Metaphorically Challenged - Kudos Contest Entry

in kudospoetry •  8 months ago

Metaphorically Challenged

club on shoulder
axe on hip
the lines of your poetry
are as alien
to me as a mac
to a caveman

-- @thinknzombie

Despite being a neanderthal zombie I had a crack at writing this for the #kudospoetry contest. Maybe one day I will grok this poetry stuff.
Special thanks to @tinypaleokitchen and @bex-dk for the use of their brains in the writing of this Neanderthal verse.

Image by GraphicMama-team via PixabaySpark_.jpg

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Ha ha! Good for you for putting yourself out there even though poetry isn’t your thing, Zombie. It’s very clever and fun.

Wow..catch all the goodies in this contest. I love poetry guys are so amazing.thanks for sharing this today @thinknzombie

Poor Andrew. I gave you the poxe against your will. I love it though. Keep going. Just beware. The poxe can make you do weird things. Like write a poem about sheets.

Haha...i don't know why but this made me laugh. Great piece👌