It's GIVEAWAY time! Check this post to know how to win 10SBDs - Reserved for new comers only!!!

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Oh've read that title well...It's time for a giveaway!!! From time to time, on top of my usual support to steemians, thanks to Steemit Iron Chef and my daily votes, i love organizing some small simple contest just for fun and also to giveaway couple of SBDs to new comers on Steemit!

Today I have the pleasure to announce that i've decided to reward someone who recently joined with 10SBDs...

But how???

All you need to do is to comment on this post and share your steemit story with us covering the below points...

  • How you came to know about Steemit?
  • What do you blog about?
  • What are your plans on the platform?
  • How has your experience been till now?

Couple of rules to be eligible for the 10SBDs win...

  • No need to upvote or resteem this post.
  • One comment only to be dropped on this post only.
  • Your rep score must be between 25 to 50.
  • You must have joined Steemit in 2018 only not before.

And that's it...

The best comment will win the 10SBDs, I will be the sole judge and will base my voting on the comment which is well written, clear and fun at the same time.

So best of luck everyone...
Looking forward to read your lovely comments and hopefully find some nice new people to follow...

Steem On!

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Hello @progressivechef
My name is Shakeel Rahman and I came to know about steemit from one of my friend that you can earn by posting good content so I become greedy and created an account, lol. I usually post about the nature and beauty of our country and i am planning to start ulogging in the community to share my experiences and to make some memories is well as make some money. Till now one month passed in the community and i enjoyed alot and made alot of friends and i found that it is the best platform to reach to my passion.

Hello how are you? I can not participate because I joined in November 2017, but I think it's a good initiative to help the new stemians. I have received a lot of your help and I am grateful, greetings from Venezuela and luck to the participants

My registration was in December 2017 as it appears on my profile, however, at that time I did not have a PC so I almost did not enter Steemit. I started my development in February 2018. Still, if I do not participate for the prize, I would like to share my story.

Let's started.

How did you get to know about Steemit?

The first time I heard about Steemit was a friend who was telling me about how to make money. He commented that first was to create a profile, you presented yourself before the community, then you were generating money ... I thought, wow, how easy! Although I was wondering about what my videos or content would be. I did not pay much attention to that and I created my register, at first I did not understand anything but I started to read and I gradually understood.

As I mentioned at the beginning, my PC got damaged so I left my profile there in the air. Until I came back to this world to continue with him.

What are you blogging about?

Photoshop & Android tutorials. I would love to learn more and give knowledge to all the people here.

What are your plans on the platform?

Be a whale (or at least try it). Create links with other people from other places, learn a lot here and get along with everyone present.

How has your experience been until now?

Great, I still consider myself a novice, but with hard work and looking at guides you can learn a lot. There is a lot of difference between my first post and the last ones, especially in: markdown. I have learned some trick about curation rewards and how to avoid spam.

I hope to read many stories like mine in this post!


I arrived in Steem in May thanks to a friend, spoke with so much feeling and emotion that I did not hesitate to join this platform.
Most of the time I publish about stories that have happened to my family, although on one occasion I spoke about what I have learned in my work, in addition, I often vote for publications that Venezuelans like me do to encourage them.
I would like to become an orca or whale to be able to help many planktons to emerge, and hope that at some point they will do the same for others.
My experience has been fun and exciting, the feeling of waiting to see if others liked what I published, also, all day pending that I will write in my next post.

I feel happy when introduced to the world of steemit I immediately tried and until now I always make a good post to make people interested in my post, I keep trying even though until now there is no supporters of any one who support my lack for guidance to so the steemit who succeed, I will always try to have the support, because I really need help and guidance, thank you, please help me, support for every post I

Hello friend interesting contest I dare to participate let's see how it goes

I got to hear about STEEMIT through my grandmother in the town where I live there was a Meetup call where they made known this platform I must confess that at first I did not have much faith in it the truth I only listened to them until one day I decided to open my account is STEEMIT and try to see how the veerdad was going I am not a person to manage many social networks but here I felt comfortable there is something for everyone in my case I like cooking I found a place where I can present some of the food I prepare and the truth I feel very comfortable here

Most of the things that I publish here are meals prepared by me from time to time I usually publish a place that I have visited from my country so that others can know it and lately I dedicate myself to publish sandwich that I prepare for a sandwich contest

My plans here are to grow and when I can help others to grow for the beginners the road is very rough it is good to support them I have met with good friends on the way that I really thank them very much

So far I think this is the best experience of all I think is the social network that I spend my time I do not usually use Facebook nor twitter I feel more comfortable here in STEEMIT and the truth is that it helps me a lot to face the situation country that today lives in my country thanks to God was found the way to exchange the SBD or STEEM and pay it to the currency of my country

Best of luck to all the contestants! Hope you’re doing well friend!

