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Day 17 of the Daily Steemit Selfie Challenge begins now!

Our registered players are competing against each other in an elimination endurance contest where their selfies must be posted on a daily basis and must meet the theme qualifications. Not only must they post their qualifying selfies prior to the deadline to avoid elimination, they are also competing against one another for bonus points. In each round, I will reward at least two selfies with bonus points.


Each day, I will be rewarding one player each day with a "quick draw" bonus point for being the first to reply with a qualifying selfie. Yesterday, our QUICK DRAW WINNER was:




Each day I will notify you of your current Bonus Point Leader. Remember, whoever gets the most by the end of the contest will win 1 Limited Edition STEEM "COMMUNITY" 1 oz Silver Round! Here is your current leader:

@bluelightbandit with 12 total Bonus Points










The secret Bonus Bonus Point thing for the last round was not found in any photo. It will remain a mystery to potentially be reused later.


Looks like we lost another one... I will pay out their Bonus Points later.

@aniafx11 BONUS POINT


Take an angry selfie today!


Please remember as well, that the goal is to have all players take a new, qualifying selfie each day to enter into this contest.


Reply to this post with your qualifying selfie by 7:00 pm (CST) tomorrow to avoid elimination. As always, no entry post is required, but you are free to make a post featuring your entry if you want to. By entering this contest you are giving me full permission to use your entries in future contest posts. Thanks and have fun!


The current prize pool is 290 SBD, not including Bonus Points. It will continue to grow on a daily basis! That means that the longer you hang in there, the larger it gets!

Until next time…

Don’t waste your time online, invest it with

GIF provided by @malos10



IMG_2593 smaller.jpg

Seriously? Is that an angry one? 😂 Im raising my eyebrow now lol.. whatta pose with that toys for big boys! ✔

Seconds brother...seconds

Had to pull out the stops brother blue....your lead was extending.
Wanted to get in the double digit club with ya. LOL

I think it was literally only 30 seconds.


I am in a corn maze if you guys were wondering

And my shirt says "SO OVER IT"

Sorry, no smile today. Obviously.


I am really angry at @marcel.dubrovnik.
I told him to upvote all my posts, but he is not always complying!

Hahaha you nailed this one. Selfie without a smile, right up your alley. Haha, jokes apart, this is quite a good picture and always enjoy seeing your selfies :D

I see what you did there....he "nailed" it. LOL

I tried hammering to him that he should upvote my posts.

So did he understand then? Btw thanks for the generous upvote on one of my posts. U don't know how much that brightened me up. :D

Hahaha.. this comment nailed it! 👏

Ok, now that is scary!!

Calm down. Calm down! 😅

Why are you late?!


Omg why I imagining you doing that?! Hilarious!!! Hahaha.. try that stunt. And ohhh congratulations!!! You are really into closing the points gap!

@carrieallen too cute not to be forgiven lol.. ❤

That was my quick draw fail pic. Steemit is so slow. About to edit.

Niiiccceee.....yeah, as slow as steemit has been I'm amazed mine posted quick enough today. I musta been in between "screw you's"

I give up when mine not really uploading as quick as before. It sucks!

@dwells i will not come near you if you are mad. 😅

It's the nice guys you have to worry about. The happy go lucky guys that everyone loves. Those are the ones, that when they get mad, can go to a level crazy angry that would make Charles Manson piss his pants.

Nice one bro

So... this challenge inspired me to do some MORE makeup! Woot!
Here's my entry:
And here's a LINK to my post with a little bit of HOW-TO and a bunch more pictures.

carrie u scary

@sjennon one of my facourites.. hope to see you in the next one ;)

Hahahaha, cheers!

No food left? Ggreerrrrhh...😤😤


it's really fun of doing this thing..glad you noticed it.. 😂😂😂

Wala ng kanin!!!!

inubos nang pusa maam @dearjyoce

Very creative photo's

Thank you sir @robertchr

Glad you enjoy it..

Angry face is not my strong suit, I tend to grin even while boxing but I gave it my best effort!

Don't want to cross your path. LOL!


I took some great angry selfies last night. For all of those mad or frustrated with steemit, please check out my post - no joke, just the advice you need c:

ecoinstante makes his angriest rage face steemit selfie contest day 17.jpg

Yes, I am a smasher. I try not to get so angry though.

