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My lesson this week.

It was my birthday week. So apart from that mixed feeling of joy and also crazy sadness that I am growing older. This week turned out to be one amazing week. Busy at work yet , keeping up with my new exercise routine, steemit and preparing for exams, I feel that it has been one lesson after another.

The biggest lesson for this week was very simple. I received this message on my whatsapp from my father,

Now I did not come up with this image. I will edit this if I manage to find out the source . For now let's concentrate on the message here.

I have a friend who likes to say

I do not know why you guys like taking yourselfs this seriously. We are all experiencing adulthood for the first time none of us has the experience.

Days before my birthday I was a little bit down looking at all the things I wanted to do before this birthday. While i had accomplished a few and in the direction to completing others, I still felt empty, under achieved and somehow behind on my schedule.

The thing is we plan, and life throws us curveballs. Sometimes your ability to hold fast against all the resistance life throws at you can be equated to an exercise session. You know that time your body tells you no. And you hold you head up high and get to have that small monologue in your head -Not to look crazy talking to yourself- you tell it repeateldy, I feed you, this rep has to be completed, please. You get to a point where you are so good and handling your body resistance and you end up building endurance and now you can last longer.

This is the same as life. Every step has a learning experience, could be similar to the other person but it is always unique to you. Whatever challenge you receive, with a little creativity you can handle it. We human beings were built to endure. If you do not believe me look at your life now and compare to experiences people before us had to go through.
And if that is still not convincing enough count blessings that you do not appreciate and take lightly at times like gift of life, fresh air, food, health, free will e.t.c . I believe after that you will appreciate life with a different perspective.

The contest

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This contest will run for three days. So reward will go out on Monday and I will have another contest on. Lets keep learning.

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Its fantastic! (:


Surely it is.

I have learned to not take life so seriously. You have your whole life, which really isnt THAT long in grand scheme of things, to do what you want, to be where you want, to accomplish what you want. By this time next year, that whole list will have changed to a whole new list of things. The moral here is, take life one day at a time. Dont live in the past, dont live in the future, live for today! You dont want to get so wrapped up in the daily struggles that you forget to be happy and live! And you damn sure dont want to get to the end of your life journey and be disappointed that you didnt take the time to actually live. So, enjoy today like its your last, because you never really know when its your time!


A lesson some of us take too long to catch up on. Also at times we get caught up in the race for a better life and forget the current one we have "today". Your lesson is belongs in a sticker, placed somewhere to remind us everyday that we should live aiming to have minimal regrets.
Thank you :-)


Definitely! Its so easy to get caught up in trying have the "perfect" life, that we dont realize everything we want is right in front of us! Thank you!

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Thank you for the addition and for stopping by. I will definitely make some noise about this.

I also run another contest #simplefoodcontest. Hopefully we can have people learn how to make simple meals and eat healthy through the posts we share in it.


You're very welcome and thank you for hosting the contest!

I love the #simplefoodcontest idea too. I hope you can teach some people how easy it is to make their own delicious and healthy meals.

Just now I learnt that there is such a thing as endurance which you need to build to have longer exercise routines? correct?

I haven't experienced much of life because I haven't been out experiencing but rather in reading bunch of books about things in general. Only thing I can say is the lesson of life is to never stop learning. Learn a new language or a programming language and make an effort to connect the ideas to a bigger picture because that way things are not just little boxes of things in different places in your mind but a cohesive structure.
A programming solution can be a general solution and a gist of a tale can inspire you in difficult times. So all I can say is to never stop learning because it is invaluable to have flexible way to deal with unpredictable things in life to really, float through it and only a confident mind can have that flexibility and only a learnt mind that is familiar with problems and coming up with solutions can be confident in muddy waters of life.


Yes, When I was learning how to swim, I could barely go the full 25m across the pool without stopping. My trainer advised me to combine swimming and running, And you know water I became a better swimmer.

I like learning new languages too.

Thank you for stopping by

So, a friend told me about an investment some time last year.

I said I was going to look at it, weighing the pros and cons before investing.

I procrastinated until never did.

I decided to check up on this friend lately since we had not seen in a while.

And I was bemused by what I saw....

He's changed
Home has an entirely different look and even got a car.

Wanting to know how, I was told it's the same business he told me about that we should invest but I never did and now, he's making it.

In a bid to know more, I realized that if I currently want to invest, I'd be spending 6 times more than I'd have spent if I had invested when I was told last year.

I learned that we should learn how to take actions immediately

Opportunity only rewards action takers and not onlookers


You seem to be more of a calculated risk taker. I would never say that is wrong. It has saved me a lot of headaches and also caused me to miss out on opportunities. So here will be you question for the next time. Are you willing to take the risk without the calculation? Also remember it can always go either way.


Yes, I am a calculated risk taker....
And though it has its good, there's also the bad part of it though...
Lol, like you said....risking opportunities....

Well, life itself is a risk, so if I'm at risk being alive, why shouldn't I take risks??


Take the next one whole heartedly. Maybe it will be the push to make you a risk taker


Thanks a lot.....

Throughout last week, I'd been reading extensively about Criticism because I had a experience about it.
I do have a friend who is a good friend, but he has this flaw of always seeing the negative part of everyone, he wouldn't appreciate you for doing something well and he would condemn outrightly if you were doing something wrong, Not until last week when I went to stay with him did I realize the damning effect of criticism.
he wouldn't see the good things I did and would always nag about every little thing I did wrong, he doesn't know how to encourage a person if the person is down and would always find a way to boost his his ego by telling you how awesome he would perform,if it was him that were to be in that situation.
This lifestyle aroused a kind of resentment from me towards him because it made me feel less of myself and I experience a downslide of my self esteem, worst still I started doing things incorrectly .
I am back to my house,where we correct each other with praise for the little effort you'd put in and automatically I've seen myself doing things correctly.
This has made me promise to cut out criticism and become lavish with my praises of recent, I now know that criticism pays nothing in comparism to its neighbors of admiration .


Focusing more on objective criticism is the way to go.

I find it that there is always a right way to correct someone and make them feel uplifted and not downcast. Now while you would entirely want or are tempted to cut ties with you friend. You could try and teach them with examples. You might find that maybe they face the kind of criticism they dish out everyday from another forum and doing it to others is a way of compensating and making themselves feel better.

Otherwise, remember to stay positive. You can also train your brain to pick the right thing for your self growth.

Thank you for stopping by and this wonderful lesson

Recently, the saying: when there is life there is hope, has given meaning to my life. Most times life presents us with unfortunate and challenging situations that it seems only natural to give up on hope. But knowing this things may happen in life gives hope that there is a solution to every problem on earth. The naked truth is, if you pray and God answers, you have faith in Him. But if He doesn't (maybe not in the way you expected Him to), it means God has faith in you to scale through that problem. Life is a journey, and armed with hope, it is easier to make it to the end happily. Have hope, live life and always remain thankfully to God.


I agree with you 100%. There are no struggles or challenges sent our way that we cannot handle.


Definitely.... He knows the formation of us remembering that we are dust, so he will never allow us face challenges that he knows we can't cope with it...
It's just like what 1cor 10:13 says that even with the challenges we face, 'he makes a way out'


Exactly. I am loving the lessons I am getting here so much

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Gosh. Happy birthday dear friend. Wishing you blessings and happiness.


Thank you girl