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Day 11 of the Daily Steemit Selfie Challenge begins now!

Our registered players are competing against each other in an elimination endurance contest where their selfies must be posted on a daily basis and must meet the theme qualifications. Not only must they post their qualifying selfies prior to the deadline to avoid elimination, they are also competing against one another for bonus points. In each round, I will reward at least two selfies with bonus points.


Each day, I will be rewarding one player each day with a "quick draw" bonus point for being the first to reply with a qualifying selfie. In our last round, our QUICK DRAW WINNER was:




Each day I will notify you of your current Bonus Point Leader. Remember, whoever gets the most by the end of the contest will win 1 Limited Edition STEEM "COMMUNITY" 1 oz Silver Round! Here is your current leader:

@bluelightbandit with 9 total Bonus Points


Tough calls once again, and quantity reduced... but barely! Here they are:










The secret Bonus Bonus Point thing for the last round was the head of another person. Any selfie with the head of another person in it gets a bonus bonus point! I wonder what I'll be looking for this time!



@drigweeu (Is that the head of a person behind you?)


Looks like we are still losing players... Please make sure that your photo went through, with all of the issues lately. It is your responsibility to make sure that steemit let your reply go through. I'm not sure what happened to these three, but I did not receive a qualifying selfie from any of them that I am aware of.

@redrica1 BONUS POINT


For Round 11, you just have to have a vehicle in the selfie with you. Maybe it's a car, truck, van, motorcycle or a bus. Whatever it is, make sure it is a vehicle!


Please remember as well, that the goal is to have all players take a new, qualifying selfie each day to enter into this contest.

Reply to this post with your qualifying selfie by 7:00 pm (CST) tomorrow to avoid elimination. As always, no entry post is required, but you are free to make a post featuring your entry if you want to. By entering this contest you are giving me full permission to use your entries in future contest posts. Thanks and have fun!


The current prize pool is 200 SBD, not including Bonus Points. It will continue to grow on a daily basis! That means that the longer you hang in there, the larger it gets!

Until next time…

Don’t waste your time online, invest it with

GIF provided by @malos10



May just be steemit stuff....but on my puter it says my post was 5 minutes ago and this one was 4....and nothing else was up when I posted.

Just checking brother @papa-pepper

I watch my replies under my username in the reply section. They come in chronologically there. If you are ever in doubt, go to my homepage, click on replies, and see who is shown first there.

I think its you.

Yeah i just check now. You came first i see in replies. Need verification @papa-pepper

From your mouth to papa's ears. LOL

Hopefully he'll see it.

He will hear dont worry. I will tell him

Thank you, it looks like he did beat you. My error.

@dearjyoce thank you, you have tried

I watch my replies under my username in the reply section. They come in chronologically there. If you are ever in doubt, go to my homepage, click on replies, and see who is shown first there.

Upon looking into it, you do show first.

Thanks brutha pepper, appreciate you looking into it....and how you handled it to boot. Classy

NO problem, everyone makes mistakes... especially other people... LOL (joke)



Just out of curiousity since were limited to one entry now, does our quick draw entry count as our one entry or do we get another shot at a quality entry also?

Not everybody will get the quick draw so it is just one entry in all

I mean like the people that tried for the quick draw but didn't get it. Does that officially count as the main entry or just the quick draw entry? I think it should be seperate but Im cool with either way. Because obviously my quick draw entry sucked pretty bad because of obvious reasons.

That's a great question and I think @ewuoso is probably correct. Obviously we'll nee some pepper guidance, and he said he'd be gone today having a life. LOL

It will definitely change the dynamic, which may be exactly what papa wants to do. Cause it's pretty unlikely anyone will win a bonus for a "cool pic" from one they did super quick to try for quick draw and quick draw is always gambling.

To be honest, I didn't even see that new requirement. I was moving too fast, simply looking to see what the new subject for the picture was to try for the quick draw. So I didn't see it until someone else pointed it out to me.

Lol that was my point. I didn't see the new rule about only one entry per contestant until after I had already uploaded my quick draw pic. I think it should be seperate because obviously you dont have time to get creative with it and it's also called a BONUS point for a reason. Until I hear otherwise, I wont be trying for the quick draw anymore until I get back home on my own internet lol. I'm doing good to make my entries and I'm already in the dog house with the boss! There may be a lead switch coming up soon!

Ah yes. "Household Actual" is always the real boss trooper. LOL

I'm with you, I probably will concentrate on fun pictures instead of quick draw. Too risky, especially with steem being wonky lately.

Besides....apparently people have expectations of us my brother. Can't disappoint our fellow steemians.

But I think that may be @papa-peppers reason. Not everyone has access or time to do cooler stuff. By instituting this, those that can't can go for quickdraw and some of us that are having fun with crazier pics won't be competing against them. Maybe it evens it out a little and spreads the bonus wealth so to speak.

We shall have to wait and see what "papa" has to say when he returns.

well it is left for papa to decide but i think it officially counts as the main entry because we are expected to reply with a qualifying selfie. and also giving some other people second chance will seem unfair.

Only one shot. Only one entry.