So much like mom, had to upvote...

Something about those eyes...Bladder just leaked a lil bit, just sayin 🤤

You wouldn't want to make me angry...😂
My pic from the post I made yesterday. See? I'm a very nice person. 🙂 C360_2017_10_26_16_31_56_570

Yea, sure..I believe ya. Chirp...Chirp.

I've know papa-pepper since high school. Maybe he'll vouch for me.;) I'm not scary, right @papa-pepper? 😇

Im pretty good at reading people and those eyes have some darkness behind them...just sayin..nicely. 😁🌼

Who hasn't struggled with darkness? I've been through a lot and I've wrested with darkness but I always choose good. Like a Jedi!! ❤😉🤗🙂🌸

Im just playing. Im sure you're nice when you're being watched.

Your eyes madam killing me. I wont make you angry for sure.

No comment for this pic. Just no comment ;)


LMAO ye,, lets go with angry brown bear removal face ;)

@papa-pepper since you liked my 'quick draw' suggestion so much I thought I would suggest another to mix things up a little, if you agree and the other players collectively agree too then why not. The suggestion would be to maybe give the eliminated players another chance of getting back in only one or two of them though, but it needs to be an epic battle and extra tough for them to do so. You set them a series of tough challenges, over say a week or time frame of your choosing, if they overly impress you, you let one of them back into this contest.. Just a suggestion use it don't use it etc. Cheer$:)

LOL ye going through tonight's pics apparently everyone is constipated ;)


Bahbahra is 😤 angry that I am tempted to have pizza after I have been doing so well on my diet you can see her pointing for me to walk away

I am angry that Bahbahra is nagging me for thinking about having pizza

Haha i find this so cute!

Don't listen to Bahbahra! Stay strong! She's just jealous of your sticktoittiveness (that's a word...). 🙃

You look more shocked than angry. LOL!

She's hangryyyyyyyy😂

hahaha, love it

Dang, girl! So far... you win on the angriest I've seen...

thank ya thankfully I don't make faces like that often.

Very funny and interesting contest you arranged @papa-pepper, here's my fresh selfie in angry mood, for your daily selfie contest.sorry for late posting due to network problems..

Got some good scary pictures of me just in time for Haloween :)

Haha this is adorable!

Between clenched teeth, I am saying "That is not my bull, but it is my yard!"
I do not have to fake this one! I actually posted a video just this morning on the local facebook page on this very issue. In the little town 12 miles down the road, an old man was killed this summer trying to get someone else's bull out of his yard, This one has been trashing my yard (and everyone else's) all summer, and is now helping himself to the hay I BOUGHT for my cows.
OK, I admit I do not do "angry" very well. If "even" is coming up next, I may have a better selfie...

Pellet gun perhaps, or if that isn't enough a paintball gun. Won't injure him, but it'll sting like the dickens....and you won't have to be very close to use it. Even do it from inside a vehicle....just to be safe.

Thanks! I am going with an attempted public shaming, get the owner to get their animal and mend their fence... We have been using a bb gun to run it off. They owe us for bbs too, now that I think about it... ;) Oh, wait! :(

I live in a tiny town too. Within moments of this happening all the town's 'good ol' boys' and the Deputy (love that guy) would be on it.

Does anyone know who's bull it is?

That's a total bummer, not to mention (as you've already experienced) dangerous. I hope you get some help.

Don't try to deal with it yourself (unless you use a paintball gun from really far away and INSIDE something, as @stuntworksinc suggested).

Good luck!

It looks like a delicious beefy meaty burger to me, hint hint, wink wink.. Just saying ;)

Google "Jack Yantis." I will NOT be asking the local constabulary for assistance... but I also won't get hurt, thank you!

Holy crap. I googled it. That is totally nuts.

Thank you for making the effort!. If you do facebook. please feel free to join our group"Justice For Jack" - all we can do is try to raise awareness.

googled it and that is completely crazy!!!!

Thank you for making the effort, as I said to @carrieallen, we have a facebook group that you are welcome to join. Awareness is all we can do. The family was denied justice, the story is actually FAR more sordid than you can imagine. (This was our little hideaway, living our bugout... Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide!)

I am so sorry about this. Crazy world.

That is an understatement. Yet, it is the only game in town, so... deal me in!

