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Dpoll.xyz (d for decentralized) is a poll-builder powered by the Steem blockchain. Here you can publish polls, ask for feedback, opinions, ideas from your audience and earn cryptocurrency.

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Poll for Project Feedback - Most everyone in the crypto universe is working on some kind of community initiative, creative project, App, dApp, or collaboration. This week we're asking you to explore using dpoll as a resource - gauge your community for feedback. Ask for help, an idea, or perhaps even a new direction.

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Today, our curation team will browse the comment section of this post looking for inspiring and thoughtful favorites. Make sure your poll is asking for project feedback! This contest will last 24 hours. Share your dpoll link in the comment section, below.

Please also include a short 1-2 sentence description of your submission. Your Poll entry cannot be more than 6 days old.

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  • Second Place = 50%
  • Third Place = 25%

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I'm currently working on a project that involves "virtual pets". Cute little creatures that reside in your pocket [ or web browser ] and you care for. These games have had many different iterations over the years, so I want to make sure that my project replicates the features that players found most enjoyable.

My poll asks which virtual pet game players liked the most, and what they liked about that made it so special. https://dpoll.xyz/detail/@stuffbyspencer/what-was-your-favorite-nostalgic-virtual-pet-game/#answers-container

DPoll allowing for collaborative feedback like this is what makes the dapp so fun & such a helpful resource to anyone creating something! :)


Congratulations @stuffbyspencer! You've received the 2nd place vote this week. You received 50% sndbox vote. Thank you for participating in the DPoll contest! See you next week. Join us at @sndbox discord https://discord.gg/3xHWn


awesome! thanks for all the cool stuff you do for the Steem platform, I appreciate it :^)

Hello! In this dpoll, the first one I've ever made, I ask for some feedback on the Curie project. Myself being a curator for them, it would be interesting to catch a glimpse of what people think about it.



Congratulations @zoexantelamv! You've received the 1st place vote this week. You received 75% sndbox vote. Thank you for participating in the DPoll contest! See you next week. Join us at @sndbox discord https://discord.gg/3xHWn


Wow, awesome news! Thank you guys, see you in the next contest :D

Can I mention two polls?
"How do you feel about upvotes of 0.00003$?"


Congratulations @deathcross! You've received the 3rd place vote this week. You received 25% sndbox vote. Thank you for participating in the DPoll contest! See you next week. Join us at @sndbox discord https://discord.gg/3xHWn

Hi sndbox :)
Here is my poll
Nowadays news are available on hour fingertips and this poll wants to know what sources we prefer to be on day with news

On a period where global warming and change is on top of news, controversial and cares.
My poll simply ask if Christmas tree is a real one taked from nature or a fake one.

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hi @sndbox,

i wondering that why does cryptocurrency mean for people? and they how can use it their daily life.?



The poll I created is about the project of Steem overall. Hopefully this still qualifies for your curation.


Steem Monsters has introduced 10 new cards and I'm interested in the opinion of the value of a card. So I asked...

What is the value of a golden Lord Arianthus?


Hi folks!
This week I've posted 2 polls.. they're part of my growth in my mission.
I am very grateful for all new technologies and the ways of becoming more of yourself and the ability to help others in their journey...

Thanks again @sndbox! ;)

titled "What features will you like to see on dpoll?", I created this poll so that dpollers can give their thoughts about what's is needed on dpoll while hoping that the dev team will see to it.

Thus, it can also be a way for the dev team to get the views of its users.


Thank you!

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Hi Team,

I've created a DPoll asking for some feedback on the overall look and feel of the project i'm building:


I'm more of a technical guy... and struggle with the visual side of things. I think at the moment, my influences are way way way too obvious... but I don't know if I should figure out a unique look now, or just wait and see how it evolves as I work on it.

Thanks again for your contest!

Thanks for contributing to the dPoll content.

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