of the venezuelan steemers.
I also support the comment of @nnnanvaez who is a wonderful person wich has also done a Lot for the community, teaching with his proyect @reveur how to make better human beings, and having him here supporting just show how serius the proyect @votovzla is. Best of luck!

This is a great competition, it's very exciting to see this kind of initiative.
I am applying to the @votovzla team and they are doing a great job and could support many people with this delegation.

Excelente iniciativa amigos de @chronocrypto, el proyecto @votovzla es un en gran proyecto de apoyo para toda la comunidad, no solo la Venezolana si no para toda la comunidad hispanohablante, es necesario apoyar estos proyectos para que puedan seguir llegando realmente a los verdaderos creadores de contenido original, suerte para @votovzla

Oh que honor sería que @votovzla en nombre de todos reciba esa delegación para que sea distribuida entre muchas personas para generar un incentivo extra para la comunidad.

Hello @chronocryto this is a great iniciative to help to the steem user, this time I want to express and support the community of @votovzla, who are a group of talented young people who have supported us throughout our history at Steemit, with events, advice, healing and general support to all Venezuelans we do life on this platform.

Juventud, disciplina, organización y solidaridad son algunas de las características que los distinguen. Uds como equipo merecen está distinción. Éxitos muchachos!

I support the community of @votovzla because it is a project that has made itself felt with very little, helping many people.
PS: I am proud to see colleagues from another important venezuelan community, @reveur, supporting @votovzla. An action is worth a thousand words and allows us to continue dreaming.

The @mosqueteros community gives its support to @votovzla in this contest :D

Hello @chronocrypto very good initiative on your part. The @votovzla project has been doing an excellent job on behalf of the entire community. To help and not only with votes, but also by contributing an added value by sharing their knowledge, promoting the good functioning of the platform and of course, encouraging Venezuelans to give their best. I think they really deserve this delegation.

Animo! espero que lo ganen se lo merecen n.n!

Adelante mi querida comunidad . Es un gran equipo con
Mucho talento y disciplina .

@votovzla es un grupo que me ha ayudado a mi y a muchos otros venezolanos en esta plataforma, me parece genial esta oportunidad que ofrece @chronocrypto y seria genial que le dieran esta delegación a este gran equipo que tiene grandes iniciativas e ideas, así como también es muy generoso al ayudar a todos aquellos que lo necesiten y lo merezcan. ¡Saludos @chronocrypto!


Hi @chronocrypto I do a daily giveaway (since Jan) and this amount of delegation would almost double the size of the giveaway. If I am chosen I will double the amount of votes I give away for this week and mention you as a sponsor for the entire week.

I think giveaways are a great way to energize new steemians.

Yeah I know @dreamryder007 sir , how you are helping newbies and steemians like us getting hard times to earn in steemit. I always appreciate your efforts, your motivation amd thought to give an encouragement to be successful in steemit🙂. Many steemians have fulfilled their dreams due to your giveaway.

I will be more than happy if @chronocrypto delegate sp to you. It can help every newbies a lot more than before. My best wishes are with you sir🙂

Hi @chronocrypto, that is really nice iniciative.

I run a project for Venezuela called @reveur, we have some little SP and some support but the community gets bigger and bigger.

On the south american side of steemit there is less than 500K SP curating organically and we struggle to retaing good users as usually the miners get their rewards from Bidbots and a shitpost with a picture of a peanut gets 100 times more than an original essay on quantum dynamics (Weird example i know)

Last time i checked Steemistry for the payouts of the Tags Venezuela, Spanish or castellano the average payout was 0.004 SBD per post.

Anyway, I would like to support @votovzla's application for this contest, as they have shown overtime that they are not there to circle jerk their friends, they strive to develop good habits and responsible users and in general do a great job organizing high quilaty meetups where no fake claims are made to scam in to adoption as many meetups do, but instead they portrai a real but positive vibe and that makes for recruiting the best to help them become steemians.

In @reveur we try to support as many good projects as we can afford (which if you look at my wallet is not much) So it would be great to have back (even if it is just for 1 week) the added incentive of a serious selflessness project like @votovzla is voting in the area and helping us retain the best users to make STEEM thrive.

I think they did a great job during the time @@@fulltimegeek was able to delegate to them, hopefully you can say the same afterwards!

