STACH Short Story Contest #26: 199 words, 5 winners, 15SB prize pool!

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Hello Everyone, @kingst here with the announcement for the STACH Short Story Contest #26.

What is a Short Story.

A short story is a story with a fully developed theme but significantly shorter and less elaborate than a novel. It makes use of plot, resonance, and other dynamic components to a far greater degree than is typical of an anecdote. You can read it in less than 90 seconds.

Contest Rules:

•Write a Short Story based on the topic that will be given every week.
•Write an Original Short Story (Plagiarism will be flagged and reported).
•The Story must contain no more than 199 words.
•One entry per user.
•Story should be pasted in the comment section below, no links.
•Contestants are permitted to post their stories in an article on their blog, so they also get upvotes from the @stach trail.

Winners Selection.
Winners will be selected based on the topic, story plot, number of words and delivery as determined by the selected Judge. One word above 199, disqualifies the entry.

Contest Topic.

Write a 199 words story based on One grain does not fill a sack, but it helps.


FIVE winners will be selected for a share of the 15SBD. The story with the most interaction gets a 1SBD prize from @ejemai.
First Prize: ----------------------4SBD
Second Prize: ------------------3.5SBD
Third Prize: ---------------------3SBD
Fourth Prize: -------------------2.5SBD
Fifth Prize: ----------------------2SBD

Good luck guys!
Sharpen your writing skills and throw in some inspiring short stories. XO!


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A young man during his childhood was bothered for many years by his classmate, as the years went by while working in his office, a client with a very familiar aspect came to him. When he asked his name he realized that it was that same child who He made him live the worst days during his childhood. He kindly asks, do you remember me? the confused man says "No, from where we know each other" and he responds quickly "I'm José, the child you used to bother at school every day"
When he hears these words, the embarrassed man tells him that if he remembers him, that he forgives him and that he thinks it's better to leave, but at that moment José gets up and says "No, I'm grateful to you and I will not charge you a dime for the work, you taught me the greatest lesson of my life, you taught me to forgive "


Daniela, a humble and enterprising young woman, works in a very important company in her city, every day she prepares to do her job better than the day before; One day like any other, a person came to this place who offered him a business that could change his life, economically, he could buy that house that he loved so much for him and his family, he could pay the studies to his younger brothers and above all study that career that she so longed for. There would be so many things that could improve in his life, but there was a problem that worried her, was that the business they proposed was against their principles and values, was diverting funds from the company, after her dreaming a bit about everything what he could achieve if he accepted, he flattered reality and decided to make a difference that day, and gave up. We must make a difference wherever we go, acting with our values ​​and principles, because in every gesture, or expression of values ​​we are marking the lives around us, although we do not notice it at first glance, but one can only make a difference .

Rafael's Dream

Since he was a child Rafael and his family had always lived in rented houses so they always had to move when the owner of the house evicted them. Rafael's dream was to build a house for his large family, five brothers and their parents.

Rafael began working at a young age in a company dedicated to the construction of houses as a bricklayer, thanks to his effort and his work he was soon promoted to foreman and earned a better salary which he used to help with the household expenses and he still had some money left.

Little by little, grain by grain, he started to buy materials such as blocks and cement to build the house of his dreams all by himself with the help of some friends. He devoted the weekends and any time he had to this construction. It took him more than a year to finish the job and for his mother's birthday he handed her the keys to his small but cozy house that would now be his home.

Daniel an orphan child who lost his parents to a ghastly motor accident at ten, leaving him to fend for his sister Rose at an early age. He got a job as a cleaner in an eatery where he was paid ten thousand monthly which wasn't enough to sustain him and his sister. He struggled so hard so that he could send his sister back to school again, engaging in other menial jobs outside his job to make it a reality.
One day, Rose fell very ill. She had developed peptic ulcer as a result of starvation due to lack of food. Her condition became critical that Daniel rushed her to the hospital but the doctor demanded he makes a deposit which he didn't have. So he ran off, leaving his sister in the hospital to source for the funds. On his way out, he met a man crying and begging "please help me sir, my only reason for existence is dying, anything you give will go a long way." They man gave him the only money he had. Onlookers who observed this from a distance started contributing and he got more than enough to save his sister's life.

Word count:199

Nice story dear. Interesting!

My Legacy

Walking along the shore of the beach Sofia collects the waste left by tourists on the beautiful beaches of her city, when she was little she did it every Sunday with her father and it was a way to follow his legacy, together they saved many birds whose heads were left trapped in plastic bottles when they were looking for food. Her father taught her that nature had to take care of her and she was a volunteer in an organization whose mission was the protection of the environment.

Sofia married and had two small children, she had a full-time job that kept her very busy but she was committed to the organization and Sunday was her day to help with this noble task. She thought that she was contributing with a grain in that huge sack that represented the world

The Cameo

Michel when he started was very humble, although now his store was successful, he never forgot his origins. His grandmother taught him hard and honest work. When she passed away she left him the only thing of value that she had, a cameo that passed from generation to generation to the women of the family, but her grandmother having no daughters, and her only son had only one male Michel received the cameo.

His grandmother to give it to him said: "It's not worth much, but you can sell it and the money you get for the cameo, you've made your dreams come true."

Michel sold the cameo, and with the money he was given he started his business, little by little he multiplied his investment. The years have passed and now Michel helps other merchants by giving them small loans to start their businesses

There was a blind man who was sitting on the sidewalk, with a cap at his feet and a piece of wood that, written in white chalk, said:
A creative advertising man who passed him stopped and looked at a few coins that were in the cap and without asking permission he took the sign, turned it over, took a chalk and wrote another advertisement and put the piece of wood back on blind man's feet and he left.
In the afternoon the creative went back to the blind man who asked for alms, but this time his cap was full of bills and coins
The blind man recognized his steps and asked him if he had been the one who rewrote his poster and, above all, what he had written.
The publicist replied:
"Nothing that is not as true as your ad, but with other words."
He smiled and went on his way.
the blind man never knew it, but his new sign read:


Muy bonita historia, sigue escribiendo así.

Thank you for reading.

A beautiful story

Beautiful words, they leave a beautiful teaching.

Muy buen post, saludos.

Me encantó la historia.

Un placer para mi que te hayas tomado el tiempo de leerla y disfrutarla. Saludos.

A beautiful post

Amazing post.

Muy buen post.

Muy interesante todas esas palabras, me llegaron al corazón.

Gracias, saludos.

Al leer tu historia me diste la inspiración para hacer la mía, aunque la hice con un ciego igual.

Interesante historia.

Hey, a beautiful story :) :) :)

Muy buen post.

Muy buen post, saludos.

Greetings brother, I am sorry to have to comment on your story, but I just realized that you are committing plagiarism and spam. Something totally harmful for our beautiful steemit community that is looking for honest and quality people. You have created about 15 accounts to vote your posts, and also comment your own story, obviously your intention is bad, you want to win somehow the SBD that rapartira @ejemai are being completely selfish, I hope you do not take this comment badly, and you see it as an advice for you to exert yourself and create content and also original stories. You are damaging the @stach contest so please stop. God bless you.
The story that you copied and pasted here can easily be seen in the following link:

And to verify that the accounts are simply to vote and comment, creating plagiarism and spam; we go to the blog of all those who have commented on this story.

If I'm wrong, let me know.

The links you gave are in spanish, hence i could not read them. i used plagiarism checker on this story, and it came out clean. i'd appreciate if you have more proof so we can look into this.

EDIT: after going through the various stories, i have to agree that the user @trebolcoins21 indeed owns all of the accounts. Hence, all the stories posted by those account are hereby disqualified.

In this link the story is published in Spanish, but when making the translation into English we realize that it is similar and has the same message. Only that he changed some words. I am Spanish speaking so I realized when I read that story, a while ago I had already read it.

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David was a spoilt child, not listening to advices and definitely not caring about the wellbeing of others. He had this neighbor, an old widow who had lost almost everything in life. She and David had their first encounter when she requested his help in carrying something she had ordered from the Internet. David told her plainly without mincing words that he had no energy to waste on her, as she had nothing to offer him. Seeing him as a youngster she tried advising him not to look at life that way, but he didn't listen.

Don't know why she kept asking for his help, despite the fact that he kept refusing. On a certain day she asked, he actually decided to help. Reasons for his action was unknown. Maybe there was an ulterior motive.

