WIN 20 SBD - 2 Sentence Horrifying Blind Dates Contest # 1 (Original Contest)

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This is the new themed contest for the next four weeks. The popular Horror genre makes its return with a twist of fated love and lust in the world of blind, dangerous dating teetering in the balance of life and death

Who here has gone on a blind date before? Isn't it unnerving to think of some really crazy and spine tingling discoveries of the strangers we could possibly end up dating without knowing who or what they truly are? First impressions are everything, and this can also blind us from the dire truth of what their true intentions are. Can you come up with a horrifying scenario for a first blind date experience? It can be written from the perspective of a male or female but don't forget the Horror. I always want to keep Steemit interesting and introduce contests and engaging creative opportunities that I want to see here in our thriving, growing diverse community. I don't have much to give, but it's always important to give back, whether we have a little or a lot. So let's blindly feel our way in the darkness to it!


What kind of Horrifying Blind Date can you describe and write within a two sentence frame? In order to be a valid entrant, please be sure to follow my other profile @peacemaker, up vote this post and resteem it and Submit your 2 Sentence Horrifying Blind Date below in the comments section for it to be a valid entry. I am making this a weekly contest, and will rotate out some different contests as well. The deadline to submit is Sunday July 23rd, 2017 at 11:59pm Germany time, so anyone entering on Next Monday will not be a valid entrant. One entry per person so give it your best shot. There are no length restrictions to a sentence as long as your two sentences are grammatically structured and readable. Don't rush, take your time, and check for spelling mistakes as it might ruin my experience reading your Horrifying Blind Date scenario on the first time through. Winner will be announced Monday.

Had to include some gifs of the infamous Misery horror film

That should give you a more than enough time to think up something creative with a dangerous, nail-biting, hair-raising or even cringeworthy twist. I look forward to being entertained by your endless and limitless ideas of horrendous first blind date scenarios, I welcome any true stories as well. Some get trapped into the scariest of relationships forever. Remember: Don't allow yourself to be rooted in fear, lack of confidence and self-destruction

Check my previous posts on my @peacemaker & @verbal-d account for examples of a 2 Horrifying Blind Date

Cold Hearted Collector

The winner will be announced on Monday, have fun brainstorming

Thank you for reading this post in its entirety, I hope you enjoyed it for what it's worth.

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Breathlessly I accepted my smoking hot blind dates offer for some "kinky stuff" in her appartment. I wasn't that sure anymore, chained to her bed, when she reentereed the room, naked, with a diabolic smile on her face, and pruning shears in her hand, asking me if i remembered the "safe phrase", because she had not given one...

Thank you for your Misery-esque entry, I would be yelling out every word possible in hopes to find some type of safe word. I'd be yelling out Jesus Christ lol. Please resteem this post if you would like your entry to be considered valid thank you.

for some it would be dream come true

He found the love of his life, she didn't.

Thank you for your straight to the point, no nonsense entry. It's more funny and sad more than horror, I appreciate the laugh. lol

Met this Beautiful Blond at a Bar and asked her for a date , invited me to go with her to meet the Family.
Sat down , tea, and as I started feeling drowsy noticed the axes, chainsaw, knives, bright smiles, and realised, I should probably have asked why the Sofa was covered in a sheet of plastic?

That sounds like a horror-ible story! I like it!😱🗡⚰

Thank you for your horrifying entry, certainly leaves room for the imaginative blood splattering ending. At least we know she is efficient in cleaning up after her messes. Can't go wrong with a hygienically responsible Femme Fatale :)

I feel like you wrote this entry when you were really tired, nevertheless, nice execution pun intended

Even though his friend, who set up their blind date, said she was gorgeous, until she finally arrived at the restaurant, almost fifteen minutes late, Ben had no idea what to expect and after seeing her walking towards his table, he could not have been more happier.

They both appeared to hit it off straight away while they enjoyed a lovely meal, accompanied by two very expensive bottles of wine which made Ben’s head spin all the way back to her place, a few blocks away, where he was eventually found three days later, the latest victim of the “Castration Serial Killer”.

Wow you really took it their. Way to combine the Femme Fatale with the loss of man's pride in a thrilling end. Beautiful seduction can definitely lead to deadly reduction of private parts. lol Thanks for your entry.

