Contest Update- Quiet Combinations learning to shout!

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Barely two days have passed since we began our contest and the steemians haven't disappointed! It is incredible what people pulled from either the poem, the image, or both!

Here are the current entries in the contest! Visit them and give them some love!

@photoquest :

@nicholas83 :

@yinkaknl :

@virus95 :

@rebe :

@odesanya :

@justjessica :

@abeem90 :

Wonderful job, guys! It is already too hard to choose! <3

Please feel free to submit your own entry! All are welcome and there is still plenty of time to create and enter for a chance to win 5 STEEM!

Here is your prompt/inspiration!


Quiet contemplation
in humanities surround
screeching silence upward rising
with the falling of the ground

Cold and reverberating shivers
sweat and icy palms
chills from spine to chest
beating hearts
no calm

Stepping forward half and quarter paces
for every backwards glance
sideways weaving structures
visions blur and dance

Clicking clacking ticking sounds
from around each winding bend
omnious guiding siren songs
lull you to your end

Another poem?

A continuation?

A short story?

A photograph?

A drawing?

whatever it is you want to create, do it!

The winner will be selected in a week for a prize of 5 Steem! Please link your entry here when you are done and use the tag #ussminnowprize so we can find it!

We can't wait to see what beautiful things you create! <3

Much Love, @sammosk and @stitchybitch! <3

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thank you for sharing this with us, Upvoted

If you mind checking out my blog @kingjan for latest posts and updats, Thank you

The silence and solitude are great for inspiration because in those moments each of us have the time to contemplate, think about our point in life and which path we should take. If to move alone or together it's the same thing as long as you find your path and you take your journey along it.

Very nice contest...
I am new on seemit can you tell me how to submit my entry ...


Make your own post on your blog and put ussminnowprize in the tag line. That's it ☺️




No problem. I'm still figuring things out too ☺️


On which basis will you select winner.


I have no idea ☺️ it's my first contest on here. Good luck with your submission!


I have submitted my entry..