A night that week, David was beat up badly by an unknown gang. This old widow happened to pass by and saw David lying helplessly. She just kept on walking. David begged her to help him out, reminding her that he helped her in their last encounter. She simply said to him "one grain cannot fill a sack" and left him to die.
Wordcount: 198


I met Julie in our year one in the university and we became friends when I discovered her simplicity and decency although in different departments in the faculty of Engineering.

Image source
We both came from a poor background but mine was favourable to an extent compared to hers but I
wondered why she was not a flirt even with the lack she was going through and with her beauty.
It was three days to our second semester exam that I saw Julie in a moody look as we studied for our exams. I questioned why she was moody, she delayed to say anything until I forced words out of her mouth and she said to me:

You have really being a friend and a brother to me but I never wanted telling you the current need since you told me your uncle that promised you some cash failed his promise. I have an assignment which will cost me 500 naira to get it done but I called my widowed mum and she said no money

I brought out the 600 naira on me and gave her, for the first time she hugged me as tears rolled down her beautiful face.

199 Words



Persia, the richest country for its minerals, oil and nature, but one of the poorest for its quality of life, both materially and spiritually. His authorities repressed with firearms, whenever another ideology dared to oppose his government. The political leaders made plans to mislead all the people, also treated them like animals, made them go hungry and then give them something to eat, the same thing happened with sick people who needed medicine and so on, until each one governed by the mind. A lot of crime unleashed thanks to them; because they themselves were crime. They killed people because they were different or even worse, they took away their freedom.

On the other hand was Simon, a young dreamer with the spirit of a liberator and with the ability to reach the hearts of people. He began to sow a message in everyone's mind, and in effect, made them open their eyes. One day a crowd took to the streets, without fear and with the hope of a new dawn. More and more people joined us, and with the support of everyone, they dismissed the president and all his corrupt government of inhuman.

194 words.

Something similar to what you tell in your story, is happening in my country Venezuela and it is unfortunate.

It is very unfortunate that this happens, I hope everything will be over very soon.

This is seen a lot in the Latin countries. Good story.
Brother, I invite you to read it @josegc

It is something similar to what happens in Venezuela today. Thanks for reading my history.

@apoyolatino thank you very much that you have invited me to read such an excellent story.

Thanks to you for reading.

Friend your story identifies me because it is the same thing that is happening in my country.

My best wishes for your country friend.

Very good Story, I would like you to continue it in a future.

I will try to keep growing in writing.
@stach contests help me a lot

Friend, you are very good at writing, your story identifies many people who have gone through a dictatorial government. @jesuscarrasquero

Thanks for reading friend

I congratulate you, brother. Reading and practicing are helping you to write better.

That's how it is, brother, I get better every time. Thanks for your tips

It is sad that this happens. Greetings friend steemians! I was touched.

My regards, brother

I congratulate you! You have a new follower thanks to your story.

OH that is incredible. I have a new follower, thanks

The reality of my land.

How sad. Thanks for comment @elvisr

We Venezuelans feel identified with your writing, very good the truth.

I hope they take their president out soon. A lot of strength

No one trusted me, and most of the time not even me. My father was a drunk and my mother was a gambler. I did not exist for them. But still I did not give up, because I really did not have another option or I would end up like many of my family.
I finished school while collaborating in a partnership to help homeless people, but our budget was not enough, and it occurred to me that it would be a good idea to take advantage of the human potential of those we helped, and that is how the project began to help the association. From now who could and would, would sell all kinds of pastry and cookies, and the money generated would make a salary for these homeless people that some had not had a job in decades, and the rest for the charitable association.
Nothing went back to the way it was before; the homeless now had a purpose and hope. We managed to extend the help to more people. Maybe the world will not change radically, a grain does not fill a sack, but it helps.

One day, when I went for a walk with my wife and two children, which is our joy, once we arrive at a park, the youngest manages to see an object very far away and runs out grabbing it, which is our surprise. It turned out to be a piece of guts or gum, I said, son, that's garbage. Let's throw it away, dad, please, I said, well, son, and we're still sharing in that park, where that piece of gut or rubber never comes off. It's time to go home and repeat, son, throw that to what it says not dad, well, we got home, we're going to bathe, when I notice there's no water, I run out to see what happens with the water in the pumping , I notice that the pressure switch seal is broken and I run to find my son with that piece of rubber, I say son, please give me the rubber and he says, take dad, I fixed the pump thanks to my son and that spare for picking it up in the park, then I analyzed the situation, a grain that does not fill a bag, but it helps and does not know how to help me, because we bathe quickly thanks to my son.

imagen esthefany.jpg

“Consistency is Success”. This was my favourite quote from Anthony Ime who happens to be my earliest mentor in life. I used to be really confused about what I wanted to do in life until I met him and he taught me a lot of principles of Success but he always hammered down to suggesting that being consistent would guarantee success on the long run.

I remember back then in February this year when I was frustrated that I wasn’t earning much from steemit. As usual, I decide to find someone who would mentor me on how progress could be made on steemit. I met @ifioklee and he suggested that I should “keep posting everyday”.

I wouldn’t say I am perfect yet, but since the day I took his advice to heart, my experience here on steemit has been better by the day. I now see the result of the little efforts I put into this. I now try to post everyday and every post I have made has increased my wallet balance from what it used to be to what it is now.

Indeed, I have learnt that little efforts sum up over time to become meaningful progress.


thank you for reading. I'm grateful

There was once, a girl who was afraid to play with dogs, thought they were very dirty and lazy. One day, on his way to school, he found a furry puppy playing a trash can. She thought the little animal was very unpleasant and tried to escape as much as she could, when she suddenly tripped on a rock and fell to the ground and there was no one to help her. The dog was the only one that was nearby and began to bark loudly trying to get the attention of someone who was listening to him, while trying to help the girl to get up. The girl was very surprised at what the dog was doing. Suddenly, some neighbors came to the rescue of the girl and raised her, the dog was very happy jumping of emotion. The next day, the girl came to the little puppy, caressing him and giving him food, and said: "Thank you very much, my friend, thanks to you today I am better", he learned to care for and love the animals for what they are and He realized that a grain that does not fill a sack, but helps.


Fred in the depth.

San Felix was a town that did not have Internet, nor with satellite signal, it was a restricted area. Adam and Fred were on a mission, which was to write a report saying if the mines were profitable or not. They traveled and began to investigate. Adam went to the front for being the leader and Fred followed him from a distance. They approached a cave, and before entering, you hear a scream and a blow, Adam scared turns to see and there is no one, it was assumed that Fred was coming from behind Where is he? He ran to the place where his partner had to be and got a big hole where he must have fallen. Fred fainted at the impact, thought Adam, and quickly left the mines. He spoke with a peasant, advised him to look for a rope and also gave him one. The rope was very short so he decided to go from house to house and collect as many strings as possible. He joined the ropes and with the help of the peasant he was able to get his friend fainted and injured by the fall.

“One grain does not fill a sack, but it helps,” her mother always said, annoying her.

Days turned into weeks and then into years, and her poor mother rented a house and took them off the street. She also sent Ijeoma through school and started a small selling business which somehow fed them, but Ijeoma didn’t still find a reason to be grateful.

The day her mind changed, she woke up like every other day, and ticked one more box, counting down to when she would be able to leave her mother, counting down to the day she would turn eighteen.

The silence was the first indication that something was wrong; her mother sang every morning to her annoyance.

As she peeped into her mother’s corner, she saw her staring into nothingness, drenched and stained with blood from her mouth.

She remembered vaguely hearing her cough during the night, and had done back to sleep when the cough died down.

While she had gone back to sleep, her mother had slept the sleep of death.

Her mother was buried the same week, but Ijeoma never got over missing her.

Ijeoma finally understood that her mother was the one grain.

When Frederick and Anahis married they had no home to live. They lived one year with Anahís' mother. Then one more year in the house of a brother of Frederick, until they gave the option to buy for a house whose owners were desperate for not being able to pay the Bank and both Frederick and Anahís had gathered little by little the necessary money to be able to fulfill the obligations of late payment of the property they acquired. They moved to their new house and there their second son was born. Frederick and Anahís continued to work and educate their two children.

