The search for the 8th Photocircle Hall of Famer

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Dear Contributors!

We have reached the mid-week for the curation program. We are slowly filling in the Top 10 categories daily winners list. At the moment, we are on a search for the for the remaining contest categories: street, macro, & abstract photography.


Upon completion of this remaining slots, we will be able to move on to the voting round for the Hall of Fame contest.

In the past, we have been awarding one (1) Hall of Fame badge for each week. Due to the immense quantity of submissions that we are receiving lately, we have decided to extend the contest to every 2 weeks. The round-up for the first week of curation can be view through this post: Photocircle's 8th weekly Round-up [01.07.2018].


PC Badge group.jpg

For this week, we will be awarding the 8th Hall of Fame badge. Together with it are the following rewards:

  • A feature in the Photocircle Hall of Fame post
  • The @photocircle account will support one of the photographer’s daily post by means of an upvote and resteem for one (1) month
  • 5 SBD reward to be sent to the author’s wallet as a token of appreciation


Before we end this post, let’s look through the current list of Photocircle Hall of Famers since we started this program.

1st Hall of Famer: @monkeydnima

2nd Hall of Famer: @mikeycolon

3rd Hall of Famer: @zikmaulana

4th Hall of Famer: @fotogruppemunich

5th Hall of Famer: @matajingga

6th Hall of Famer: @stevejhuggett

7th Hall of Famer: @still-observer


Stay tuned for the announcement post this Sunday!

With appreciation,
Photocircle team

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You are most welcome.

All great photographers! Keep up the good work!