Crypto guess round 5: Final result

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Hey everybody!

Its time for the result of guess #3 and with this also the final result of round 5! To read the full rules of this contest please read this post.

The cryptocurrency I was searching for in guess #3 was:


I will explain how I was thinking with my 3 hints:

Hint number 1 was a picture of a v. This was referring to the logo of vertcoin.

Hint number 2 said that the max supply of this cryptocurrency is 84 million coins. This hint is clear I think.

Hint number 3 said that at the moment of posting you will get about 2 STEEM for 3 of these cryptocurrency. When I posted this STEEM was about $1,50 so (2x$1,5)=(3x$1).

That being said its finally time to show the result of all the 3 guesses and with that also the final result of this round:


The winner of this week was @methus with 12 points and he won a SBI-share with this! Because this week the top 2 will get a SBI-share it means that also @erikklok will get a SBI-share because he came on the 2nd place! Congratulations!! I decided to give also @ijmmai a SBI-share as a thanks for playing as one of the 3 participants in the last round. I will buy the shares after posting this post and send guys the other one.

Its a bit demotivating to spend a lot of time on making a contest with almost no people joining so I'm not going on with this contest. Maybe I will come up with another contest soon but I'm not sure yet. I want to thank all the people who joined in this and the other rounds for joining this contest!




Looks like a cool game!! Gonna watch out for the next one then. :)

Unfortunately I dont continue it because I almost got no participants.. But I will maybe come up with something else :)

Cool, already followed you for updates! Cheers!

Great, thanks @sv1rby!

congrats!! and your welcome :D

Thank you. And I completely understand it is a lot of work. When only a few are participating it is demotivating. I really liked this contest.

There is some work done on encrypting comments (it kind of works in eSteem, but still troublesome). Maybe when that is working properly so people don't have to go to discord, you can try again. I would definitely join.

Thank you for keeping this contest alive as long as you did.

Yourwelcome :) Thanks for participating!! Probably I will come up with some new contest which maybe is easier for me to post so dont worry!

Oh wow encrypted comments would be a really good solution! If this comes maybe I will do another try with crypto guess!

Thanks! I'm sad this game won't continue as I've only just started playing. But I totally understand. Steemit can seem like a black hole sometimes. You put things out there and nothing comes back.

Yeh you did a great job!! Thanks for participating!!

Yes and especially when you put time in it its a bit sad.. But maybe next time better :)

Congrats to all the winners!!

Damn, I'm sorry I missed this contest and even more sad to see it go :(

I was "away" for a while sooooo, yeah...

I really appreciate all you did with this though, so, thanks! :D