Currently Frederick and Anahís are retired and their children graduated, working, and have given them the satisfaction of five beautiful grandchildren.

Frederick and Anahís are dedicated to share with their beautiful grandchildren all the time they can and help them in their homework, what they could not do with their children for being working.

This family has remained together and united in good times and bad, giving example of love, faith and perseverance and their slogan is "together we can achieve the best" because ONE GRAIN DOES NOT FILL A SACK, BUT IT HELPS.

Great history, congratulations

Thanks for your good wishes

Very goog history, family reflections ;)

Thank you very much, fatyelisp

Begging of Indian children.
These children bring their parents to the city to ask, sleep in the street, for the precarious situation in the villages of indigenous race, where they live.
Of innocent faces, barefoot, in guayucos, sometimes dirty, this story is real, it happens in any country of Venezuela.
I was in my car, waiting for the change of the traffic light, a ragged child approached me, barefoot, he does not speak, he just stretches out his hand, my face also makes a grimace, I raise my eyebrow, what do you mean, I ask? You do not talk baby, your age is not more than five years, I ask you and your mom ?, I see her sitting on the sidewalk, and the brothers were doing the same thing asking other people in their vehicles, I know that giving money, will not contribute, Then I put my hand in my wallet, I always have some trinkets, I took out a package of cookies, and I saw his smile, which for me was to say thank you, he ran excitedly, to take it and share it with his mother.
"A smile is worth more than a thousand words"


This is the story of a humble family composed of parents Elias and Marta and their four children: Rafael, Tobias, Sandra and Andrea. The pope worked as a carpenter many hours a day in order to obtain the sustenance of his beloved family, the mother washed and ironed other people's clothes. They had many needs but with what little they earned they could meet the needs of food, clothing and education, the problem was when their children demanded a toy, some candy they had to explain with much love that could not please because there were other needs . Thank God they understood and valued how little they were given. All the children studied and over time they managed to become professionals and today they give thanks to their parents who, with the few resources they had, managed to take their four children forward.

Raul was a businessman who had fallen into ruin, had lost a whole day in the morning awake and sees that the only thing he has left is $ 15, and would have to see what to do with it. She decides to buy food and wait for it to end and then die of hunger. On her way to the store she sees a child crying inconsolably and asks what's wrong and the boy tells him he has a lottery ticket and if he does not sell it He would not have to take the food and medicine to his Mom and his younger brother who was sick, Raul puts his hands on his head and touches his pocket and tells the boy I only have these $ 15 and can not pay for that ticket but it will help you in something because a grain does not fill the sack but it helps.

The building was on fire and we could only hear the cries of a baby, the fire still had not stifled the apartment, it took the arrival of the firefighters, but that boy without much thought made the decision to enter and save that little boy and who knows if there was someone else. All repeated that he would not survive the hell that was generated in the entrance of the building, where you will enter? Intelligently began to climb up the railings of the balconies on the facade, and so he came up to the second floor and we saw how in a few minutes he came out with the baby in her arms, shouted from above i can listen to more people in the hallway! A few minutes later help arrived…
We stayed there until it was all over, and said the fire chief: A grain does not fill a bag, but it helps! And he added: and that help!!, without the location of the victims who gave us that young, it would have been saved, would have taken a little over an hour to find them, that great intuition, only our God is capable of this.

O&G test results are out!!
The whole classroom reverberated with the news as everyone scrambled for their phones to check their results online. I got up immediately and headed for the door. "Presh where are you going?"
"I forgot my purse in the hostel, let me get it before the next lecturer comes in".
She knew that was a lie. I had seen my result, my score was 55 and the class average was 70. "I must not cry, I must not cry.."
This was the 3rd CA test and I still maintained my position in the class...BOTTOM! Not that I wasn't trying, My previous scores were 44,52, and now 55!!
Debbie followed me till i got to the base of the stairs "Presh wait, whats wrong with you! Why are you crying?"
"Didn't you see, i got the lowest score in class again!!"
"Of course i did, but you missed something, what's the minimum total score to pass?"
"Its 150, and so? You think i've made it just because mine is 151? It still doesn't matter, let me be..."
"It matters dear, one grain does not fill a sack but it helps".

Kendra was seated on her veranda alongside her two kids enjoying their sumptuous meal of cocoyam with palm oil.

While eating, a young man approached her and narrated how he got robbed by arm robbers, losing all his money. He came from afar to write his final examination. The examination was kickstarting few minutes later and he had to pay his examination fee but he had no money.

Kendra had pity on him but unfortunately, she didn't have much money to give the young lad. She only had a five hundred naira which he gave to the lad. He got the money from her and thanked her. He eventually meant someone who gave him the complete money.

Years later, this young man graduated from school as a doctor and built his hospital. Meanwhile, Kendra was sick of cancer. She was taken to several hospitals but wasn't admitted cause she had insufficient money to pay. Unknowing to her, she was taken to the hospital owned by this young boy.

Reaching there, the young man recognized her, she told him everything. She was then treated free of charge. The young man took it upon himself to sponsor her children through school.

This is the story of Pedro and Simón, 2 lumberjacks who spent a lot of time in the woods cutting wood, decided to make a competition to know who cut more trees, Pedro was arrogant he said that there was nobody to cut more trees than he, Simon was Most quiet and humble I only worked for the love of art. One day they decide to start the competition, the first day Pedro did not rest and Simon did, so the days passed and Pedro did not rest, only for the intrigue of winning. The last day of the competition arrived, they began to count the trees, each one had 450 cut trees, Pedro angry and without believing he shouted to him AS WE ARE GOING TO CUT THE SAME AMOUNT OF TREES, IF I DO NOT REST! And serene Simon said YES, BUT WHILE I RESTED "I LOVED MY AX" AND THROUGH IT SHUTED MORE THAN YOURS AND MADE ME WORK EASY! ... We can not be arrogant we must be humble, while doing things with love and From the heart, everything will turn out as good as Simon ... A GRAIN DOES NOT FILL A SACK, BUT HELP.

My 4-year-old godson, cheerful, affectionate and very active. One day my comadre calls me very distressed, the boy did not feel good urine with blood, I told him not to worry you can be an infection, you must take him to the doctor. To the days they gave him the analyzes that had made him, the results were fatal, he had a tumor in one of his kidneys. This news was heartbreaking, the family did not have the resources for medical care my godson needed. I told him, comadre, do not despair, we'll all see how we do. We organized envelopes, we put pictures of the child and his medical report, we gave it to the shops to contribute their granite, we also repaired a stew we went for several days to the street and began to ask for help and little by little it was collected amounts to fund the chemotherapies of my child, today thanks to God and all the people who contributed their granite my godson recovers in the military hospital. After all this embrace my comadre and I said, you saw comadre that "a grain does not fill a bag but as help"

A millionaire named Jhon Castillo was one of the most greedy millionaires of all did not give a penny to anyone, one day Jhon was walking down the street and there was a homeless person and he asked for some coins and Jhon told him why I would have to give you something? And the homeless man said, sir, a grain that does not fill a sack but helps the country, and he said, "And what does that mean? And the indigent told him that the currency he would give me does not enrich or impoverish and he said he will not give you anything and he left that destitute one day and bought a lottery ticket and won 39 million and became a lucky millionaire. his chance Jhon Castillo was bankrupt and the lucky millionaire told him Do you remember me? And John said no, and the millionaire told him I'm the homeless person who one day asked you for some coins, do you remember me? And Jhon said, if ya and the millionaire told Jhon you would be interested in working for me? And Jhon said, of course, but I will not be more greedy.

This is the story of a boy named Kevin, he feels such great love for the people who saw him born that he always wants to participate in all the social events that take place, even though he is a poor kid and could not help economically, nothing stopped him. Every day he went out to the street to see what he could do for his people, even if it was the least, those things fill him with joy. Because seeing his people enjoying a clean town, a pleasant walk, distractions for the little ones, seeing talented kids showing their potential on the courts was what mattered to him.
Attentive to everything they said and asked, in his vocabulary there was no no, if his people would help. Kevin is admired by everyone, he is an excellent human being. Always willing to work, every day he said, a grain does not fill the sack, but it helps.