Alright thanks man, I didn't see the rule change til later on after knocking down the elderly and mothers with their babies trying to get to my car lol.

I didn't see the rule change either until @stuntworksinc stepped up to my bigger vehicle bigger beard challenge. I'm not even going to bother with the quick draw challenge any more. Would rather go for creativity bonus points instead of just a test of how fast my internet is compared to everyone else's.

Well brother @dwells , a challenge is a challenge....
And I was trying to get one with a TANK, but it wasn't there.

I'm with you on leaving the quick having too much fun tryijg to be creative.

We deliver for you... Papa-Pepper!
updated 10/21/17

27 seconds too slow! Almost!

Hey thanks for the upvote anyway!


Hey @papa-pepper , no biggie as this is great fun, but my puter seems to show me posting about 30+ seconds earlier than the listed quick draw winner. Phone is showing same thing.

May just be some steemit thing since it's been a little wonky lately. But a brother gotta check since it is a competition. ;-)

Its cool bro. Its is a friendly competition i guess. You said so. I dont really know how this happened but there is evidence from @dearjoyce and i cannot dispute that. I just need to be faster than you the next time.

You are the quick draw bro. Congratulations

I checked my reply history and he was first, not sure how I missed it last night.

You are the quick draw!

Slightly disappointed. I was wondering if you or our other stunt wizard @bluelightbandit, was going to pose with a space vehicle such as a flying saucer:

I'm almost always impressed with what you guys accomplish, but the bike is cool, too!

The bike is just my quick draw post.....i hope to have something worthy shortly.


Only one post per day now! are correct @ecoinstant. I didn't even see that new rule as I was moving so fast trying to get the quick draw. So I only looked at the new subject and LITERALLY RAN outside to take the pic. LOL

I may still post my other pic on this one, even if it doesn't count, since I planned out a cool one. New rule is gonna change the dynamic of the game for sure....which is probably papa's plan. LOL

Always like seeing your entries - I'd hate to see you kicked out on a technicality


The gray one is my car, the blue one is her car.


I have the same decal

I think that would be the bonus bonus point

that would be super cool

Saturday afternoon on the Taipei MRT 台北捷運 Táiběi Jiéyùn / Tairbeei Jyeyunn, a super clean (no eating or drinking allowed), very convenient (AFAIK all 108 stops have elevators for disabled people) and extremely safe metro system that transports 2.1 million people per day.

I’ve never seen any vandals, drunkards, junkies, weirdos or hateful/violent people (in 21 years of operation there have been two stabbings, both by crazy people).

Even in the rush hour, the blue seats behind me are left empty for parents with small children, as well as pregnant, elderly, or disabled people.

More details about the MRT on my blog:

Two Minor Quibbles:
(1) This is Round 11, not Round 10.
(2) Why did @papa-pepper only mention motor vehicles? I was wondering if one of our two stunt champions, @bluelightbandit or @stuntworksinc, was going to pose with a spacecraft such as a flying saucer (somewhat iffy), but

I'm absolutely sure trains also count as vehicles


A vehicle is a mobile machine that transports people or cargo. Typical vehicles include wagons, bicycles, motor vehicles (motorcycles, cars, trucks, buses), railed vehicles (trains, trams), watercraft (ships, boats), aircraft and spacecraft.

Yes he never specified motorized vehicles, I salute your interpretation!

Man, I missed changing it from Round 10 there. My bad.


Alex vehicle selfie pepper delivery bicycle.jpg

¿Solo mil pesos mi amor? ¡Barata!

Ledis Pepper delivery vehicle day 11 selfie challenge.jpg

Bonus point!

Borrowed Dad's bike for selfie


My sister and i in Canada last year.

R u twins?

we do not look like twins at all. i'm 7 years older

Unboxing Package From Fellow Steemian @Papa-Pepper A Gift From Mexico

Exchange Your Altcoins For Bitcoin Now To Get FREE Bitcoin Gold From The Oct 25th Hard Fork! Exchange now at


Selfie while watching my neigbor playing basketball!



That selfie stick do the work 😊


you are so big, your car is so tiny. :p

These photos DO NOT count for the contest, as we are now limited to having 1 selfie count and I had already posted to try for the quick draw.

But because i was excited to take these and share them, I am posting for FUN ONLY so my fellow steemians can enjoy.

Hope you do.

2017-10-21 13.46.48.jpg


Oh and I do enjoy! I think you have accepted @dwells's challenge! Well done Stuntworks, well done.

Hey @papa-pepper
This is my entry

I was trying to lift up a car with one hand
Thanks for organising this

You are awesome...

I also made a post about it here

You may not know but Bahbahra is a bit of a skate boarding fiend

Not sure if a skateboard counts as a vehicle so she is skateboarding on my car with a car in the background

Couldn’t get my chin in shot so instead it’s my cap and eye today 😎

Oh bahbahra! Thats cool! If im on that skate im already in emergency room😂

At my age me as well 😎

Hey my comment disappeared! Just wanted to say that you have covered all the bases. Go Bahbahra!