Cheers and thanks for reading!
Nathaniel Narvaez
Witness: @castellano
Founder of @reveur / @delega

PS: You might think 6500 is nothing for a project, you would be surprised how much good can be done, in Spanish we are used to work with little and make it last :)

What an honor your comment, is of a great quality since it shows the commitment that is had by our community. In the union is the strength, a delegation for a project directed to our community is very important, you are a pillar for all.

Is a nice support, I think you deserve it, keep doing your job as yu're doing it, we appreciate such a interest.

Not much else to say but I love it.

I am sure that both Reveur and Votovzla are communities that deserve this support, I hope you take the proposal of @nnnarvaez into account, all my support for @votovzla and @reveur.

@joedukeg I am actually vouching for @votovzla, and will be glad to vouch for @celfmagazine if you apply for it.

@celfmagazine and @votovzla are the two communities I have been able to watch closely working in south america which are not driven by greed and self interest.

That is the reason i try to support you both as much as i can the more serious projects are thriving the best for us all.

Thanks for your support, I've already done it.

I totally agree with you @nnnarvez, these communities have a good behavior with the users and make an effort to support Hispanic users without selfishness and that's valued to all of us. So under my humble opinion, any of them deserve this delegation.

Projects like @celfmagazine @votovzla @reveur are always looking for development, pushing and growing of the venezuelan users in Steemit, and spanish speaking users too.

In Venezuela we need all the projects that help us in the growth of Steemit. Thank you. Best regards

@chronocrypto Are you aware that you will lose access to the SP for 7 more days when you take it back? Taking that into account maybe you should delegate less but for longer.


Resteemed for more visibility. Hopefully you pick the right steemian for the job.

I fully Appreciate it, More worthy submissions are coming in.

Thank you for sharing this friend post, since it has generated a great opportunity to gain strength for the project.

Thanks for the support to the Venezuelans and to @votovzla

Hi @chronocrypto, I am running my Daily Brain Games contest for almost 9 months now, I am testing a new game plan and wish to increase visibility and participation to give more people the possibility to train their brain.

You know "use it or lose it" applies here, too. So I invented a contest to give people the opportunity to be as smart as they could be. :-)

I would love to get your SP, it would be great to add a boost to this project! It would help a lot, as I have no sponsors yet, and I am financing the +60 SBD monthly reward pool for the game.

Upvoted and resteemed, thanks a lot for this opportunity! Let's train people's brain together!


I should win because my friends delegated all their power away. Or they powered down all together. It's frustrating to say the least.


Yeee brother!

I'd love to take 6.5k off your hands for a week.

In return I'll take you to the beach for a long walk at sunset and a romantic candlelit dinner afterwards but I will not sell my body in return for delegation.

However if my body happens to be the deal breaker and my hands are tied (not in that way) maybe you can get the same enjoyment reading my latest post on the f*ckit list:


Cheers bro and no, you won't find me on tinder.


I would use this 6500SP additional power, I could do new community accelerator project. I'm working now on a Social support account, this would help to do more!

First of all, Thanks for this great opportunity. My motive is to help minnow to grow and i try to help them in any way. many times i write articles to help the minnow to grow and to let them gather more information about steem and steemit.

Currently i am posting about some basic crypto rules, which have to follow to become a good trader and i try to cover as many minnows i can. I try to promote my post in many post promotion groups so i can reach at more and more minnows but currently i am at this position that i am not getting so much attention because of my low voting power.

What I Will Do With This Voting Power

The first ever thing i will do is, find great minnow whose posts are not getting attention but there contents are great and original.
The another thing i will do is to promote my post to get more attention so i can reach at as many as more minnows.

In short my only motive is to help minnows to grow. I am trying to do it in any way possible for me. But if you delegate me this power then i can get more attention and i will able to help other great minnows too.

By the way, you can check my profile too.

Anyway this is all on you that, to whom you delegate the power. I hope that you will delegate it to whom have the best project to help.

Resteemed ! so many others can too apply for this.

I would love to win the delegation because I have a small but loyal following that I would like to repay with higher upvotes. And, I would promise not to use any delegation to upvote my own posts. Thanks for considering me!

You are telling don't bother if we are under 55. But I want to tell sth to take your attention.

