[ Tpot Contest No. 10 ]: Participate to WIN FREE Whaleshares and TROPHY TOKENS - Contest 09 Results Announced

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Greetings Everyone !

It's a delight to write to you again for Contest No. 10. You all have made our contest initiative astonishing. The members are expanding everyday and individuals are adoring it. The sole motivation behind our Tpot contests is to have a ton of fun and make the most of your life without bounds.

Contest No. 09 Results

The sole winner of the contest No. 09 is @simplymike. Congratulations! You will not be just given the first prize but the bounties for second prize will also be given to you. Your graphics were amazing and we will be using it in our posts.

Payment Proof

Now let's get into our next contest. I have noticed that you guys like easy to participate contests, so we are back into our old contests. :)


To participate in the contest no. 10, take a picture of FLOWERS and post it along with DESCRIPTION such as; name of the flower, place you took the pictures, Dates, occasion and story behind etc. The pictures must only and only belong to you. Do not post images from Google or any other sources. Only original contents.


Remember it's not a beautiful picture that wins you the reward but a beautiful picture that is Natural. For understanding it better go through the previous winner entries. You don't have to be a good Photographer to win. It takes just a random shot.


Pay attention to the following rules. Any of the 'rule not followed' may disqualify your entry.

  1. Resteem and Upvote this post
  2. Title of the post should contain, "Tpot Contest No. 10"
  3. The post must contain at least 5 lines/rows of words (explaining the image).
  4. Provide the LINK to your post in the comments section to this post along with your Bitshares account. If you don't have a Bitshares account then get yourself one here.
  5. Only original contents. Do not EDIT, PHOTOSHOP or Add Special Effects.


From now onward there will only be the First Prize.

75 Whaleshares + 3 Trophy Tokens


Whaleshares are both a token and community. They are based on Bitshares platform and works as cross-chain tokens. You can summon a whale for Upvote with your Whaleshares.

Trophy Tokens

TROPHY TOKEN is a Bitshares asset made by Steemians who want to reward you for your efforts with more than just an upvote.

Open a Bitshares account here.

For more about Tpot, visit: https://steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@tpot/how-to-get-the-maximum-our-of-tpot

You can contribute to our reward pool via donations or consider delegating to Tpot. Any amount of delegation or donation is welcome.

Join our Discord Channel : https://discord.gg/4h64RA8


I want to try

i made an entry for the last contest but no reply,pls can i know the reason? thanks

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I’m super happy I won the previous contest. Glad you like my banner :0)

If I manage to get to my PC tomorrow (I’m recovering from surgery and are not suppost to sit down: lying down and walking is all I can do), I will go through my pics of this summer. Last summer ws the first year I decided to add loads of flowers to my veggie patch, and I have like hundreds of flower pics. I’ll make sure I can find a nice one :0)

I liked the scheme of colors you used in the banner. Will be looking forward to your entry. I wish youa speedy recovery. :) 201712110552FVS.gif

Resteemd and upvoted. Rather excited to share this


Bitshare acc shdws-007

I'm so excited ro be part of your contest again.!
Here is my entry:
Bitshares: aizlee-143

you didnt mention the end time ? or we should consider it till end day 7 ?

Since our Contests are weekly based so its always the 7-day payout period. The results are announced when we receive the payouts for this post.

below is my entry with the king of flowers :)


bitshare :shahwarbinsultan6869

Hello. I'm not too late to join the contest right? I hope not coz here is my entry. I hope this will be counted. :)


bitshares acct: w1ncee

No, you are not late.... And with those lilies, you are very much in competition :)

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