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Day 6 of the Daily Steemit Selfie Challenge begins now, with the added quick draw bonus point!

Our registered players are competing against each other in an elimination endurance contest where their selfies must be posted on a daily basis and must meet the theme qualifications. Not only must they post their qualifying selfies prior to the deadline to avoid elimination, they are also competing against one another for bonus points. In each round, I will reward at least two selfies with bonus points.

Starting with this post, I will be rewarding one player each day with a "quick draw" bonus point for being the first to reply with a qualifying selfie each day.


I was amazed at how many excellent food entries we had. Lots of creative entries came in, and these are the ones that stuck out from the crowd and earned a bonus point! I know it's more than normal, but I loved that round!










As always, this is to the best of my knowledge. If you believe that you replied to the Day 5 post with a qualifying entry prior to 7:00 pm (CST) today, then let me know. Perhaps I did miss something. As far as I know, though, these players have been eliminated.



For Round 6, all you have to do is take a selfie with the sky in the photo. Whether it is sunny, cloudy, a sunset, or a starry night, as long as it is the sky, it qualifies!

Reply to this post with your qualifying selfie by 7:15 pm (CST) on Monday night to avoid elimination. As always, no entry post is required, but you are free to make a post featuring your entry if you want to. By entering this contest you are giving me full permission to use your entries in future contest posts. Thanks and have fun!


The current prize pool is 140 SBD, not including Bonus Points. It will continue to grow on a daily basis! That means that the longer you hang in there, the larger it gets!

Until next time…

Don’t waste your time online, invest it with

GIF provided by @malos10



It's dark and cloudy her in NC but here I am with my perfect set of Papa-Pepper teef

Pulling the trigger fast brother. Beating up on me with bonus points too.....gonna have to get creative on this one. LOL

Ahhhh hell, I feel something special is about come out of this one. Might as well hand over the trophy now, I can feel it!

Got an idea, gonna have to see if i can make it work.

Whats your idea? I will tell you if it's a great idea or not....😜

I see what you're doing there.

Sir please upvote me for permotion.

for the 5th selfie contest why why long notice @papa-pepper.

Asked the same to make sure. I'd bet it's so he can relax for Sunday.

thank you for telling him ,,,

I took Friday night and Saturday off.

oooooo ,,,,,
thanks for your friend ...


Love that teeth 😃.

You have a perfect smile without having to resort to taking a @papa-pepper selfie smile tutorial course 😁

nice entry, I wish you best of luck

Thank you, and you as well!

You are welcome, but I'm not in the contest

Well done! You are killing it with the bonus points!!

Thank you, I have no life lol.

You got that from papa pepper's others post. nice

I did, cunning I am....😁 lol.... sometimes

More like smart, i wish i thought to do that. it would be quite funny if i did that though. this contest made me realize how bad and boring my selfie game has been all this while.

No, you have very beautiful pictures. I've complimented on yours and just a few more on different occasions because they are so great! I just don't have a life and have more time to put in to them than most of you guys lol. But I will be traveling a lot here soon so I may get caught slipping or even get eliminated, we'll see.

nice set of teeth



where are you from

It's not so dark here in British Columbia.


Wasn't you in New York yesterday?

Well it's not technically about the quality of the pic I guess, but I usually try to make it good.

However, getting a good pic using night vision isn't easy....who knew?


Not bad. Your pic has a sort of dreamy, science fiction effect. This just might earn you a bonus point :-)

Dang, now why didn't I think if that!? I have a night vision scope on a rifle of mine but as I recall, I tried taking a picture through it once before and it didn't turn out so well. Nice job!

Yeah it's difficult. Mine are 3rd Gen goggles that are 25 years old. Still better than most civilian stuff, but not as good as newer stuff. I'd like to get a PVS-14 monocular, but that's gotta wait until I have a bunch of disposable income.

It difficult because to get it to focus on the face, the stars go out of focus. I really wanted the stars to look better. So I kind of had to try and get as close as I could to both, leaning towards the stars.


Oh great post. send selfies.

My entries :

PAPA-PEPPER FAN, henna art :


Trampoline sky shots #timerselfie and tiring,lol :


The trampoline was a brilliant idea: bonus point! I wish I had a timer on my cell phone camera.