As you know, we new steem users start sharing ,posting ,playing sth on steem and there is no upvotes or rewards for return . This issue is making us disappointed. And if you give us such power we can help each other to grow steem family up. Because others are not helping newbies.

resteem for everyone can join your contest :) goodluck guys

it looks like I have to wait for time to participate in this contest ...
2 weeks or 4 weeks away ...
I just resteem 😌

Excelente tu iniciativa @chronocrypto, un verdadero ejemplo a seguir… El proyecto @votovzla sigue creciendo a grandes pasos, y teniendo poco poder ha demostrado que con trabajo y fundamento se pueden hacer grandes cosas, realmente ha sido un gran pilar @votovzla para muchísimos venezolanos incluso hasta más allá de nuestras fronteras, algo que caracteriza a @votovzla es la educación, me encantaría que fuese a @votovzla quien se le delegue el poder, ya que no se estaría ayudando solo al proyecto si no a muchos venezolanos. Saludos @chronocrypto.

My reputation is under 55 years old. I can not participate. passion for the contest. 6500 sp is not a small price. with that much power we can help choose other people's posts. thank you for making the contest. hopefully the win gets SP delegation. can help grow small fish.

If you can transfer me some power, I can do nice things for the #tr community. The #tr community still needs a developing community and support.

Cool initiative you got running there, thank you!

I have done a lot of effort in curating and upvoting content created by the Arab steemians, created a community for them both on steemit and discord, and had been looking for constant delegation for the @arabsteem account to help the community grow further and help attract more Arabs into the platform.

I have delegated some of my SP to @arabsteem, and created a curation trail of over 22 followers (that I follow too with mcfarhat account), I do not need the delegation to go to my own @mcfarhat account, I am equally happy to see it go to the @arabsteem account.
I had also created a bid bot (@arabpromo) with similar purposes to help the arab community grow and gather some more SP and at least few investors (unlike @arabsteem where at the moment SP delegation is all through me)

On another end, I am also a steem-ambassador, and I help out upvoting some of the @promo-steem tags, and had delegated 350 SP to the @steem-ambassador account to help with that.

Thank you!

Hi, I would love to participate in this contest.

If I won, I would like to use that SP to curate more people from our Czech community (#cesky). We are still a quite small community, but it is hard for us to get some support from some whale, etc. to get deserved rewards (just nobody speaks Czech). All Czech whales just care for themselves so to get more rewards I was forced to contact @curie to get at least something for my Czech (and now also Slovakian) fellows. I got some help, but if I had so much SP, I would like to curate more content on my own and not to be dependent on the help of others.

Thank you for this opportunity :)

Comment below why you should win.

I would like to win the delegation because of this reasons:

  • because I have never receive a delegation other than the normal delegation everyone receives from the system when creating a new account.

  • because it will allow me to decrease the % of my votes and still give value of over 1 cent. My voting power is almost always around 40% because I vote too much with a high % but I don't want to stop voting haha

  • because it will also allow me to vote more comfortably and support more people even if I use a lower % the votes will be much more valuable and I will be able to spread them around more

Thanks for doing this mate contest mate!


I'm still in diapers in terms of reputation. I would have liked to participate. I will have to wait until I grow up in the community. However, I hope everyone has the best of luck. I wish you all the best!

Bien merecido @votovzla ha sido de gran ayuda para muchas personas, dando siempre ese toque humano, profesional a toda la comunidad de habla hispana es uno de los proyectos Venezolanos que la delegación merece, saludos.

Hi @chronocrypto,

I'd love to win a week of SP delegation. It's not so much for myself and my own content, but so I can upvote the projects I'm supporting/running or just generally really excited about.

If I win, I'll use the voting power on:

@thefreshfive - an initiative to help user retention on Steem but welcoming and upvoting brand new steemians.
@daclawboyz - a game run entirely on the blockchain that requires a high level of engagement and teamwork that's been surprisingly undervalued.
@steemmatt's daily rep challenge. Everyone works so hard at their fitness goals and I'd love to have more power to upvote each person's contribution.
@steemmakers - a fantastic project that encourages people to provide tutorials on the amazing things they build.
@happyme's zombie game - a great little daily game that I'd love to upvote the participants of.
@rollthedice - I've set up 4 dice rolling bots for games on the Steem blockchain, and I'd love to upvote them so I can stop delegating to them (they get bandwidth issues otherwise). They add so much value to our games but I'd really love to be able to stop delegating to them.

Thanks so much for holding this contest!! I know it's just a week, but it'll really help all my little projects that all encourage Steem engagement and retention.


Shake shake shake, you roll the 6-sided die.

You rolled a 4.