In a small community in Africa, there existed a very greedy and mean ruler. During his tenure, things got from bad to worse in the community with families dying due to starvation and diseases which they couldn't treat due to poverty meanwhile the household of the ruler and his friends flourished in milk and honey.
Years passed and his tenure as ruler was due. The ruler announced his interest for a 2nd term. On hearing this news, the villagers were all sad.
A new aspirant who was not financially stable but kind was announced. Most people never listened to him as they thought he could never stand a chance with the wicked ruler and as such their vote for him during election would be needless.
After the election, unsurprisingly The wicked ruler came up as the winner but surprisingly with only 5 votes higher than the other aspirant. On hearing this news, the villagers who never went out to vote groaned as they realized that if they went to vote too, the wicked ruler wouldn't emerge as the winner again.
Unfortunately, it was too late when they realized that one grain doesn't fill a sack but it helps.
Word count :197

Mom ... mom ... did you send the letter? ... no, daughter, I have not had time. But I need you to send it, it's urgent! What is the trouble daughter? All of life there have been wars and the population has not been able to stop them. How can a letter from a second-grade girl, can it bring about peace? ... Yes, Mommy ... I should start ... one letter today and another tomorrow and so on ... until a pile of letters arrive until the top leaders of the world ... we need peace: a world full of harmony, wanting us as brothers. We will do it like that dear daughter, I love you!

Isaac is a gardener, he lives with his youngest son in a humble neighborhood. He is a very hard-working, supportive man with good values and a very noble heart. For things of life could not be formed in a university career, but is professional in what he does. His neighbors have less economic possibilities than his son and he, that family almost never has to eat and this gardener offered them food whenever he could, but his son did not like the idea of giving away the food that his father with effort and dedication I earned it, Isaac taught his son to have a great heart, to give without anything in return, to be humble and in solidarity with others. Cristofer learned that today they are his neighbors, but tomorrow they can be them. The father has a slogan that says, where two eat four eat. They both felt good about themselves when helping people in need and that a grain does not fill a sack, but it helps.

I woke up with the dream of being that big city, of owning my house and not having to live in squalor. However this wasn't the case with what was happening right now.
Well, let's just say I lived that life once. I was the impulse buying, lavish spending kinda playboy and I lost all to that.
My father always stressed the fact that I went to the best schools but I refused to apply what I learnt. He said to fill a sack up, you have to start from one grain. I told him that since the businesses are ongoing, I would always have money to spend. Little did I know I was going to be so broke, a church rat would be in a better position to lend me money.
To cut the story short, he didn't die, like I'm sure you thought he would. What he did was worse, he froze my accounts, seized all my assets and kicked me out until I came to my senses. I'm sure it sucks to be him right now, cos it's been 3 years and I'm still alive, broke, but surviving.

Pay it Forward


David was on a quest!, A quest to save the world from itself. The earth was no longer friendly to man and neither was man friendly to is fellow man.

David gave all he had to poor and underprivileged but his efforts barely scratched the surface. He need to re-strategize.

David needed a new approach, he sought the advice of his grandfather. His grandfather said something that caused him sleepless nights. The grandfather said “ Money can’t effect the change you need, only an idea”.

David pondered on this for days and nights, till it struck him in his sleep. The idea was simple, help someone and tell the person to pay you back by helping someone and that other person should also pay it forward on and on. Might seem like a little at first, a grain might not fill a sack but it helps.

One grain does not fill a sack, but it helps

Mr. John was a very old man who always left early to sell different seeds in the town. His son Neil Andrew always accompanied him to help him carry the sacks of seeds because the town was through a long path up the mountain. After the sales of all the seeds were completed, Mr. John and his son returned along the path as they did every day to his house, but the old man always kept five Sunflower seeds in his pocket. When walking on the path, he always threw them on the banks every day. One day his son finally asked him: "Dad, why do you throw only five seeds every day if they are so few that it will take a long time to cover the whole path?" His father looks at him and says: "Son, one grain doesn’t fill a sack, but it helps, "and his son replies," Dad I know you're right but, maybe you'll never see those sunflowers bloom ", his dad looks at him smiling again and finally says:" Son, the important thing is not to see the Sunflowers bloom, the important thing is the legacy that one leaves on this earth ".

Venezuela is going through times of adversity and difficulties, for many families it is difficult to get food for each day. Many scenes of sadness are all around us: children, youth, adults and the elderly asking for a grain of food; People looking in the trash hoping to get a grain to carry out their dish, dishes with just a little bit of something in it that abound in the tables and the pale faces and the delegates of the people imploring a grain.
In such a way that solidarity among family members, friends and strangers has become evident in this crisis situation. It is very difficult for each person to eat themselves, much harder is to feed others but when we share them in a grain of what comes to our table, we know that we are not going to take away the lack or hunger of our neighbor, but the grain that we share resolves the need of the moment for those who receive it, that grain does not fill the sack but it helps.
The stomach will stop complaining for a brief moment, but the feeling of joy, gratitude, sure fills the heart forever and helps.

Isa was a very spoiled girl, she lived in a castle with her mother and her father the kings of the kingdom. Despite her malpractice Isa was a child with principles and values, she knew the meaning of equality regardless of social class, religion, etc ... She had a friend who was an orphan and middle class, they met as Rosa ( the friend's name) was the adopted daughter of one of the king's maids.

Isa and Rosa always played princesses, they had a castle and only two of them reigned in it. When it was time to play Rosa, she became very sad because she knew that her dreams of being a Princess lasted a short time.

One day Rosa's mother got sick. Rosa was a little girl and the only thing she had was her mother.

Isa, knowing in the situation that her friend was, decided to invite Rosa every day to her house to play the princesses, she knew how much she liked to play with her.

The little support I could give Rosa was that she was a princess at least 2 hours a day and so clear their minds of their problems.

Thomas was a very humble person who lived on a ranch with his mother and his younger siblings, who had the responsibility of looking after all of them, and because of that he worked in multiple jobs divided in the day as assistant in a supermarket and vendor of food at night, the day of the decision to enter university and the number of electronic engineer that was what passionate her to achieve a better job and thus give her family better time, on weekends the same was going to a square near his house to sell to a clown, taking photos with children and selling stories like bubbles, board games and action figures, which does that for several years achieve the goal of graduation and get a better job, Now every weekend he goes to that same square to support the people who work there like the other clowns and street artists who have economic difficulties, since he says that every drop or reward for more ña that the sea does not know the impact it has on the other person.

Tommi is a very environmentalist, he has always said that our planet is our ecological home, and helping to preserve it and nurture our environment helps us grow and evolve spiritually.
For years he has given the task in his house to classify the domestic waste in garbage dumps of colors where he places the waste by his nature. He has instilled in his children environmental awareness and with this information in the future they can contribute to preserving nature. He tells his children we are part of the animal kingdom. And when you talk to your friends in your community you always propose that we should teach our children to respect and enjoy the life of our planet and become aware, since we are part of a perfect harmony. His friends respect him very much for the way of being of Tommi, They say that he is a grain that does not fill the sack but helps in something in the conservation of our planet.

knock knock ! He woke up, He been on the floor a long time, dusting his butt he rose to answer the door,he saw that face smiling at him again, it was the face of myles munroe on the book IN Charge,looking at it as a hungry man would an empty pot, picking it up he put it on the was his girlfriend,his countenance changed, she walked into his room she saw the smiling face on his table, surprised she asked,are you reading that? nodding almost immediately, he replied but Its not helping, he was a broke,depressed and lost, sighing she held his hands,and muttered "one grain doesn't fill the sack, but it helps" you might not see the results now, but just read it, I BELIEVE IN YOU!
It had been 7 months, he exclaimed WOW! when he saw the alert, he had grown financially, was achieving more, just then he remembered that book, and the smiling face, just reading it once a while had changed him.
Thats the way success is, you might not see the results immediately but just keep on, cause its not skill or talent or education that makes the impossible possible,but perseverance.

Just A Grain

Just as Mary picked the call, she heard Rita shout excitedly. “Mary! They’ve sacked those useless teachers. They’ve…” In that moment, Mary’s thoughts floated to three weeks before.


Her grandmother had walked in to see her in deep thoughts. She asked what was happening and Mary narrated how the girls in the school she was posted to were being sexually exploited.

“Then do something!”

“Me? I’m just a grain of sand. No one will listen to me.”

