Boring Photo Contest (WIN STEEM)

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Attention all photographers and Image editors

photo from

In my daily curation as an @ocd curator. I come across a lot of photos. I love photography, it is a beautiful art form, and we have a plethora of great photographers on steemit, but I have always wanted to hold a photography contest. Thing is... I am tired of seeing sunsets, mountains, grand trees, beaches, and all other things majestic. I feel like those things sometimes are EASY to take a great photo of.

Don't get me wrong, I know its still a skill.

What I want to see is a great photo of something boring mundane average.



  • It is a photography contest
  • You can manipulate the photo but must be recognizable to the original
    If you do this, please provide before and after pictures
  • It MUST be a photo you took
    no editing someone else's work No plagiarism
  • Create a post with your entry and link it in the comments.
  • Resteem this post to help spread the word.



1st place
-12 STEEM + (plus a personalized monster drawing of your likeness/personality with a corresponding legend)

2nd place

3rd place

@acidyo and I will judge 1st and 2nd place. But for 3rd place @acidyo will be streaming at:
In this streem, the viewers will be the judge of 3rd place.


We will We will be accepting entries until this post pays out, and will announce it the next day. Thank you!

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My son and I spend a lot of time together. We like to go to the park in the morning and walk around the lake and then of course chase the geese and ducks that surround the lake. I was able to snap this photograph on one such day.

I believe spending time with your children is great for fundamental development. I hope you enjoy this photo as much as I do.

EDIT: Link to my post. Sorry about that.

Things Were Done, An Entry Was Made...
Slowly, his brow furrowed with resolve. He knew finally what he must do and there would be no cursed shade in all the pits of hell which might thwart him. He was sweating bullets with a steel-eyed gaze. With white knuckled death grip on the apparatus, he held steady. Cautiously but firmly he squeezed the button on the low budget camera's creaking eldritch frame. Momentary shard of pregnant silence then... a cold mechanical click signified that the corrupting deed had been done. Only now... he began to fear. Suddenly, the realization dawned like an icy black sun, that a terrible spawn had crossed over from the teaming void of bad ideas into this unsuspecting world; a Really Boring Photo(TM) had been brought into abominable creation.

The unholy offering had been made and @jbgarrison72 had been irredeemably entered into @saywha's contest.



Thanks for adding the pic to this. Itll make judging easier :)


I saw everyone else was doing it, so... figured I better too. :D

My humble entry.

To view it in its true form click HERE.

Thanks for the contest! 😃

Amstedam bike pillars - my submission :) Have a good day

I tried my hardest to find the most mundane thing I could. I think I did ok. Check out my boring picture here:


it looks creepy hehe but nice one tho 👏 😊


Thank you! I was going for creepy :)


did you make that to take a picture?


Oh hell no! Haha

I attended some event and this was how they were lined up when I got outside :p

I wouldn't really want to touch cigarette-butts. Gross.

space emptiness and hollow

Here is my entry nothing more boring than sorting buttons. Seriously worst thing ever.


Here is the post I made to go along with it, because the story behind why they are boring is just as important as the photo.


Titillatingly boring! :D


thank you, I knew someone else would have to see how boring this is.

This has got to be the most boring photo I have. It was part of a contest that got a little less that zero participation. Now that is truly boring. I heard about your contest from a post by @rebeccabe I hope her photo is here too as it was so boring. I'm losing the will to write


Lol... well I know the feeling ... I am thinking of entering a second photo into the contest since I am feeling like this should be a contest I could win .. LOL .. you need a link to your photo to enter also..Maybe you put that and I didn't see it... @molometer I am starting a beginning photography class on Monday wouldn't it be great to say I won a photo contest ...Lol.. I will notify you when I post my second entry. Lol

Hello @saywha,
Here are my BORING entries for your photo contest.

This post was upvoted and resteemed.

i like this subject so much i did a whole post on it. if you need me to choose a particular photo for the contest let me know, otherwise choose whichever one you like the best.

Here's my entry of a piece of electronics board I found in the trash:

Hi @saywha! Here's my boring fish in a bag from the fish market. Made for a delicious dinner. :)

the fish i picked with filter and compressed.jpg

Resteemed your "boring" contest!

Fun contest!
Here is my entry, a photo that is a few years old, but still...

hör ihop.jpg

Follow and upvote Hope do same

Hello, @saywh, thank you for this contest.

Here's my Entry: Boring Scarecrows.

Here's my boring picture of wheelbarrows feeling lonely

with related blog post

Water into a teaspoon cd2 (29).JPG

Thank you very much, I would love to join this contest, this contest can develop our imagination. Thank you for this great idea.

I hope i have a camera to join in.

I will try


I will be posting update soon! Gotta work out the judging :)


Thanks, I had almost forgotten about it but I was scrolling through. I thought I had missed something.

My entry - Boring Photo Contest-"Tire Swing" I think this will be my first entry into a photo contest. I can not remember for sure or not, I could be wrong. Not that I will win or anything, but thought I would try any way.

I hope I make it to number 1! I wish all of the other photographers luck and fun vibes.


Hahahaaaa this will be great!!

Challenge accepted. I'm gonna bore you to death.

Now I know why I created such a boring post today. Thanks for this contest may help others in understanding .. I looked and right now out of 21 views only 9 upvotes.. now I will turn it into a contest piece since I know it is boring .. I edited the title to reflect this contest...
Here is the link to my post:

enjoy they are sequins lol

now resteeming your post.. I created the original post without knowing about this contest .. lol..sad isn't it? No it was meant to be lol


Also @saywha if I happen to be boring enough please donate any funds I win to @yiyi.maiola she is trying to save her dogs Thank you..

What a great idea and initiative! I'm looking forward to seeing all the entries and to participate myself.

Definitely will be joining! What a great and interesting contest!!! Let me see what I can come up with 😊


remember to resteem the contest to qualify :)


done resteem @saywha it failed last time i though i already steem it.

Want a boring photo? Here is a blank one. It cannot get anymore boring then that. Taken with my boring camera 10/4/2017 start of photo "

" end of photo. Anyone top That I dare you to try.

Congratulations @saywha!
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Totally digging this, though I won't have time to work on this till Friday, I am gonna enter this one. You know I am really hoping I can find the shot to get me my monster lol

Interesting topic.

Here is my entry:

moments before the rain

Back story: Probably the backstory will make it one of those boring moments. This was taken while we were coming back from a trek. Needless to say we were tired and there was nothing whatsover exciting about seeing few fellow trekers climbing apart from feeling jealousy. As if from no where the cloud arived, I somehow managed to pull out the camera from the bag and this is the one and only shot that I got. (I never switch off camera) ....

I have also posted it here:

Got to be in for this, back in a cold winter I was bored and took photos of simple plain boring water drops

and Oops I need to make a post with it silly me, will do that tomorrow

What's boring to you? I may have plenty of photos.


Doesn't have to be boring... it just can't be something thats naturally majestic... like a sunset, or a mountain


Always thought sunsets were boring haha. I got something coming right up.

My entry into your contest:

Neat idea for a contest! The entries have been fun to look at, tough competition.

Can we submit twice @saywha? Hehe

i like this post, cheers resteemed and upvoted.

Great idea! After all the sunset pictures it's great to see something new :)

Hehe, here is mine! I don't mind calling it a "$hitpost" ;)

This is awesome man, and also is great to have @acidyo as a judge, and even better to watch it on his streaming twitch.

Yay! - at last I've found a place for a whole host of my most mundane :)