STEEMIT VIRUS CONTEST #5; Awarding Creativity

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Steemit-virus contest is rewarding creativity. I love creativity and I cherish creative minds. Rewarding a creative mind is encouraging creativity

steemit-virus pure tbs rgb.png

let the contest start rolling

Make a post interpreting your view on the image below. Contestants are free to choose their desired topic provided it is creative.



  • Posts must not be older than this post
  • Posts must be 500 words and above
  • Comment on this post with a link to your post
  • Comments must be within 48 hours to be eligible.
  • Contest is opened exclusively to red fishes and minnows
  • There will be four winners (1 grand winner and 3 runner ups )
  • Contest ends in 48 hours, links pasted after 48 hours is void.
  • Plagiarism is not accepted, reference all images that are not originally yours
  • Use the tag #contest and #steemit-virus in addition to your other tags
  • The Winners are not determined based on the numbers of votes on comment links
  • This post should be Resteemed for visibility.
  • Please do not forget YOUR POST MUST BE 500 WORDS AND ABOVE


  • The grand winner of the contest will receive 10SBD
  • First runner up recieves 5SBD
  • Second runner up recieves 3SBD
  • Third runner up recieves 2SBD


Your time starts now..... Tick. Tick.. Tick...




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I think you made a mistake with the title of this post...this is the 5th contest i suppose.


Thanks @amec, That was an error

Its time to earn some sbd

Impressive challenge. Another opportunity for some cool cash.

Once again a great image, got me to creating! Thank you! Good luck to everyone!
Here is a link to my story...brace yourself...


I am bringing 5 people to join this contest


That's a beautiful one @ewuoso

Thanks @gbenga for this innovation.
Here is my entry with a little nsfw
Happy ready

Thanks for another opportunity to be part of this great initiative.
Here is my entry:

Thanks for this opportunity. This is my entry
Once again thanks very much

I love this contest. Thanks for the opportunity.
My entry:

Sir @gbenga and @curie, I noticed that all the contestants post had been curated, except mine.
Or maybe I'm wrong with that impression.
But if I'm right, can I ask what I did wrong cos this is my first time and I hope not to make such mistake again