“Hmm,” Her grandma thought for a while. “There’s a saying in your grandfather’s village: One grain does not fill a sack but it helps. Because it shows that the sack isn’t empty. My jewel, the world isn’t empty of people who can do good. By speaking up, you’ll give those girls hope, you’ll show the world that good people still exist.”

‘Mama, you are right.” That night, Mary published her first Facebook post on the issue.


“Mary! Are you there? You are like a hero now.”

Mary smiled. “No, I am just a grain.”

As a child, Collins did not get everything he wanted. His mates at school who came from wealthy backgrounds never failed to remind him that he could never compete with them on any level. This made Collins really sad most of the time and he grew up with that mindset that he would never make it. This went on until he met Jay in the University. Jay and Collins were first coursemates who just went about their different lives until fate brought them together at the cafeteria. They quickly became friends and Collins opened up to him about what has been going on in his life. Jay, who was more financially capable, gave Collins some money with which he could use to start up a small business to sustain himself. Collins immediately started selling female shoes and though he was not making all the money in the world, he was comfortable and did not have to worry about the slightest things that would have bothered him when he was broke and did not have any money. One grain definitely does not fill a sack, but it helps in the long run.

Word count: 191

Mr. Sanchez

Mr. Sanchez had a business selling food, every night when closing the business the food that was left was given to the homeless, they thanked Mr. Sanchez had a son and always told them that the day the died would not stop giving a little food to those people who were their friends, He told them that with that gesture would be rewarded by our Lord Jesus Christ. But one day Mr. Sanchez fell into bed and before he died, he called his son and made him promise that whenever he was in business he would not stop giving food to his friends, the destitute. His son shook his head and told him father rests that they would never miss their piece of bread. At night the homeless people were already sitting at the door of the store and when they heard that the man had died they said we would not have any more food, at that moment the son came out with a tray of food and said my father was a great man, he was like a grain that did not fill the sack but helped in something by feeding you.

One grain does not fill a bag but it helps.
This is a simple story most of us know from the bible.

Standing there in front of Jesus more than five thousand people, hungry after following Jesus for many days. Jesus looking at the crowd needed to prove to them one principle of life. To become great we have to start small. A boy with five loaves of bread and two fishes came out from the crowd. "How can this little meal feed all these people" the disciples complained. Jesus being the Son of God prayed and miraculously the five loaves of bread and two fishes multiplied and was more than enough to feed everybody and remained twelve baskets more. The meal meant for one person had fed more than five thousand people.
One grain does not fill a bag but it helps

In a community of green ants, life went by gathering provisions to survive the winter. In this community lived a family composed of 15 ants of which only one was female and was called scarlet.

Scarlet was an ant smaller than the rest, so the amount of food that could be loaded was less, for that reason his brothers mocked and even did not allow him to place their seeds in the family's tank, scarlet decided to make his own deposit .

While her brothers slept or played she carried seeds and leaves to her secret store.

It happened that when winter came there was a great flood in the valley where the anthill was, and dragged what was in the deposit of the family of ants, that night the brothers slept worried because they feared for their survival during the winter.

At dawn the family of ants got up and there sitting at the table, which was served with rich and small seeds, had a scarlet breakfast and with a smile on their lips said: "a grain does not fill a bag but as an aid"


My grandfather used to tell me stories, anecdotes, among them he said that when his mother died the sky was sad and it rained, he was just by the window, crying ... sobbing ... wondering why his mother left and not another? They spent 10 minutes and the pain in the chest was acute, felt like they cut something inside; after 15 minutes, the memories he had of his mother made him hate life for having snatched it away; outside people lived, children played, birds in their nests sang, but he only missed mom, had no time for games; After 59 long minutes of sadness, for a minute a warm breeze came in the rain, he felt in his mother's arms, his mind cleared, the loneliness was no longer so harsh, the memories no longer hurt ... he felt lucky for every minute he had his mother, that was enough to calm his breakdown. He told me: this is life, not enough minutes to enjoy something or someone, but when you have them ... live them fully.

"One minute of joy, it does not fill your life with happiness ... but help, live it fully".


A man was on his way home and in the distance, he saw an injured vehicle and stops, when he gets off he tells the lady who was driving what can I help him with? "The woman quickly told her" I ran out of gas " The man kindly offered to take her to the nearest pump and help her solve her problem.
Years later the same man was in a supermarket and already had his bags ready but his card did not want to pass and disappointed he was about to leave when he heard in the distance a voice that told him to "wait" the turn quickly to see where that voice came from which was very familiar to him, when he looked he was facing that same woman of many years ago who had helped with his vehicle and said "Remember that day when you helped me with my car?" the man quickly answered "clear" and she he replied "That day my mother was about to die, if it were not for you I could not have told her for the last time that I loved her so come, I will pay for your bags"

It was barely 10pm that day and all the grand children of paAtonga were gathered around him, as he told them the story about wolves. They haven't heard any of his slow but captivating stories in a long while, and as his stories always go, at the end, you must have something you've learnt. Well, for that evening, the moral was simple. The strength of the wolves is the pack, and the strength of the pack is the wolves.

Ten years on, and the children were listening to another paAtonga's sory. He started: "A long time ago there were three brothers, their parents had died and left them their properties. These children were in chaos and so all their relatives forcefully collected their properties. On realizing how stupid they had been, they reconciled among themselves, and together collected back what belonged to them." As soon as paAtonga finished, he was fast asleep, and the listeners were left to brainstorm on what the lesson of the story was. Such was the behavior of paAtonga whenever he told a story. The children laughed and covered him with a cloak, as it was already past midnight, and made haste to their beds.

My story is about when I lived in the country, once my father was going down the land and by then winter was coming, my father was going to plant 5 years of land with corn, but he knew he just could not because he did not have time, first he had to clean the land and fertilize it and then plant it, he had to do it, so he started cleaning the 5 years of land, but it started to rain and he got very angry because he knew he did not have time to clean the land, fertilize it and then sow because it had already started to rain then my mother to see him upset and sad to see him said - because we better go tomorrow to clean the land we 6 he said - which 6? Then she answered him -your family, your 4 children and me, he answered that it seemed good but the children were very young ... The next day we went to clean the land and when we arrived at the site that was immense, we lasted 4 weeks until In the end we sowed and helped my father to plant and I learned to work the land and I understood that a grain does not fill a sack but it helps.

On a small and poor city called Kimen, there was a child, who had a very poor family. He used to walk many miles everyday, to another town to go to school, and then he used to go to another town to job in many places to get some coins to give it to his famlily. One day on the way to his school a strange man with long brown hair close to the child and without saying nothing gave him 3 coins. The child very happy went to the store and bought food for his family, a good shop for the first time.

A young man named Luis was walking down a street when he unknowingly stumbled upon a large stone and fractured his ankle, just in front of him was passing a man with a lot of money who refused to help him without feeling remorse. After a few months Luis decides to go to a very important coffee shop in the city and just find that same wealthy man who refused to help him, almost immediately Luis decides to go to the man's table and says "Good afternoon, my name is Luis and I have come to thank him "that confused man asks" Why? What did I do for you? "And Luis very kindly replies" You taught me that money can not take my humility "from that day, Luis was never the same.

One morning, Ana woke up frightened by a dream she had had. He dreamed that all the people he knew had their smiles gone.
This anguished Ana very much, since she always thought that smiling was the natural way to communicate and at the same time it was a beautiful way of expressing love. The scare invaded his entire body and suddenly he woke up. He realized that he was in his bed, safe, and said: "Thankfully, it was only a dream." At that moment his mother came to bed with breakfast and a tremendous smile, giving him a kiss and Ana quickly hugged her mom and said "Please, never stop smiling"

A little bird refused to learn to fly because he was afraid to hurt himself, his mother after insisting on many opportunities decided to invite him to the top of the tree to appreciate the view from there, when reaching the top the mother says "Son, you have that learn to fly, you can not stay forever in this tree "the little bird said full of fear" Mama, I know I can fly but I'm scared "just at that moment his mother pushed him to force him to open his wings and when he almost reached the ground that little bird began to fly and did not want to stop, after stopping happy he says to his mother "Mom because you pushed me?" and his smiling mother replied "Because I knew you were ready, but you needed know it too "

My story is about a man who made a very beautiful gesture, one day I was walking around the city in my vehicle and one person could not cross the street because he was in a wheelchair, I looked at that person and said that it was better not to stay at home, but another person who came from the opposite side stopped the traffic so that the old man who was in his wheelchair passed, the lord helped him, he passed it to the other wax and I continued driving as if nothing happened, later I park in super market and suddenly a tire exploded, I managed to park as I could and a man came quickly to help me without being asked, I felt very grateful, that day I learned to value the help they give us without asking, with This does not mean that with a gesture you will change the world but with the simple fact of being in solidarity with other people we make a difference, if we were all like that, the world would be different. It is difficult to change the attitude of people but we must give the example But let's start to change ... A grain does not fill a sack but it helps.

