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RE: STACH Short Story Contest #26: 199 words, 5 winners, 15SB prize pool!

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There was a blind man who was sitting on the sidewalk, with a cap at his feet and a piece of wood that, written in white chalk, said:
A creative advertising man who passed him stopped and looked at a few coins that were in the cap and without asking permission he took the sign, turned it over, took a chalk and wrote another advertisement and put the piece of wood back on blind man's feet and he left.
In the afternoon the creative went back to the blind man who asked for alms, but this time his cap was full of bills and coins
The blind man recognized his steps and asked him if he had been the one who rewrote his poster and, above all, what he had written.
The publicist replied:
"Nothing that is not as true as your ad, but with other words."
He smiled and went on his way.
the blind man never knew it, but his new sign read:



Muy bonita historia, sigue escribiendo así.

Thank you for reading.

Beautiful words, they leave a beautiful teaching.

Muy buen post, saludos.

Me encantó la historia.

Un placer para mi que te hayas tomado el tiempo de leerla y disfrutarla. Saludos.

Muy buen post.

Muy interesante todas esas palabras, me llegaron al corazón.

Gracias, saludos.

Al leer tu historia me diste la inspiración para hacer la mía, aunque la hice con un ciego igual.

Hey, a beautiful story :) :) :)

Muy buen post, saludos.

Greetings brother, I am sorry to have to comment on your story, but I just realized that you are committing plagiarism and spam. Something totally harmful for our beautiful steemit community that is looking for honest and quality people. You have created about 15 accounts to vote your posts, and also comment your own story, obviously your intention is bad, you want to win somehow the SBD that rapartira @ejemai are being completely selfish, I hope you do not take this comment badly, and you see it as an advice for you to exert yourself and create content and also original stories. You are damaging the @stach contest so please stop. God bless you.
The story that you copied and pasted here can easily be seen in the following link:

And to verify that the accounts are simply to vote and comment, creating plagiarism and spam; we go to the blog of all those who have commented on this story.

If I'm wrong, let me know.

The links you gave are in spanish, hence i could not read them. i used plagiarism checker on this story, and it came out clean. i'd appreciate if you have more proof so we can look into this.

EDIT: after going through the various stories, i have to agree that the user @trebolcoins21 indeed owns all of the accounts. Hence, all the stories posted by those account are hereby disqualified.

In this link the story is published in Spanish, but when making the translation into English we realize that it is similar and has the same message. Only that he changed some words. I am Spanish speaking so I realized when I read that story, a while ago I had already read it.

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