I would like to win, because I have tried to consistently support this community as best as I can, and have yet to make much ground at all to be honest. I have persisted however and even through some personal health struggles, I have tried to remain as active on here as I can be. I just want to feel that there is some sort of light at the end of the tunnel that I can am for I guess.

Hey there! I want to create Digital art tutorials for people to learn, or get some tips, from me! I've been active daily and I could really use some Delegation. I'd love to help myself and others! <3 Cheers @chronocrypto!

I will use this to help the communities I am a part of which are the homestead community and also the veteran community. It seems that as homesteaders we try to educate people on growing your own food and raising animals to provide food for your and our families. Just letting them know it can be done on a small or a large scale, whatever you are able to do right now. There is nothing more relaxing than playing in the dirt. Let,s move to the veterans community and put that into that world because like myself many veterans suffer from PTSD and teaching and helping them learn to play in the dirt and growing food can be a great method of dealing with PTSD and coping with the problems that it causes.
If nothing else a week of getting some big upvotes on their posts may encourage some of the small blogs in those communities not to leave but to stick with it and it will get better. I know I am not the best writer but I am trying to learn as much as I can and get as much information as I can out through my blog. I hope you will really consider me for this delegation, I thank you for your time and have a great day.
Upvoted And Resteemed!

What a great contest you have here @chronocrypto!! One lucky winner to make the steemit community even better!! Ok so here's my entry:
First, who am I and what I've been doing in steemit. My personal account is @cobmaximus and I consider myself a noob cartoonist, trying to make comic strips often to help build a community around comics in steemit. I go around comics post upvoting original content and leaving comments inspiring people to keep doing comics or also to try making them. I run a discord server and a weekly contest on comics called: Steemit-webcomics Funny comic contest. There's been a lot of people participating in this contest, who are both new and old in this community.

Why I should win the contest: With this delegation, I plan to keep upvoting quality comics contest in the community, giving more reward to all these amazing artists and non artists that keeps brinign us smiles everyday. I will also use it to upvote my posts so that when the delegation is over I have a little more to keep contributing the community.
Anyway, I don't want to make this post much longer :P. Thanks for giving us this opportunity @chronocrypto! and good luck to everyone else participating in the contest :D!.

P.S: If you're interested in checking out funny comics you can also check the #steemit-webcomics tag to find some of the comics the community has been doing :D

I can only see what you will do, want to follow but not enough requirement for me that mash newbie :), thanks for the information sir @chronocrypto, success always make you.

Others have really helped me out through delegations and upvote support. What better way to continue my support of the Steemit community than with 6500 SP for a week?! I would find more content that is original, quality, and something I really enjoy seeing on Steemit.

For some 6500 is small, but for others it's huge and every little bit helps. 😉

excelente iniciativa

Thank you @chronocrypto for this unique opportunity.
Here's why I believe I'm a good candidate for this delegation:

  • I believe in altruism, compassion and enrich each other lives through building true friendship relations.
  • Since I've been here I never got a delegation. I've always created my own contents. I don't have much but I helped people like me from the beginning.
  • I would use the delegation to make my Finish the Fiction Story contest grow.
  • I aim to create a community of fiction writers, a workshop and an inclusive place where everyone is welcome and free to express their true self.
  • I know some people that need encouragement, life has not been kind with them at all. Indifference is a bitch. Sometimes a small thing like a smile or a good upvote can do a lot in the life of someone.

Add my to that list of prospects to receive your delegated Steem Power, I am prolific curator touching a wide range of topics including supporting my Caribbean bloggers who are often overlook... my SP isn't much but I am making the best out of it...THank you for your efforts and time

@chronocrypto Guess you must be going on a holiday to almost delegate your complete steem power. Nice thing to do. Also good to see that you don't require people to upvote your post to be eligible.
I do agree that you may set up your own requirements for the competition but I do would like to know why you did set the rep on 55?
It would be great if one of the participants try to use the delegation to reward interaction on the steem blockchain, cause we really should try to motivate steemians (older and younger ones) to interact! What is a social media platform without interaction. At least that is what I would do with the delegation.
Looking forward to your answer!

Hmmm... Can I nominate a friend? @didic is a regular poster (with a schedule!) who is very active in the community on Discord and generally awesome. He's also a steem hodler who powers up all he earns.

I am happy with my hard-earned 8,000 SP (look, mom, I am dolphin!) and enjoy spreading the love with it. Others need those 6,500 more than I.