As I waved at some friends on my way into Uniuyo microfinance bank, just by the entrance a young man asked for my help. He begged that he intended paying some money for his dues but he was 150 naira short, without questioning him, I gave him the money and headed into the bank.

A week later I was at the cashier's office hoping to get my schoolfees receipt stamped. The queue apart from discouraging anyone was stuffy. Subconsciously, I started singing the song, "COME TODAY I COME TOMORROW" by Timaya.

The cashier asked for the one singing and with clear conscience I raised my hand.
"Shae u say come today come tomorrow. I've marked your face. I will not sign your receipt until exams start!"

And that was it! All attempt pleading this lady was in vain...

Just on my way out of the queue, I recognized that young man as he was whispering to the Cashier. She called me in and said, "My son just saved your ass! Next time be singing nonsense!"

How could I have ever known that 150Naira would save me in the future.

Once a young man was walking down a street with a smile on his face, many people were surprised to see that young man smiling for no apparent reason, some even thought he was some crazy or something, however, he was still smiling. While walking the young man a lady accidentally stumbled and stained his coffee shirt and even with that the young man did not stop smiling, seeing this one of the people with curiosity approaches him and asks "Because you smile so much, even when something bad just happened to you "and that young man's response changed his life forever by answering his question saying" Because I want to change the world and I can do it with my smile "

A music teacher during a rehearsal approaches one of his students and says: you need to dedicate more hours to your instrument, the surprised young man tells him: he is a good teacher. For several weeks he was pressuring his student, telling him that his footsteps were not perfect, that he needed more practice. When another of his students listens to him, he approaches him and says: Professor, why do you say that to our classmate if he is the most outstanding student of all? and just at that moment the teacher stares at him and a smile begins to draw on his face and he responds: Because telling him he is the best will make him believe that he does not need to continue learning.

During a class the teacher tells her students that she wants to ask a very important question to all of them and that the one who answers wisely will earn 2 extra points, when saying this the students were excited and they were attentive to listen to what question they would ask. Everyone was stunned to hear the teacher's question, which was How would the world change if they could? The room was filled with complete silence since none of them knew exactly what to answer, one of the students responded saying: I would give free food, another of them answered: I would make more hospitals, but none of those answers was enough for the teacher until another student He got up and said: I would give free hugs to everyone who passed in front of me, upon hearing that response the teacher was surprised and her eyes filled with tears and finally she could say: you deserve the 2 points, not the answer but for your heart

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A famous keyboard player gave a recital at a party when suddenly a girl approaches him and says: I would do anything to play like you. " The keyboardist looked thoughtful and replied: I do not think so. The embarrassed girl in front of the guests said: yes, I would do anything. The keyboardist shook his head and said: he would love to play like me right now, but I would not be willing to practice eight hours a day for the next 20 years to achieve it like me, and at that moment the surprised girl told him: Thanks, you just taught me a life lesson.

One afternoon a blind man was sitting next to his friend talking in a plaza, after several hours of conversation he realized that it was time to go home, when his friend's blind man said goodbye, he gave him a lamp as he was darkening. The blind man in a mocking but respectful way told his companion: "I do not need the lamp, because for me, clarity or darkness have no difference," said the blind man. And his companion nodded to him, "It's true, but if you do not take it, maybe other people will trip on you.

There was a man who lived with his two daughters, who were curious and intelligent and always asked many questions, on vacation his father sent them to a wise man's house. The wise person always answered all the questions without any doubt. Impatient with the wise, the girls decided to invent a question that he could not answer so they captured a beautiful blue butterfly and having it in their hands approached the wise man and asked him:
"Here in my hands I have a butterfly, could you tell me if it is alive or dead?"
They expected a wrong response from the wise person to show that he was wrong, but his response left them stunned. The wise man firmly replied "It is your decision, you have it in your hands"

A group of frogs traveled through the forest and, suddenly, two of them fell into a deep hole. The rest of the frogs negatively told them to stop trying to get out of there because it was impossible to achieve it, the hole was very deep. Finally, one of the frogs decided to give up and died there, however, the second frog kept insisting and struggling to get out of that deep hole, although the rest of the frogs would shout that it was impossible. When he came out, the other frogs said, "We're glad you managed to get out despite what we were yelling at you" and immediately the frog explained that she was deaf and that she thought they were encouraging her to try harder and get out of the hole.

A young married couple moved into a small neighborhood, the girl used to always sit in front of the window to watch the street and the neighborhood. One day she notices that her neighbor had washed the sheets and when she saw her husband, she told him "What dirty sheets the neighbor has, I cannot believe she washed them". Upon hearing this, her husband was silent and said nothing.
So, several months passed, each time the neighbor washed the woman to the same comment about how dirty the sheets were even when I washed them. But one day something different happened, when she sat down and saw the sheets she realized that they were not dirty this time and relieved she said "She finally learned to wash our neighbor" to which her husband responded quickly "Not my love, today clean the window, what you saw was not dirt on your sheets, but dirt on our windows "

bueno esto era un chico que el queria ser un cantante pero lo malo que el era muy pobre y no tenia los recursos, necesario para comprarse el instrumento que toca un acordion el se la pasaba de casa en casa pidiendo una pequeña colaboración, para comer. Pero todos los rechazaban y le gritan fuera de aqui vago busca trabajo el chico tan solo tenia 14 años sus padre lo habían, abandonado el estaba solo en el mundo sin nadie que lo ayudara el chico cada vez que se iba acostar a dormir pensaba en algun dia ser un cantante famoso asta que se le ocurrió. Cantar para las personas para que le dieran algo de plata para así poder comprarse su instrumento y el comenzo ah cantarle ah todos los que pasaban por hay pero como el estaba como un pobre loco nadie le prestaba mucha atencion asta que pasaron los dias y la gente comenzo haber que el chico tenia talento una anciana se acerca y le arroja una moneda en un pete que tenia el joven se inspiro mas cuando menos percato el chico tenia mas de 30 personas mirandolo como cantaba ah la a las gente le gustaba y susuraba entre ellos se decian el joven tiene una voz grandiosa el chico termino de cantar y todos le aplaudieron, y le pero nadie le daba echaba en el pote ni un peso el chico esta alegre por toda la gente que lo estaba mirando cantar y luego les dijo el joven porfavor el que pueda colaborar con un peso oh con lo que pueda se les agradece eso es para comprar mi instrumento musical para todo los dias cantarles y llego otro joven y le echo dos pesos el chico emocionado le agradece y luego todas las personas que estaban hay estaban echandole billete para que el chico se conprara su instrumento cuando el conto lo que le habian dado ya tenia para su instrumento y asta para comer luego el chico se ponia todo los dias en un asiento de la plaza ah cantar

My family is all

Fifteen years ago, on August 28, a child named (Gabriel Hoyos) was born at 11:45 at night.
As a child, he always had a lot of blow to the head. When he was 3 years old, he fell in the bathroom and his first scar was made. Little misfortune did not happen.
He started his studies at age 4 and the short time he was detected a bacterium in the stomach from that entoces is allergic to lactose. At age 6 he started his elementary school
in Carmen Maizo de Bello, since he was little he always excels in math and reading but at the same time his favorite sport has always been football.
he has played in the goal.
His parents and grandmother have always been his greatest pride. His father despite not having a good job and not having enough money has done everything possible to give you the best and see him happy and his younger sister. His mother sometimes stopped eating so he could eat better. For that reason Gabriel has promised to make the best effort so that his family more never passes work and not have that thought that we are going to eat tomorrow.
It is worth noting that Gabriel Hoyos is my nephew, and since I met steemit I have done everything in my power to help him since he is my only nephew and you could say that he is the spoiled one thanks to this page I have achieved some of my goals and one of them is always to see my family happy because the happiness of it and my daughters is mine

A child enters an ice cream parlor and sits at the table, the waitress approaches him to ask what he wants, the child asks "How much does a big ice cream cost?" The waitress answers "2 euros" the child takes out of his pockets some coins and accounts, had just 2 euros so he asks the waitress again "and the medium?" She quickly responds "That costs one euro and seventy-five cents" Upon hearing the response the child orders a medium ice cream.
When finished eating the ice cream the child leaves and the waitress comes to clean the table for when another customer arrives and discovers something that leaves her speechless, right there under the account were 25 cents, his tip.