I blame it on the wine.
2 bottles!!!!!
What was he thinking?
It was his first date with her (and his last) you'd think he'd behave better than to go through two bottles of wine.

After long ten years she decided to find someone. When she came, she recognized his voice- that was the man who raped her ten years ago.

Thank you for your extremely horrifying entry, what a terrible way to start dating again after such a life altering and devastating experience like being raped. I shall add your entry to the list on the most recent contest post.

Based on actual events (not my own). Here is my entry:

So I meet this bombshell of a girl online, after a short while of talking, she wants to meet up, we made arrangements and I drove to her place.

She turned out to be a guy in a ski mask, he tied me up, tazed me, quick thinking let me get away but the next guy wasn't that lucky, they found his mangled body last week.

Thank you for your close call entry, what a lucky lucky man to have gotten out of such a grim situation, which I of course know does actually happen in real life. Please be sure to follow @peacemaker to be considered as a valid entry. It is stated in the Rules above, thank you

Great Post and Work!!! Upvoted, Follow me and I Follow Back!! Regards!!

Thank you very much, feel free to participate in this easy to write 2 Sentence entry contest to have a chance to win 20 SBD.

hahaha this is gonna be interesting lol! @verbal-d

Oh yes indeed! lol I can't wait until the end of this week to see all of the entries, please feel free to participate @awarenessraiser

Your blind date arrives and you realize it's your dad. You are gay.

Thank you for putting your valid entry so bluntly elegant lol just kidding. That is an extremely terrible and uncomfortable situation. He better laugh it off and leave the awkward situation immediately.

HAHAHA yeah, thanks! It was really terrible and awkward just imagining the situation.

Yes, you're most welcome, after I got done reading it I was like uhhh.....oh kayyyy wow, yeah that's bad. lol

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here is my entry
He was very excited ,girl was everything he hoped for , beautiful and funny , she even laughed at his star wars joke.She invited him in the house after dinner, it was getting intense, his hands were all over her body,suddenly he felt something that he shouldn't have, later in the morning he left but could not sit in the taxi.

Thank you for your implied disgusting entry lol, that is all bad, I don't trust the beauty. The only nitpick I have about your entry is that it is three sentences and the rule is two. Please fix it and your entry is valid. Thanks :)

check again

Yes I had added to the list, thank you

She thinks she has met the love of her life,
He smiles knowing he rape-drugged her Drink.

You wanted horrifying, I give you HORROR !

That is indeed truly terrifying and sick, thank you for your entry, however please follow to rules to be a valid entry. You have not resteemed or followed @peacemaker

He thought he has met a wonderful women on his first date,
He totally forgot he was in bangkok :P

Thank you for your funny and scary entry, but you must follow all the rules to be considered valid. Thanks

They met in a cafe. When she asked him how his life was, he answered that if he had known he would be so lonely, he would have preferred incineration.

Thank you for your fiery suicidal entry, what a terrible way to start a conversation on a blind date. He needs help and she needs to distance herself once she know's he is in good protective care. I'll add your entry to the list above on the newest post.

I have a girlfriend (EX) before,i broke our relationship because when we had an argue of an small thing..he get a knife and trying to kill me... but hopefully she did not catch me.. she told me,if i see your face again i will kill you..thats weird,
and now im searching for new one that wil truely loves me for who i am...
My entry:
"My friend set up a dinner date for me,im searching for a girl that truely loves me, so i take the opportunity,when the girl arrived,i recognize that the girl that i will going to meet-up for a dinner date was my EX"🤕😵

That is indeed a terrifying blind date when you cross paths with a woman of bloodlust inferno like your ex lol Thank you for your entry bro. Evade and dodge her like the black plague!

Hahaha...yeah..welcome bro verbal-d

Met this girl on tinder and asked her if she liked pizza, she said yes, awesome pizza date it is.

I ordered a pizza for the both of us and she asks If I want pineapple on it...

Thank you for your delicious entry, I love pizza, especially the hawaiian style, so for me that is the perfect blind date lol. I'll add your entry to the list above.

Hahahaha thanks man

You're welcome bro