Although you may not consider 6500 SP a lot, but for a lot of people, it is a tremendous amount which can make a huge difference. I currently support the Steem Philippines community and would love to win the delegation in order to increase the amount of support and make a greater impact and difference in a community where I think a lot of talent goes unnoticed. The community itself is one of the fastest growing communities and is doing a lot to spread steemit awareness across not only regions in the Philippines but globally. I also support a lot of other programs and projects that support the overall Steemit community and would love to be able to make a more impactful difference for other people's content and projects which may go unnoticed

Better question honestly is

Who doesn't `?

I am not eligible but would like to nominate a user who is, if you don't mind.

@cobmaximus runs the fledgling #steemit-webcomics contest and is working hard to improve the quality of comics posted to Steemit. The contest is at a point now where it is beginning to reach critical mass, and could benefit quite a lot from a small boost.

oh what a great contest!! that will be great for the #steemit-webcomics community :D! thanks for letting me know @tcpolymath, I will also add my formal entry in the contest :D

I want it!...

advance congratulation to the winner of this contest! :^D

Very good program my friend @chronocrypto, i hope will win your contest, if i have steempower delegation from you, i will choose impressive or good quality post from minnow to help them, thanks for your kind and support to us, greeting friendship from me @abialfatih in aceh indonesia, i have upvote and resteem your post to more than 1800 my follower

I think I should win because I don't jump through hoops for approval (I'll make an exception in this case),
I write good content, post every day, and post consistently... and would only use in a responsible manner.

...and just like L'Oreal says... 'I'm worth it'


Wow that is absolutely most generous of you! Well, I would definitely be very (understatement of the year lol) happy with this.
First an introduction of me .. I write about several different things, mostly about things we have been through in Holland that have to do with corruption of the government.
I am a dedicated writer in the #familyprotection community and I get a great amount of support there fro my writings, which I am very thankful for, as this helps us filling the gap in my boyfriends salary the next months ..

I write there to get my story written down in English, as I have a big struggle to overcome with the government in the future (when I have everything written down, this may take some while from now) about my 2 children that living with their father (let's say he is not a nice guy).

But at this moment I am fighting the government to get my passport, as the Dutch embassy in Hungary (where we live now) sent us an email that they are thinking of rejecting my application as we have a debt in Holland. And that debt is from the municipality which has already violated several human rights in our case, and now tries to collect a debt that should have been a gift. I have more info in my posts about this.
So it seems that my battle for justice with Dutch government agencies will last some years from now at least.

I am also a fighter for justice in many ways, I try to give people in need, even when I don't have much to share. We have been homeless in Holland, so the people on the streets here in our city gets to me.
In the future when my own battle is a bit calmed down I will start a project for them.

For now I try to mix the heavy stuff with some nice stuff, as I am also very creative. Therefore I have initiated a spin-off project for the Dutch community members called Alldutch-Creations.
As @hetty-rowan (my fellow curator for the project) and I believe there is so much talent on Steemit that should be highlighted, we publish a weekly report since 2 weeks to give those people some extra visibility.
Because of this project we now have more post in the Alldutch community to highlight every week ..

I am also a member of @qurator and that being said, I do write everything myself. I only use images from a source that I cite, of course. But all my posts are written by myself and most of them are my own experiences.

I hope you will have a look and seriously consider me as a delegatee :) You would for sure make my stressful weeks (with this 8 week deadline of getting my passport) at least for 1 week a whole lot nicer...

Thank you for your time!


Why me? I just want to know what a person feels giving himself a $20-30 upvote, but I haven't any chances to get such a big amount of my own SP. kidding:-) I can share some love through the manual curation


I just found your post and i would love to try to be part of your project, but my rep is just 54.1. is there any deadline here? I will try to increase my rep by 1 point asap


Lol I've waited more than a year for a dribbble invitation under this kind of posts, so I'm not going to re-steem it!!11.
6,500 is quite high for newcomers, but a week is too short to get into it. Hope this experiment turn out good.

I know right, who needs free money. Let alone for only a week.

Hi, @chronocrypto!

It is so kind of you to organize a contest and delegate 6.500 SP, I appreciate your gesture.

So, why you should delegate Steem Power to me?

Here are the reasons:

  • I have original content, I am creative and I put my soul when I write.

  • with the Steem Power you can delegate me, I can help a lot of new members.

  • also, I would like to support Steem Romania and my friends who love Steemit.com as much as I do.

  • because I am trying to promote steemit throught my friends and with your delegation I can motivate them to continue and write quality post.