A group of loggers cut trees daily without stopping, even when they got up first and slept last they were the least cut trees. Inside them was a lumberjack who always used to be absent half an hour or more and was the last one to get up, however, he was the one who cut the most trees. Confused and at the same time annoyed decided to approach that woodcutter and asked "What do you do every time you are absent and because you are the one who cut more trees even when you are the last one who gets up and do not make almost effort like us"
The woodcutter smiled and replied, "During that time all I do is go and dedicate myself to sharpening my ax"
From that day, the history of those lumberjacks changed.

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It is possible between all

This is not a story, it is reality; I gather in the Getsemani church for the glory of God. there we put into practice what it is to share the bread as in the primitive churches. This practice is only possible with the collaborations of all the brothers. Each week we choose the dish we are going to share on Sunday after the Sunday class. Once we have decided on the dish to share, the ingredients are divided among the brothers who voluntarily commit themselves to collaborate and in this way the dingoes together make the elaboration of this dish possible and we are happy to enjoy sharing this bread, with Our brothers and also with the friends who visit us, and so we can conclude that even if only one brother can not supply all the ingredients of the dish, their collaboration is very important because it helps.

Of there I can understand some proverbs that my mother always repeated: "grain by grain the chicken crawls!" as well as "drop by drop a pipote is filled!". Certainly the world is full of sayings but they contain great truths.

A grain does not fill the sack,but it helps


Keep going,persist and practice

Tania was a lover of the arts, what she liked most was to draw, but she still needed a lot to learn and improve, sometimes they told her drawing like a 4 year old girl, this made her feel bad, but still she was still drawing.
One day she set out to improve, that her drawings were more professional, so she dedicated more time to her drawings to make more shadows, mixes, details, what she thought was not much, but the difference.
After a while I noticed that his drawings were more professional, she received comments as you put soul and commitment, so sometimes a little effort and much improvement.
She knows that the road is long and she still has to improve but every effort (granite) will be closer to her goal.

One grain dose'nt fill a sack but it helps
Slow and steady is what truly what matters in life. You might be earning cents now but be consistent and focus today and then tomorrow you might be trending. Yes one grain doesn't fill a sack but it definitely helps, as long as something keeps adding. Don't be discouraged keep your heads up, spend more time on it, go all out for it, it'll surely go smoothly tomorrow.

Remember, there is no harm in trying, gather as much as you can before famine.

The farmer that sleeps during farming, will have nothing to harvest during harvest season.

John was the only child of Mrs Johnson and he was born with autism. This caused many teenagers in his neighbourhood refuse relating to him except his new neighbour mark. Mark would come by everyday to play and share what he learnt in school with John and this was the only moment I saw John truly happy… One faithful day mark didn't drop by and John was sad that he didn't eat his meal, John’s mom decided to check on mark and realized he was hospitalized with kidney problem. This saddened her and when she shared the news with John her son he couldn't take it in and for days He refused to eat. John’s mom took John to the hospital to see mark his beloved friend and when they got there she saw how happy he was and how much he missed mark this opened her eyes to the reality that if she lost mark she would also be losing her only son this prompted her to pay for mark’s surgery and his medical bills and that was how mark regained his health and her son his happiness. A grain doesn't fill a sack… but it helps.


Seun stood in front of the ballot box and thought hard. Of the three candidates contesting for the presidency, he couldn't think of one who was more qualified than the others.
Chuks was brilliant and had an easy going character, but the same could be said of Ade and Juliet. Ade was a more popular figure however, because his dad once headed the University Alumni association. The name Balogun alone, could pull a lot of votes in his favor.

And Juliet; she was a female but that didn't necessarily put her at a disadvantage. Rather, It actually felt like a positive for her, as all the feminist inclined associations seemed to stand behind her during the electoral debates. If she didn't win, It would definitely not be from a lack of support.

It dawned on Seun that Chuks was the most likely to lose among the candidates. As he thought more about it, he felt pity for him. A brilliant student who was tailor made for the post. His only flaw being that his competitors had more social pull.

Seun sighed and casted his ballot. One grain he thought, but so did many others.

Chuks would be sworn-in tomorrow...



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Father Gilbert, a man of the cloth had a heart for the poor; moreover he had a heart for children. Each week he took a special collection in his service, he called it the Children’s Christmas Fund. He did this just after accepting the tithes and offerings. This meant that the parishioners only had paltry sums to spare; yet over the weeks and months, the amount he collected became more substantial. He further subsidised, the contributions of his congregation with that of donations from local businesses.

His goal was simple; each year he wished to feed one hundred homeless children for Christmas and provide them with a gift. Father Gilbert and a host of volunteers prepared the church hall on Christmas Eve, in preparation for their little guests. On Christmas day they brought in one hundred children previously identified; and laid out a feast that wowed the little ones. Each child was able to eat till their bellies ached. They became more buoyant when Father Christmas handed them a gift. This, thought the overjoyed clergyman, is the true spirit of Christmas and true meaning of community. Many small contributions, all adding up to meet the needs of the needy.

One grain does not fill a sack, but it helps.
Karen recently moved to a small town. Everyone practically knew one another. She had always dreamt of opening her own restaurant as she was a really good cook but she could not due to her financial situation. She once lived with her dad. Her mum died giving birth to her and her dad had taken a loan from a bank which he was unable to pay before he died. Karen had to sell their house and some other things to raise money to settle the loan.
Today, she decided to take a stroll round the town to get to familiarize herself with the place. She saw a house with an old lady Megan sitting in the porch and decided to go say hello.
Karen enjoyed spending time with Megan and from their chat, she found out that very few people ever came to see Megan,so she decided to visit more often. On one of her visits she decided to cook something special for Megan. Megan told her she was a good cook and should open a restaurant. Karen explained her financial situation to her and Megan offered to help her with the money she needed for the restaurant.

It was a hot summer and I came to home because of holidays.during afternoon, a old man who came infront of our house and started asking us to give some rice grains to him.i was shocked, u know why? This oldman was asking rice grains not cooked rice to mother gave me a glass of
rice grains and said to me to give it to him.i went near to him and i poured rice grains in his bag and i asked the old man like this, "why did u ask rice grains?why not rice?what its importance?"and the oldman replied as like this "i have 1/4 acre of land,but i dont have rice grains to grow in it.i dont want to see land as bare one. If i plant these grains it will produce so many rice grain is enought to produce lot of i asked rice grains instead of rice to eat".
I was wondered by his answer,he told importance of ricegrains eventhough he is not educated to me and i thanked him so much for his explanation.

It was a hot summer and I came to home because of holidays.during afternoon, a old man who came infront of our house and started asking us to give some rice grains to him.i was shocked, u know why? This oldman was asking rice grains not cooked rice to mother gave me a glass of
rice grains and said to me to give it to him.i went near to him and i poured rice grains in his bag and i asked the old man like this, "why did u ask rice grains?why not rice?what its importance?"and the oldman replied as like this "i have 1/4 acre of land,but i dont have rice grains to grow in it.i dont want to see land as bare one. If i plant these grains it will produce so many rice grain is enought to produce lot of i asked rice grains instead of rice to eat".
I was wondered by his answer,he told importance of ricegrains eventhough he is not educated to me and i thanked him so much for his explanation.

"Have you heard about the latest embarrassing statement made by our president?" Agnes asked Ben.

"My dear, i have. It is disheartening that such could proceed out of him. It is not his fault really, it is ours voting an old man past retirement age into power.Did we really expect him to be productive? He has done nothing but embarrass us internationally since he came to power. Nothing works out in the country anymore but what can we do? We can only pray it gets better."

