Fractal Writing Contest #8, and winners of the previous one.

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The SEVENTH Fractal Writing Contest is over. There were 10 contestants this time, an average number and no new record :( We had short stories, poems, and 3 haikus, but again, no picture. After a while, it was obvious that the fractal was a Scarab trying to get his message through time & space; and the name of the fractal is "Scarab of the Universe!" Once more, @bryarose23 submitted a wonderful short story of a king that would do anything for... "love" (well, a selfish kind of love) and gets the 1st prize for a creative entry with a twist.

The contest post expired with a payout of 2.884 SBD, and the rewards are as follows:

@bryarose231st1.5 SBDshort story
@haikufictiondju2nd0.7 SBDpoem
@acousticsteveo3rd0.7 SBDhaiku

Congratulations to all participants and a big thank you to all upvoters. I'd like to see more participation in these contests and get a bigger reward pool to distribute, so it would be helpful to resteem and/or upvote. If there are enough SBDs made by the contest post, I will try to reward a 2nd- and 3rd- place winner, as well.

By the way -- I was thinking of sending printouts of the fractal to the winners instead of SBD rewards, but I have to check out how to do it first; online on-demand print services, perhaps? If anyone has any suggestions feel free to post them.

This week, the EIGHTH installment of the Fractal Writing Contest will run.

The Contest

Each post in this contest series will contain a fractal, a 2-dimensional representation of a complex mathematical formula. The participants have to post a comment with something inspired by the fractal, be it just a title, a haiku, a story, whatever.


  • You have to reply with a comment in the contest post.
  • The reply must be inspired by the fractal, but no explanation needed.
  • Any kind of content is acceptable: just a title, a haiku, a poem, a short story, a painting, a photo, a video, a doodle, whatever. The content must be yours, no links to other people's work accepted.
  • I will pick the best reply, when the post expires (1 week after posting it).
  • The winner gets half the SBD made in the post, minimum 1 SBD. The rest are split to the other winners: if there are enough SBDs made by the contest post, I will try to reward a 2nd- and 3rd- place winner, as well.
  • Upvotes and resteems are welcomed, but not necessary to participate.

Fractal for Contest #8:

click on image for detailed view

by @nyarlathotep

A fractal made in JWildFire
(click on image for detailed view)

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hey @nyarlathotep, did you think I abandoned you? was just busy trying something darker, if you would be as kind as to clink trough one the huge red button, bottom of the post - I made a reading for you, I hope you likde it.


A great entry with excellent reciting, very touching. Thank you.


1st Winner, CONGRATULATIONS! Check out the new contest.


Oh wow, thank you so much @nyarlathotep

By Stephen Martin

First, the ethers of time begin to percolate
Unseen, but omnipresent.
Then, all of the sudden a spiraling shadow
Erupts into a million particles of solid variance
And the Cosmos breaths in air--
And exhales fire.

A Phoenix is born.

Thank you @nyarlathotep for the inspiring art and invitation to use it as a prompt. I'm enjoying this.


"Breath in air, exhale fire" -- wonderful words, now I feel like I have to post a second image, the fire part...


Awesome. Thank you.

The soldiers of time march on, like continuous waves in the ocean that is the universe.


There is certainly a feeling of repetition and "marching in line" in this fractal, thanks!


3rd Winner, congrats! Check out the new contest.

Twirling albino octopi
how fast do you really fly?
Under the waves graceful, fast.
How long will that fishy last?
Death spasms clouded by ink.
Does that blood taste good to drink?

"I'm fed up mum!", said little Grey; "I don't think I will be able to fly again" she retorted, as she relaxed her wings. Then mum drew Grey closer to herself and said: "Oh my dear Grey, I know how you feel seeing other older unicorns gracing the wind and maneuvering its turbulence with apparent ease; I know how badly you want to do same because I was once like you. So I assure you that you will fly some day, but that is when your wings are fully grown..." But when mum?!, Grey ejaculated. At that point, Grey's mum spread her wings before Grey and said to her "Soon Grey, soon. But first of all you must be patient enough to allow your wings to grow in strength, that is one characteristic of a unicorn. You have to see this feathery pattern in parts, see and appreciate the beauty in the maturity of each part of the wing, then you will be patient enough to want to see the several parts that makes up the whole wing mature and develop fully enough to lift you up."
You have to see your growth in parts at times to appreciate it, she concluded.


Crucial life lessons, from mother to child! Thanks for submitting.

They were like chorus voices in my mind, my eyes were delighted with their dance. How much pace, how much beauty, how much elegance. Instinct makes them dance, they decorate themselves to make their partner fall in love.

"Courtship of the birds"


Oh, nice one, creative and imaginative indeed - I imagine the glorious courtship dance of these birds and it would be fabulous! Thanks for your entry.


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The Loop

Weaving immersions of clarity,
Soothes the cold wind dispersing.

Treacherous was the path,
Curling up to put me to rest.

Shadows that echoed with every step,
Betrayed me to my own sins.

Live long shall the memories,
For we are all we can be.

Hey @nyarlathotep,

Love your contest idea! JUST published a post about fractal art, linked here and told them to come join. So upvoted and featured. ;) Thanks so much for running this contest.


Thanks for the exposure & upvote! The idea for the contest was @drwatson's, so I can't take the whole credit for this. Now, you just have to submit an entry yourself!

Whooo hooo, ha - I got a mention.

Thank you for hosting this awesomely creative competition.
Have a stunning day!


It was a great poem, looking forward to seeing your entry for the current contest as well, you've become a "series regular!"


Yes, I have, but only because you keep on throwing these awesome fractals my way :D