So, if you delegate Steem Power to me, you are not helping just me, but a lot of people.

We are a community and we have to support each other. Upvoted and resteemed, thanks a lot for this opportunity!

Thank you for taking your time and read my comment.

Not destiny ...... sad ....robotov-zabavnyh-eto-interesno-poznavatelno-kartinki_2881491016.jpg

The day you want to delegate some SP for curating music I invite you to have a look at the work I'm doing!!! May be you look a while around while I reach my 55. ;-)

By know I support @nathankaye's project. He's doing a really nice work and I think he'd make it much better with such accolade.

Whoa... Am not qualified yet but wow! 6,500 SP for a week.

This post which has a payout in excess of $50.00 has utlized one or more bidbots.

minnowbooster payout in the amount of $33.12 USD.

This information is being presented in the interest of transparency on our platform.

Please consider the long term effect on our platform before using bidbots!
You can read more about how bidbots are affecting our platform here.

This comment is by no means a judgement of your work @chronocrypto, only an earnest appeal, that we might all work together to build great platform by letting the community curate our work and not bidbots.

Please consider supporting @transparencyBot by upvoting this comment.

...so I can upvote my own content and may be upvote others from my feed as well.

Hey, cool contest! I am regularly curating arts and illustrations tags so would be glad to double my power for a week to spread the love :)

Do it once more in a few months from now and I am your man!

This is just an award for those who have 55 ranks, but an insult to those who are under that rank. you just feed for the already fat but forget for the skinny.

Atfer this guy, Alzheimer, has moved into my flat, I can't remember any reason why I should win…

Hello sir! before i want to give my reason that why i should win this delegate. i want to say thank to you that you make a beautiful contest like this. so let me introduce my self. My name is M. Baihaqi Bestari. i live in Indonesia especially Aceh [Lhokseumawe]. right now i am as a teacher in one school in Aceh. So right now i spend my time to steemit in 6 month. i love steemit because its such wonderfull site that i ever seen. so today my daily activity right now as a gaming author and dlive streamer :) i also promote steemit to my family. they are so interested with steemit. you know? many of people in my family do not have a good economic. When i promote steemit to them. Not just my family my friend and the people around us has the same case too. so i want to help them with this delegate if you give it to me. i have to help the people that interest to the steemit. and i will lead them to be like me gaming author and streamer. and someday i will make the community that make us biggest in the steemit. the biggest streamer gaming in the world :D thank you very much to read my comment

For what it's worth, I've gotten my rep 100% organically, so perhaps you should put that into consideration. Whether with me or anyone else. If one rule is to not turn into a bidbot since we have enough of them, then another rule should be you can't have gotten to your 55 rep with bidbots. Delegate to a 100% organic account that didn't use bidbots to get their reputation.


That's very noble of you. Upvoted and Resteemed!

I support about 12 weekly runners with my RunForSteem Challenge that I've been hosting for the last 19 weeks. They sure would get a motivational kick with a better vote.

I don't have any reason better than others commented here, I may not deserve getting it because I won't change how I use my votes (some goes to me. Some goes to posts I like. Some are given randomly.)

But here are reasons, if you decided to choose me anyway:

  • I'll be grateful.
  • I only post original content, most of time about gaming or writing but I make some occasional different posts.
  • I comment on people a lot when I have time, and I say what I think in my comments so they're always sincere (and embarrassing sometimes.)
  • My comments are long, but they'll be way longer if I actually posted all my thoughts, I remove some lines even in this comment.
  • There isn't as much good #gaming posts as I would like on steemit, so I'll upvote those more!!
  • I won't use Bid-bots & won't sell my upvotes either as long as I have the delegated SP.
  • I'll be grateful.
  • I only have around 300SP right now, so what you think "6,500 SP not much" is more than I could dream of.
  • I'll try to make more posts & comments per-day as long as I have the delegated.
  • I'm sure I can do the above things, I mean... I think I am.
  • I Will Be Grateful !!

Seriously, I don't see a reason to win but I don't know how we are being judged, so here's my entry~

Frankly I would use it to try to get my own SP as far up as possible by voting every day as much as is logically possible, leaving it at a level that my SP can recover for the following day, yes I would upvote a few of my own posts in this time, bu t mostly I will curate others posts. Frankly I think 6,500 is a nice amount, of course with the price of Steem right now it doen't go as far as I wish it would, but it will still be a nice windfall for whoever wins it.