That is terrible!!! Bulls are no joke! My friend got chased by one once while hiking and not good at all!!

A little update... thanks to those who expressed concern!

To me you look don't angry, just very cute!

Thanks) But I'm very angry :-)
My lips are pinched into an angry tight line)
My eyes are angrily screwed up)
And my angry fingers are ready to scratch the offender :-)

I cant wait to see what @snowpea looks like in her pic! She made me pee my pants just with her knife photo...

It's up, I tried to look angry but it's kinda lame compared to the knife picture! 😂😡

CUTOFF- It'll take me a bit to get the next one up, please be patient.

Don't cross my path when I am angry! the things we do..........LOL!IMG_5288.jpg

I feel yah! 😅

Hehe! At least I was in my back yard where no one could see me!

Ooh this is quite angry!

Wow! So Anger. Much Rage

Looks like a friendly enemy ;-)
Maybe you should try again (without the smile)

Ohhh nooo.... I was late with my photo , now I need to wait for next edition :(

Not quite angry enough. Looks kind of disgusted.
I'm rooting for you! I put you on the pending list.
Maybe you can try again?

Great guys. I am excited now :)

Oh no
Someone is really angry

That must have been hard for you!! I always see you smiling :)

I don't like negative emotions

But they are part of life :) We just have to feel them and then move on......



Update from quick draw image (shot in B&W)

Dang.....gonna really need those fingers on this one. LOL

They make it look a whole lot angrier!

LOL! I think I pulled a muscle in my back trying to tense up for this shot.
Congrats on the QD!!

lol thats gonna be a tough one, bro!

Ha ha! I can think of some harder ones but not gonna mention just in case papa is listening...

You did great!! I was wondering how you were going to do this challenge :)

Ha ha thanks... the site seems to be working better today!

angry person or tiny person?

Angry - I am completely distracted and making mistakes.

Hahaha!!! I have lived with this man for almost 40 years. I have seen him angry about 3 times. This is TOO FUNNY!! (Nice effort, honey!)

you look like you are smelling something that stinks. lol

Me and my little friend getting angry! 😬😬😬


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Tell me, Why do you hate the dentist??!! Ah Ha Ha Ha!!


You crack me up :) I sent you a chat when you get a chance.

Hectic my bru. Watch out, even though you have the axe, Putin looks like he will take you out ;)


I can't believe you are in a small arms fight with Vladimir Putin!

That blade will dig in and be useless after the first blow, give a few bashes with the hammer end first.

Actually wait - world peace my friend.

Lol now that i look at it my son has a few resemblances to Vladimir might have some Russian blood running in the family tree

A strapping lad!

It may be a combination of the angle, the lighting, the haircut, the tatoos (Though Putin has none on his arms) and the plain white T.

From the Kremlin website -
Vladimir plain white T


I'm not angry really. Don't worry ;-)

@norwegiansteem, where is your picture? Hope you can get a bonus point this time!

Haha, no time to get bonus point :)

Ah, there you are! I was worried you might not make it.
"You want me to eat that?
(doesn't look very angry, but it'll do)

When I'm mad or angry, I usually don't clinch my teeth or squint my eyes. If I really get upset with someone, this is what I MAY or MAY NOT look like. Just sayin....

That's also a real silencer (suppressor) on the 1911 .45 handgun for those quiet little moments before the storm. If you want to hear how quiet she is, I will post the link below where I shoot it (Sounds like a BB gun). The AR-15 dressed out was a present to myself for stopping smoking on May 10, 2010. After one year, I bought this rifle and made it my own. The target pictured is what is used in annual law enforcement qualifications and is also called a B-27. This particular target has a nice hole in the center and several in the head in the form of a smiley face. :)

Pro Tip: If anyone else uses shoe polish or red paint to paint their face, make sure that you allow enough time to properly scrub the hell out of said face multiple times, especially if you have further plans on your Saturday to do other stuff. It doesn't come off easily...

Gotcha brother man. ;-)

That rushing angry face 😁 common im looking forward to that post of yours!

Here ya go! That's my real mean face that no one ever wants to see lol.

Mister, i prefer you smiling lol..

I am angry because i am about to finish the pepsi and i cannot get another bottle


I am confused are we suppose to take a tiny person photo again or an angry photo?

Yeah, i saw the same thing but since we just did the tiny person i figured he wanted an angry look.