The Kudos Poetry Competition # 2

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@damianjayclay and @nikisteem
are proud to bring you a new poetry writing competition.

The Kudos Poetry Competition has only TWO rules:

We would like to apologise to the steemit community for imposing our previous rule to follow, resteem and upvote this post. We should not have made that mandatory. Please note that this is not a requirement. However we thank all of those who have done so.

1. Write a short poem in no more than 50 words, on any subject you choose, in any form or in free verse.
For those who would like a prompt, here is an interesting photo prompt from @quoll.


2. Post your poem to Steemit with #kudospoetry as your first tag, and leave a link to it in the comments section of this post.

The deadline for entries is Monday 16th April – 4pm GMT.

Winners will be announced on Monday 23rd April – 4pm GMT

Prizes are

1st Place – 5 SBD

2nd Place – 2 SBD

3st Place – 1 SBD

If you’d like to see what can be done in 50 words or less, check out these poems:

In A Station Of A Metro by Ezra Pound

The Red Wheelbarrow by William Carlos Williams

A Flea and A Fly in a Flue Poem by Ogden Nash

The Lesson by Maya Angelou

Her Anxiety by W.B Yeats

Good Luck and Keep On Steemin'

Special Thanks to @bitrocker2020 for his generous sponsorship of this competition

Click HERE to vote for your favourite Steemit Witnesses!

I have voted for @pharesim, @teamsteem, @bitrocker2020, @jamesc, @blocktrades, @fyrst-witness, @Sircork and am hoping to find more reasons to vote for others!

Congratulations to all Kudos Competition Winners!

If you would like to check out the work of our talented participants please follow the links below

Week One

Join us on Discord by clicking the button below


Peace, Love and Keep On Steemin!


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Awesome! Good to see the new competition posted. Can't wait to read all the new entries.

I've reprocessed my photo here to fix the colour and uploaded at higher resolution, so participants have the option to use this version too if they like:
My fox photo is a poetry competition prompt!

My entry to your competition @nikisteem thank you for your good deeds, my pleasure to be part of it...

Thanks for the opportunity....

Here is my entry....


If you don’t risk your heart for your love, then risk not ever finding a love for your heart


Its awesome I really and I will try this as well <3


I don’t want no shy guy..... oh hi @seesladen ! Thanks for joining Kudos, good luck with your entry


Thanks for creating this competition. I had loads of fun trying my hand at poetry accompanied with a photo I shot in Tokyo recently...



Wait how did that Godzilla get into your photo?? You have to let us know! And I think we will hear the screaming of our neighbours as Godzilla trampled on their homes and cars long before we see him! He is after all bigger than KL Tower! Anyways good luck for the competition @patlu I like you photo very much;)


Thank you for your compliment @nikisteem!

If the real Godzilla was there, I wouldn't be there calmly taking a photo. Haha!

Godzilla on top of the building is part of the attractions in downtown Tokyo. Unfortunately, the photo was captured with my smartphone. Regretted not lugging my Nikon DSLR and long lens along to capture a clearer picture... but then it would be like carrying baby Godzilla wherever I go... too heavy for this old backbone of mine.

Ouch! Hope I didn't reveal my age! ;)

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Sheep is plural as well my friend. Thanks for your entry:) GL 4 the contest


Life’s a Beach! Good Luck with your entry @emilydonna

Thank you for the mention. I'll be back!


We reap the seeds we sow. In your case it’s a tree! Congrats and good luck for the competition @iamthegray



Thanks a lot


I loves me a 50-word challenge! I'm in. Thanks for putting this together, @damianjayclay and @nikisteem.

Cracks knuckles... remembering that time once before when she wrote a poem and everyone patted her and said nice try.

Here is my entry. Thank you again for hosting a contest this amazing.


Thank Tiny for your lovely poem! Good Luck with the competition💓


Interesting visuals @bearsquared51 ! Perhaps a couple of upvotes sit in your steemit bowl🤫


Congratulations on your new book! Wow I wish I had the ability to write a whole book;) @Damianjayclay has written some books and his work is incredible too💋 good luck with the competition @nobyeni !

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Here is my entry:

Your footer says you're looking for reasons to vote for witnesses. The Writers Block has several witnesses working hard for writers on the platform, including me (under the Sircork witness,) Swelker101, anarcho-andrei, and others.


Hi Rhondak! Yes I know;) I already added you guys as witnesses after the PYPT at the Ramble server. I will add Sircork to my footer. Thanks for joining the contest!


That is awesome. You rock, @nikisteem! :-) Thank you!


Thank you for joining our competition! And cute raccoon! Although be careful .. must look out for rabies .. jk haha. Good luck with your entry!


Yup, had to get this girl vaccinated. Too much of a risk not to. Thank you for your well wishes! :-)

Thanks for hosting this contest again guys - it's good to see short form poetry getting some love!

My entry:


Good luck with the competition!


Haha, hooray, another Luhrman fan :D

@newbiegames if you could add this game, and resteem it, it would be appreciated. No fee contest, which is good for the new users trying to earn and preserve their votes, for content or for great comments made to them. A vote on their contest would also be nice if you have a spare nickle.


Thanks for sharing your little light with us. Good luck for the competition


Thanks alot

Sorry for the delay - I only just found out about this contest

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Thanks @diebitch ! You remind me to diet today


Poor hunter gets sore legs from hunting ! Good luck with the contest @oivas


Hahaha... More like Hunter gets hunted himself..He is dead meat.. :)

Kudospoetry, sorry about the tag mistake, here is my poem with the correct tag:

Thank you again.