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"What thing came first on earth. Chicken or Egg?"

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I've got some question 👉 does the penguins have knees? 🐧🐧😉


Penguines had knees long time ago. Unfortunately they lost their knees becaus they smoked too much pot and sat on the couch all day watching comercials. Now they have to stand all day long. That is also why they seem to be so happy all the time just chilling.



Hehe, your answer is so creative and funny 😜
Thank you @rahamies, it made my day👍👍👍

Why is there so much misery on this Earth ?


Humans percive only the dualistic world and can’t see throught good and bad. Your thrid eye is shut so you can’t see that evrything is part of the whole. Actually we are one and part of this one life which is happening in this moment right now.


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Why dinosaur both on surface and in water extinct from Earth but crocodile still exist?


Few mil years ago crocodile came here on the meteore. One day they decided to sart to rule the world. They massacre their biggest threat at the time that was all the dinos. From that day on they started to rule the world. You may have heard about crocss. Well it’s their way to controll the masses by making the people look stupid. Zucc is one of them.