Thanks i tried to be creative this time :)

One can't do much with the sky.. She did.. brilliant.. bonus point for sure!

Hehe thanks, lets see :)

Nicely done, thinking outside the box.

Morning hike up the mountain with @chrisroberts.

Most of the Aspens had already lost their leaves. Still a brisk and beautiful day. 😍

Loving the hat carrie.

Why thank ya! It's actually a beanie and a visor. Being blind in the sun is hard. LOL!

With and with out sun glasses..morning sunshine..


wow!!! This is a wonderful enty too, i wish you best of luck

Rough night, hanging proper, it's my birthday today so thanks a ton for that bonus point @papa-pepper, much appreciated. Mid-day whitish African skies... Cheer$:)


Happy Birthday!

Hey Dear happy birthday! 🎂🎉

Please note: I don't actually play drums. So when imagining me doing this, imagine it badly. Still from a place of love. But bad. 🙃

yo that 10/15 life! me too! Im an 84 you?

Happy birthday, hope today was a memorable one for you. Wish you many more birthdays.

Aww thanks so much everyone really appreciate that, my head still hurts.. haha.. Cheer$:)

Cloudy and drizzly this morning here in CT but didn’t stop Bahbahra and me from a short morning walk D6EE2324-4E7B-470A-B9DD-C51BEE9A3017.jpeg

A bit of the stone sculptures on the beach by the Boardwalk , Charles Island and of course to qualify for today’s Challenge some cloudy sky

Oh Bahbahra! 😀

:) have you seen her before?

Can you imagine, put camera down at the ground, steady, putting in a minute wait before picture is taken, i have 10 pictures of my backside before i managed this one !!! I am now sweating like a horse, and time for a rest.

This is so dreamy. You look like Cinderella's fairy godmother. So nice!

:-) thank you now i feel flattered :-)

After reading this and seeing your other "selfie" post in this thread, I took it upon myself to look in to it out of suspicion since your account is relatively new. I went back to day one where I re-steemed the original sign up post and I did not see your name on the list, nor did I see it on any other list that I checked. I realize that this is not my contest and I may be overstepping my boundaries and if so then I apologize to the Big Pepper himself. But @papa-pepper has a tremendous amount of tasks on his plate and when people that are not involved in the contest attempt to join in after the fact, it makes things really complicated. Now, if I have made a mistake and have overlooked something and am totally off color than you will receive an apology from me as well but I have a feeling I am not.

thank you for checking it out, i will play as they say in holland for bacon and beans..... :-) hey it is something else as steem of bitcoin. I will bore everyonne with my selfies anyway... sorry and thank you !

No need for appologies :)

omg we do not say bacon and beans at all !!! how can i write that? It is off course bacon and eggs... but you did understand me anyway i guess? lol

i should remove it but reading it again, i figured out it is both ... In belgium they say bacon and eggs and in holland it is bacon and beans ! Flemish versus dutch ... :-) i forgive myself because i live in antwerp but am origanally from rotterdam.

A spectacular photo: a guaranteed point winner. I'm sure it was worth the hike.

as a newbee on steemit, i would like to like comments as i do on facebook. but than i can only show my appreciation by pushing the upvote button. Untill i know how it exactly works you get the upvote :-) as thank you i liked what you say

i agree, really great shot.

Wait a second.... Are you even registered in this contest?

Just like the cover of It's A Beautiful Day's first, classic, album cover....yeah, it's a way back.

Grey cloudy and raining off an on. @ironshield

Yes, that IS an attractive smile! Upvoted for the smile.

Doesn't stop that sunshiny smile, though!

Aw shucks now i'm blushing. @ironshield

21 seconds too late for the quick draw..... Nice entry though!

Thank you! No problem @papa-pepper. I just wait for this before i go to sleep lol. 1:23 am so Good mornight everyone 😊

I love this entry...... I hope to see you in the next round.....

Best of Luck

posting a little late today. had some running around to do. and yes its me... with a different hair do LOLIMG_0066.JPG

You look lovely! I love that new hair look of yours! Thumbs up!

Thank you mrs Joyce for the kind words.

Love the new hair, wish I had it!

