Introducing Party Time With @steemjetnewbies (Happy Hour):: week 1/4:: Day 1 Starts Tomorrow[ Week 1 Party Colour Code: Red]

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All you need to do is to write a short post and tell us about your happy moments, feel free to let us know what actually made you happy. You can use a video or a picture with the week colour code : Red, could be a Rose(Flower) or a picture with a red background(Happy Moment Picture); Note: If you are using a personal picture of that awesome moment of yours, it must not be in red background.

Our week starts on Sunday and ends Saturday, Then, A new colour code will be introduced for the next week. Party last for one months (30 Days). open for everyone as long as you have steemit username.

Use the Title Party Time With @steemjetnewbies /Happy Hour, Day 1/30 For example; To start your post .

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No matter how hard the days of our life our, happiness can help to cures pains more than a medical therapy.


How to Enter the #steemjetnewbiesparty House

  • Tell us about your happy moments, feel free to let us know what actually made you happy.
  • Write only story about your happy moments it in less than 100 words(100 max).(Even if it started tragic)
  • Use the #steemjetnewbiesparty tag" and " #sjnbparty" in your posts.
  • Number your entries. E.g Day 1/30, day1/30, First-Day/Thirty etc. Kindly ensure that your numbering is consistent with the number of days left till the end of the party.
  • Link your entry to this post.
  • Don't forget to Use the hash tags #sjnbparty #steemjetnewbiesparty in all your entries. So we can track you easily.



Everyday @steemetnewbies will comb the entries and reward the most awesome moments for that day. Feel free to tell us what actually made you happy. You may add a picture or even a video of the scene to your posts. We just want everyone especially the newbies to be happy while shearing their happy moments with all of us .

Discord Show

To know more about #steemjet, Join our community Radio show hosted by @steemjetmedia every Saturday on our Discord Server here.

This initiative is brought to encourage our daily posts and also encourage newbies!!! Enjoy the party

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Party! party!!
Part part💃💃

Amazing,partttttttttyyyyy time

Amazing... i love steemjet

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I love this already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Confam!

Steemjetnewbies lets party

It's always fun in steemjet

Awwwwww this is so beautiful. Weldone to the brain behind this.

this is awesome....expect my entry

Amazing party. Lol


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