Thanks my friend 😎
I think a fridge magnet sheep riding a roller skate should be bonus worthy LOL

Exactly! Off to do some gardening now! I get a good workout from that, and it badly needs doing! My husband hates gardening, which is fine, because I enjoy it!

Haha I love this idea.

Thanks :) Poor Bahbahra was worn out after Skate Boarding there

Great Pappa!

Here's mine...


My lady scooter :


why so serious? :)

Becausr i cannot tolerate sunlight 😂

Becausr i cannot tolerate sunlight 😂

It is raining today)

Oh no!!!! You missed the cutoff!

Oh well. Someone's gotta get eliminated sometime or we will never see Steem-Pocalypse again. :-) I have a feeling this "Selfie" game may go on for a loooooong time, we've got some dedicated selfie steemians here. @ironshield

Im starting to get that feeling! Wanna make a betting pool on final selfie prize pool numbers?

my god! I just woke up and I fast run to take a selfie my chevrolet. hahaha. my face so haggard !


Charmos ginamos!!!
Trysikol lng

hahaha... charmos ginamos nani. pamugas-mugas hahahha

Really rushing time

Please papa-pepper , i made it before the time.
Wish i can tell u how much work i put taking this.... Very poor service in area i found my self.... Im happy getting this pix uploaded

I understand. It is uploaded. You are still in the running.

Thanks alot

I wanted to take one me driving my car, the grey one behind me but sadly my son started crying when we sat inside and I couldn't take any. So here's my entry.

Post tom when the sun is out!

Fs i need to run from bed to garage at 12:20 am lol

matulog kana ulit @dearjyoce

Yes, matulog kana ulit (go back to sleep), @dearjoyce!

thanks for translating for me @wentong-syhhae .

I only translated to help out some English-only readers who might be curious about your comment. I'm sure you and @dearjoyce understand each other perfectly.
May God bless our Filipino friends.


This is sweet. Many thank you dear xxx

I appreciate it!

Not even close. Oh well.

But you still live to selfie for another day!

Lol! And I do live to selfie... ;)

LOL! I wondered if you or our other stunt wizard @stuntworksinc, was going to pose with a space vehicle such as a flying saucer:

I challenge all remaining players to post a vehicle they actually drive that is bigger than mine.


Same goes for the beard. Lol.

I think our beards could duel, and what a glorious competition it would be!

But, alas, my bicycle is no match for your heavy transport!

Be safe out there friend!

Haha haha...

Thank God your are not @papa-pepper

"That they actually drive." Dang. There is A HUGE (perhaps larger than that) water truck down the street (at the Water Department). But I definitely don't drive it! :D

Can i not take pic of the neighbors tractor lol.. and that beard, cant be beaten!

Ur beard is awesome
Wish I had something like that

Ur beard suits the truck

Super impressive. The beard adds to the effect You would need a tank to beat that truck!

... On my way home.... Our local transportation!

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@papa-pepper kindly check who wins the quick draw as I've seen @stuntworksinc came first. If I'm wrong I think my eyes gets the blame☺


Wow i am really surprised though when i submitted my entry it was two comments i found here. One from @papa-pepper and one from steemitrobot. But its cool though i already commented on that. Probably it was a mistake. I know @papa-pepper will correct it

I believe we all love this contest and dedicated to win and you've done a good job. It's just that @stuntworksinc came first this time so he must be rewarded for it. Everybody deserves it but he done a good flashing job tonight. I want to see you having that quick draw in the coming rounds @ewuoso! ❤❤❤

I never argued. Read my messages

No, you don't. I read your message earlier on and i mean no offence. ☺

cool event. sharing

Nothing extravagant today head hurts, hanging. Thanks for yesterday's bonus point PP much appreciated Cheer$:)


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@papa-pper i guess there is a mistake. It seems @stuntworksinc was faster than me in uploading for the quick draw. the photo @dearjoyce uploaded shows that

I just saw that. My error. Thank you.

I am not an Alien, is bicycle not a vehicle?

A touch chilly this morning...

You are too cute!!

Two vehicles!

Mercedes 220 SE 1958 year :))


Yay I won a bonus point!!!!

@bob-elr has a child in the background. That should be a bonus point.. look right at the end of his water trail

I rewarded him for that photo, he is the first Bonus Bonus Point. Thanks for helping though.

Thought I'd take a spin on one of my son's vintage Vespas! The helmet is a bit too big for me though, don't you think?


Indeed it does look very big on you

The funny part was that it seemed to jam on my head as I was putting it on!

Yes for a helmet to fit right it is very tight to put on

Ah, you know about these things!


Steemit was down on my end almost all day. Tried again when I got home from work and it just now came back up for me. Good luck to all the entrants and the bonus round leader :)

Yeah, a rough time in steemit history for a contest like this.

Thanks for having this contest, it was fun. Good luck on the rest of your challenges . Have a great time everyone. :)

I had the same issue this morning. Steemit would not load on the browser on my phone, but the esteem app would work.

I couldn't get either of them to work first thing right off the bat. My morning coffee was ruined, I couldn't check Steemit while having my first cup of coffee. lol Good luck