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Persia, the richest country for its minerals, oil and nature, but one of the poorest for its quality of life, both materially and spiritually. His authorities repressed with firearms, whenever another ideology dared to oppose his government. The political leaders made plans to mislead all the people, also treated them like animals, made them go hungry and then give them something to eat, the same thing happened with sick people who needed medicine and so on, until each one governed by the mind. A lot of crime unleashed thanks to them; because they themselves were crime. They killed people because they were different or even worse, they took away their freedom.

On the other hand was Simon, a young dreamer with the spirit of a liberator and with the ability to reach the hearts of people. He began to sow a message in everyone's mind, and in effect, made them open their eyes. One day a crowd took to the streets, without fear and with the hope of a new dawn. More and more people joined us, and with the support of everyone, they dismissed the president and all his corrupt government of inhuman.

194 words.


Something similar to what you tell in your story, is happening in my country Venezuela and it is unfortunate.

It is very unfortunate that this happens, I hope everything will be over very soon.

This is seen a lot in the Latin countries. Good story.
Brother, I invite you to read it @josegc

It is something similar to what happens in Venezuela today. Thanks for reading my history.

@apoyolatino thank you very much that you have invited me to read such an excellent story.

Thanks to you for reading.

Friend your story identifies me because it is the same thing that is happening in my country.

My best wishes for your country friend.

Very good Story, I would like you to continue it in a future.

I will try to keep growing in writing.
@stach contests help me a lot

Friend, you are very good at writing, your story identifies many people who have gone through a dictatorial government. @jesuscarrasquero

Thanks for reading friend

I congratulate you, brother. Reading and practicing are helping you to write better.

That's how it is, brother, I get better every time. Thanks for your tips

It is sad that this happens. Greetings friend steemians! I was touched.

My regards, brother

I congratulate you! You have a new follower thanks to your story.

OH that is incredible. I have a new follower, thanks

The reality of my land.

How sad. Thanks for comment @elvisr

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