Thank u bluelight. its not easy sitting to get it done blue.

I don't have beautiful sky right now @papa-pepper for it was our sky is crying.

Rainy and cold morning guys.

This is my version of being @papa-pepper or being a fan of him.


Thanks! Yours are pretty cool too, very creative.

it really was a perfect day and since it is october and on the the northern hemisphere that means winter is coming this really was the best time to get a bit of sun

Dang! These people are fast! I gotta be on my A+ game. Or maybe go Canadian and be on my Eh game to get that Quick Draw bonus.

Here is the sky behind me while out on a run in Western PA. Lots of wind today. Winter is coming!

Nice angle. I like it! The background is very dreamy looking!

I was creating a song in a moment, then when I check the @papa-pepper post update, I was amaze then I take a selfie with my guitar. So here's my ENTRY

Observations on Sky Selfies

Taking sky selfies at night when surrounded by tall buildings is an interesting challenge. In my case, I walked around until I was able to find just a sweet spot where I could:

(1) use the indirect illumination of a streetlight to increase the resolution on my face: too much light creates intolerable glare, and not enough makes the image horribly grainy

(2) prevent the numerous street trees from obscuring the sky

Unexpected Bonuses

This contest is slowly turning into a DIY cellphone photography course where I have learned how to:

(A) reliably position multiple objects without using my hands (clamps, paper clips, furniture notches, laptop keyboard)

(B) change my camera settings (choosing low resolution settings means I can skip the image reduction step; I found out that I can wave my hand instead of pressing the shutter button on my Samsung screen)

(C) use more than one online image hosting website (when one site goes down a few minutes from the deadline, I can quickly choose another

More important than these minor technical skills: I have been able to participate in a common task with fellow Steemians and make a few friends along the way (sincere compliments and technical pointers to overcome minor difficulties).

I think allowing friendships to sprout is the most valuable outcome of this contest, more important than making a few bucks by winning a prize.

Me with the blue sky)


Is this Oudtshoorn brother? My sis lives in the karoo, goat farmer.. Cheer$:)

No you will not believe me if i tell you they where walking around in the streets in Ysterfontein

The sun is shining too bright here hence the weird eyes and expression lol

Looks a much nice day there than it is here :)

The day was bright, sunny and quite hot. It is the middle of October and no sign of fall here yet.

There were traces of signs off fall but with the windy and wet weather this weekend I’m some spots the colors came and went in a couple of days

At our observatory today. We were hoping the sun would show for a bit so we could get a telescope on it for our guests! Unfortunately, it's so cloudy that the sky just looks blank white!

Cheers! From the rim of Hell's Canyon. Those are the 7 Devils just right of my head, you will have to full screen the picture to see them.

Efficiency ftw! Was able to take today's selfie on our drive back home, thanks to our favourite panoramic roof. Here I am trying to snatch a kiss from my mini me 😊

Thanks papa-pepper!

This is probably the last blue sky I'll see until March.

This night sky in Newfoundland....

Cloudy day but this is the sky in my area :)

Thank you for recognizing my entry @papa-pepper.
I don't know today's post was "REACH THE SKY" before i captioned this in the morning.

It's sunny here in Lagos.. weather isn't friendly at all

Me and my lil' werewolf grandson

So I see this and it is pitch black outside. No stars out tonight. As you can see the sky is dark.

i see 1 star :-)

This is gorgeous! Your sweater, hair and the lovely tree complement each other really well. :D

Thanks for pointing out how gorgeous this scene is. As a guy, I don't normally notice such things (my attitude needs adjustment). I need to pay attention to the beauty that is all around me.

Thank you so much!! The sky was pretty dreary today but we get to look at that lovely tree out our front window every day. :)

the day is bright enough


Seven out of ten


The sun came up 7kms into my 10km morning run. Nice :-)

And if you look closely you'll notice that something is missing from this picture.

Can you tell what it is?

Can't guess?

Ok, then I'll tell you.

There's no rain in the photo! It stopped raining for, like, long enough for me to run 10kms without getting wet. And the wind wasn't even at gale force either.

Summer must be just around the corner ;-)


Hope this evening finds all of you as happy as we are!!


...the sky is so gloomy... But here's my entry..!