You surprise me with this very good contest we are going to participate

1- I knew Steemit through a friend the truth told me wonders of her then I kept listening to more people nearby talking about Steemit in my city they promote a lot of information about this platform did not have fine intrnet at home so a friend told me I was kind enough to do it in places where there was internet I could not spend the necessary time while my friend every time she came home she explained to me

I managed to understand a little more and the truth is that every day I do it now I have a mobile internet that manages to buy me with the profits that I had in Steemit

2- I'm a teacher so I usually blog about educational topics, I also do an activity with the students of my school called hands to planting

Here I found a user who makes a contest to plant plants I thought it was great so I joined and weekly I sow with the children of my class

3- I want to continue sharing my knowledge keep knowing good people here they become very good friends to build little by little my power to vote and I have faith that this will go far Steemit has been the best I've been able to know

4- I do not complain has been good also feeds me much learning I have known places through photos of people that I still do not know the history of those places I think that without a doubt this is a journey of knowledge I am grateful for that friend who I talk about this wonderful platform

Hello @progressivechef, thank you for this contest. Here is my entry:

How you came to know about Steemit?
I joined in March this year when my husband introduced me to Steemit. Out of curiosity one day, I decided to explore and here I am, hooked on Steemit.

What do you blog about?
At the moment, mostly on needlework and sharing photos.

What are your plans on the platform?
I am still exploring and reading what others are blogging about in my areas of interests which includes cooking, nature and education. I plan to:

  1. blog more in the world of crafts, nature, photography, cooking and education
  2. dedicate more time to read what others blog about and upvote, comment those I enjoy reading because they deserve it
  3. participate more in contests and challenges because they are fun :)
  4. giveback like what you are doing once I have more SBDs to give away :)

How has your experience been till now?
The experience has been very interestingly pleasant. Although my blogs do not generate much yet but in the needlework community, I made new friends. I found a platform to share what I like with like-minded people who would support, comment, give ideas as well.
I wrote about this too in one of the challenges at #NeedleworkMonday:
and below is an excerpt from my blog:

#NeedleWorkMonday has brought us all together, giving us a sense of camaraderie, fellowship like the Lord of the Rings, allowing us to share and talk about something that we are passionate about. The support that everyone gives to each other is amazing, giving out tips to help each other out. The energy in this community is so strong, so positive. It's like having penpals all over again, except now we are craftpals 😍.

To share. To write. To laugh. To smile. To sew. To knit. To crochet. To quilt. To felt. To bead. To learn. To teach. To encourage and be encouraged. To motivate and be motivated. To inspire and be inspired."

And I have a feeling that the same sentiment applies to most of the other hashtag communities. I hope to find more in the near future 😊

Dear @progressivechef,
I find your blog really interesting and inspiring, there is great knowledge and meaningful posts with purpose such as this give away!

My beloved introduced me to steemit as I have been looking to build community and raise awareness. I signed up last march with the intention to share zero waste and healthy meals with low environmental impact! I live life sustainably, yoga and nature are very important in my journey towards off grid lifestyle, so possibly posts about it might occur occasionally. I am still exploring the platform and my experience is not very much at the moment, but I've come across really nice and kind people. There are amazing and interesting blogs here and it seems like a really nice platform to build a community!
Thank you for this opportunity to share
Love, light and blessings

What's up @progressivechef , in May 2018, I was hanging out with one of My friend ziaullah and he told me about steemit and i am a curious person so i powered on my laptop and visited steemit and i feel very discomfort when i saw the waiting queues. Only God , me and my wife knows how i spent those two weeks because i knew nothing about steemit and i were still curious about it, then my wait were over and finally i got a verified account on steemit, The introduce your self blog was awesome and i cant forget the feeling of that, I post random things on my blog which is 90% based on photography and i am planning to buy a camera and start photography, it is a bit awkward because starting photography by just blogging but steemit is activated the worm of photography in me lol and i enjoyed alot in this platform so hope to enjoy my life and also make some easy money