"I totally disagree my friend. Our future is in our hands. It is high time we stop making excuses for our leaders. If we stay silent, things would never get better around here"

Ben laughed.

"So what can you do? You are just one person, what impact would you have."

"Sweetheart, don't you know?"

"Know what?"

"One grain does not fill a sack but it helps. I am just one person but it doesn't matter what little i do. I can make a difference, one person at a time and i intend to start now."

In this world beautiful things happen and one of them was the initiative that had Mrs. Maria, who has a neighbor with a condition and his life was one step away from death. She did not have the economic resources to perform an open-heart operation, she saw that the life of her neighbor every day was deteriorating more, she decided to form a cooperative "Help the needy" she went from house to house talking with the other neighbors doing propaganda. There was not a fixed amount each person collaborated with what he had at his disposal, to this they were added many other people with a heart of solidarity contributing their bit. What started with a dream today is a reality, your neighbor was operated and is in recovery, thanks to this initiative and to each granite contributed. So the cooperative is formed to help those who need it, because a grain does not fill a bag, but it helps.


This story that I present to you today is part of my life and I share it with you today so that you value every moment, minute and second next to the family that God gave you.
On 10/07/2003 my firstborn was born at that time I was 18 years old and my husband was 21 years old. Very young parents without any experience. That day I had my consultation with my gynecologist, who told me: Do not you have pain, or a headache? promptly answer: No! Fearful for the question when examining me, it turned out that I had entered into the birthing process and I did not know it, I did not feel any pain and as I began my labor process ended and I gave birth to my firstborn without any pain.
I named him Yezer Isaac, as I said parents without experience many say we teach our children but if something is that this angel that Mr. allowed me to have fourteen years taught me to be a mother, to be a daughter, to be a friend, He gave me more than I taught him more than I could teach him. Friend that you read this story today Yezer was an excellent son: good student, in sports nothing but the best, good brother. He never treated me like his mother spoke to me as his daughter, as his wife, as his sister.
the fourteen years that I had him by my side I gave him what was in my hands to give him or do for him was my pride my man as he called him. He tried to do everything right to get my attention, where I moved he was there, he would not let me go anywhere alone.
I learned a lot from him; that last year of life by our side was the most beautiful of my life: I enjoyed it as we never shared unforgettable moments made me laugh with his madness and if I also cry with his tantrums, but look at him kneeling crying to my God were the moments that I enjoyed him, his dedication to God.
Time is short In this land we do not know how much we are going to stay in it, today I invite you to enjoy yours without complaining about anything but thanking God for everything.

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A grain fills the sack, but it helps.

A happy family apparently had all four wonderful children: Lucas, Miranda, Gabrielle and Denisse, however his mother is pregnant with another offspring which was named Caleb.
As time passed, his parents noticed that Caleb had difficulty speaking and he was 2 years old and he did not speak, his parents took him to the doctor and told them that he had a slight delay.
When Caleb turned 5 he did not speak fluently, he stuttered, he found it difficult to relate, he was the shyest of his older brothers.
Her mother decided to seek professional help, took Caleb to language therapy, the doctor told her to have patience, her son has difficulty speaking but is very intelligent, give him time and bring him to language therapy and gradually they will see the progress.
Caleb went every day to therapy every time he was more understood when he spoke, he learned new words his parents and brothers were surprised with his progress little by little he managed to speak normal.


How could i be this forgetful? "We had met at a dinner event when i mistakenly spilled some red wine on her white flowing gown.

I looked more closely and confirmed that indeed she was the person being shown across the television. She was in dire need of help and needed a heart transplant which amounted to a tremendous amount of millions. I remember the way she reacted calmy when i spilled the wine on her white dress, "some naija ladies for don cause commotion for that place wey go embarrass you".

Some account numbers were displayed on the screen for people to donate. I immediately grabbed a pen and paper and wanted to write the numbers. I then stopped half way, i looked around my one self contain apartment, i no get cushion, i no get plastic chair, even mat. This tv na from the window of my neighbor house i dey watch am, my account balance na abomination.

As i layed to sleep that night, i prayed to God to dissolve her problems... I don't have money but what i have i give unto her. My grain might not fill up her sack but it helps.


Farming was her means of livelihood, so every morning before the cock gave its shrill crow, she and the children left the house trodding towards the farmland where they tilled the ground and planted seeds. But this farming season was the first of its kind she had seen. As the rain fell too little and the sun smiled down too fiercely, burning up everything and her plants were no exception. Darting her eyes across her barren farmland, she wondered how they were going to survive the hunger that came with drought. She took out her hoe and began digging the ground as she had done in the past weeks with hope that she might find something to grace their plates for tonight's dinner and as usual, there was nothing. So she started walking out of the farm where she stumbled on a pile of brown sand. She kicked at it but her leg met with a tuber of yam. She picked the small tuber of yam and even though she was expecting a barn full of yam, she was happy she saw this one. At least, they won't go to bed hungry again and that thought warmed her heart

Hola esta es mi historia "El glotón"

—You're going to eat that piece of bread alone, you're not going to finish my cranberry sauce.
—But mom, this bread alone has no flavor.
—You are a glutton, that's why you're so fat son, you must control that mouth.
This is how the conversation went on during dinner. The mother had prepared some sausages and bought some bread at the market. Oshey his son devoured everything that was served at the table: the sausages, the French fries, the bread, the sauces. The mother hoped that one day her son would stop hurting himself. But no matter how accurate the arguments were, Oshey seemed to have a deft answer to everything. It was very funny to watch him chew in ecstasy and as he licked the tips of his fingers, but his mother did not find it funny.
—Do not you think there was enough food for tonight? —asked the mother, watching him take another plate full of bread and sausages.
—I think there's still room for a snack —Oshey answered, stuffing whole bread into his mouth. His mother looked horrified—. Come on mom, this is like "a grain that does not fill a sack, but it helps."

A grain does not fill the bag but It helps

Franco was not good at math, in fact he hated them, many times he was missing that class so he did not have to see that subject.
The final exams arrived, the teacher spoke with him, he told him this is your last chance for you to pass maths, frankly he got the nerves of points.
She told her best friend Michelle that she was not going to fail math that he was not good at, Michelle told him all this in what you set out to do and get it.
Franco looked for books, his notes, met outside of school hours to study, could not sleep on nerves just thought about approving.
His weekend friends told him to play video games, he stayed studying, he remembered the words of his teacher and his mind told him not to insists you will fail, but that thought I throw it away and studied.
The day of the final exams arrived at the end of the afternoon her teacher called him: congratulations, you have approved, and I jump of happiness

They say that a grain does not fill a sack, but help, example of this significant phrase is my grandmother, Mrs. Ana María Sotillo.
For me the word grandmother represents the life of my mom's mother; My grandmother is an old lady of 79 years, lives in the countryside, sows grains and vegetables, raises chickens and pigs, and see her in their world is an example of perseverance, courage, dedication, love for others, love for the things that work day by day, perseverance, she never tires, she is always willing to spend time with us when we visit her, she teaches me things of incalculable value, when she looks me in the eye and knows what is happening to me and advises me. God bless you dear grandmother for so many things you have done for all your children, daughters and grandchildren.

My grandmother has more experience than everyone in the family; it is something that can be seen at a glance by just looking at his pronounced wrinkles, his hands, his silvery hair and his wisdom.

I thank God for my grandmother and for a model in the present for me and for my mom and follow her example in the future.

One day a young man was sitting in a very hungry square and without having anything to eat, just in front of him was passing an elegant lady with large bags of food, she noticing how they lit the eyes of that boy to see their bags were he moved and said
"Hello Young, you can take one of these bags if you wish"
The young man full of grief selected one and full of emotion went home to prepare something to eat
The next day the young man full of gratitude went to sit in the same square, but this time he had a tray with a sandwich that he had prepared hoping to meet that nice woman again, when he saw her pass again in front of him he said
"Hello, I do not know if I remember I'm the young man from yesterday and here I brought him a sandwich, I did not have money to buy him something and thank him for what he did for me yesterday, but what he gave me I brought him"
The moved woman cried and from that day I always seek to help others

VICTOR, a fisherman from Nuevo Unare, goes to his fishing trip every morning, a very early day he goes out to the beach, with a beautiful sunrise and suddenly on his walk he runs into a