7 Contests to Follow to Grow From Minnow to Dolphin

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It is very hard to grow on Steemit as a Minnow because, in the initial few months, You couldn't even get lots of followers, comment, and rewards. The reward is something that basically helps a Minnow to be more influential on the Steemit network by powering UP some Steem into SP.

There is another way that you can grow on Steemit is by just investing few hundreds or thousands of dollars, but obviously, every Steemians don't have enough money to invest because Most of them are broke and just want to start their online journey to earn some passive income.

In this post, I will let you know about some of the contests that will help you to grow from the Minnow to the dolphin within few months. The contest is quite beneficial because It helps you to get more followers and rewards. I've participated in a Minnow Support project couple of times and It helped me a lot in terms of my followers, rewards, and engagement. I haven't known about the other contest a few days ago, but now I am quite familiar about the other beneficial contests, So I thought I have to share it with the community to help them as a Minnow.

6 Contests that will help you to grow from Minnow to Dolphin

There are some of the contests that I want to let you know step by step by following below. So here we go.

1 - OriginalWorks



@originalworks is one of my favorite Steemit blog where they held a contest based on the different decentralized products on a Weekly basis. I like the @originalworks blog for two reasons. First, It lets me know about the different products that are basically built on the blockchain. Second, It helps Minnows to earn some Steems by writing a quality content based on the product they held a contest for. Every week the contest Start at 6 PM ET, Friday and End at 6 PM ET, Monday. So I appreciate you joining this contest in the upcoming week to grow from Minnow to a dolphin. If you interested to get more Information about the prizes and contest rules, Then you can visit The previous Originalworks contest.

2 - The STEEM Shilling Contest by @timcliff

Steem shilling contest


The Steem Shilling Contest is held by the Witness @timcliff, Who just want to promote the Steem blockchain and Steem token to the potential investors. I like his idea because he wants to bring more investors to the Steem blockchain. So the more investors will invest in the Steem blockchain the more valuable the Steem token will become and the higher rewards will be payout to the Steemians.

@timcliff held this contest for two reasons. First, He wants to promote the Steem blockchain to the potential investors. Second, He wants to help the Minnows/Steemians to earn some Steems by participating in the contest. So Those Steemians who promote the Steem blockchain & Steem token in a better way, They will be selected as the winners. I appreciate all of you to participate in this contest and grow from a Minnow to a dolphin. Currently, The STEEM "Shilling" Contest (Round 2) is running. So you can participate by clicking the link below.

The STEEM "Shilling" Contest (Round 2) - 300 STEEM in prizes!!

Note: Vote for the witness @timcliff, I already did. If he tries his best to help Steemians and the Steem blockchain to grow, So we Must appreciate him to vote for him as a Witness. Click on the link to vote for the witness @timcliff.

3 - Information Finding Championship (IFC) by @apolymask

Information Finding Championship


The Information Finding Championship (IFC) is a contest hosted by @apolymask. It's a mental challenge with a RPG theme and open to anyone in Steemit. The goal of this contest is to encourage the community to actively participate and engage with other members while also helping to shape the way the contest is played. This is the first season of the IFC contest, which was started at February 2018 and will end on 18th July, 2018. The current season will probably consist of around 50 or 60 rounds.

Every week, IFC held a new round based on the challenges/quests on the different topics. The individual user's goal is to be as unique within the category of challenge/quest. Like write poems, make a song, just to share some good information about the topic, or even write a short story etc. There are usually 2 quests on the weekly basis and each round has a winner that will be pay the amount that the particular round blog post earned (minus curation). Additionally XP will also be awarded and the player will likely get extra upvotes on their posts as well.

On a weekly IFC contest, They give you points in a form of 'XP'. Every win that you get is worth 3 XP and every vote from a judge is worth 1 XP. It is like a tournament where at the end of the IFC season, top 3 winners will get the grand prize, but If you want to be the top 3 winners, You must first qualify for the "sweet 16" and The "sweet 16" are selected based on the highest XP levels.

Right now, In the first Season of IFC the "1st Winner" will get the grand prize of 155 Steem and the 2nd & 3rd Winner will get smaller prize.

The IFC contest is sponsored by: @ats-david @timcliff @theguruasia @nxtblog @soundlegion

For more Information, You can visit their previous posts and you can directly contact them on their discord channel.

4 - Make a Minnow (MaM)

Make a Minnow contest


@msp-makeaminnow is a project by @minnowsupport to help the Minnow who creates quality contents with the prize awards of 5,000 sp delegation for 4 weeks. A 5,000 sp delegation will help a Minnow to be more influential on the Steemit network and It also increases the followers, curation rewards and the wallet value of any Minnow's account. The best part is that It will let you help other undervalued Steemian's Quality posts by upvoting. Make a Minnow Project is held twice in a month.

Rules for participating in MaM project

  • To participate you simply have to nominate an eligible user in the Make a Minnow comment section.

  • Both you and the person you nominate must be registered/delegating members of the PAL discord. If you're not sure the person you want to nominate is delegating just ask them!

  • The nominee must have less than 10000 SP.

  • When the MaM post reaches payout we will compile the top three nominees who can be voted on in the next post. If you and your nominee were both eligible you may vote in the voting post even if they do not make it to the top three! Previous first-place MaM winners may always vote in the voting round.

  • The person who gets the most votes will be the winner and be awarded a 5000 SP delegation for four weeks.

These rules are from the previous MaM contest post.

For more Information, you can visit @msp-makeaminnow or MSP PAL discord channel.

5 - MSP Weekly Resteem Contest

MSP Weekly Resteem Contest


MSP weekly Resteem Contest is held by @minnowsupport to help the Minnows to grow by resteeming their undervalued posts with over 14000 followers. Mostly, This contest starts on Monday and "the winners will be announced & resteemed on Thursday".

Participating in this contest is quite easy, Just you have to link your post in the MSP Weekly Resteem Contest post's comment. Every week they choose 1 Winner and 5 Runner-Up to resteem their posts and they also give 5 steem/week for their participation.

Note: Those who submit their posts using mspsteem.com and also use mspsteem tag, They will get 10 Steem/week for winning.

6 - Minnow Steem Power Delegation Contest

Minnow SP delegation Contest


This contest runs by the witness @jrswab twice a month to help the new Minnows who actually face difficulty while transactions or commenting due to the lack to bandwidth & heaving use of the Steemit network. So he helps 3 new Steemians at a time by delegating 50-100 SP to them for a weeks time and he also upvote 100% on their posts for a specific period. One of the opportunity that he gave to the winners of the contest by Blog Coaching because he had 15 years of blogging experience. So I think, it is worth a lot for the new Minnows.

For more Information, you can visit the previous Minnow Steem Power Delegation Contest 003! or you can send private message to jrswab#3134 on Discord.

7 - MSP Community Curation

MSP community curation contest


The MSP community curation contest is run by the MSP curator @creativesoul to help the undervalued Steemians posts by upvoting using the @msp-curation account and the top pick by @creativesoul is resteemed via @minnowsupport to over 14000 followers. The contest starts on Tuesday and ends on Sunday 5 PM PST.

The rules for the contest is as follows.

I am looking for original and eye opening or genuine and 'feel good' glimpses into the lives and thoughts of fellow Steemians. In order to be considered for this curation list you must show an open willingness for sharing knowledge, valuable personal experience, unique perspectives on life and those perfectly innocent daily moments meant to be cherished!

Giving thanks and gratitude!

Sharing successes and milestones!

Spreading positive energy and the abundance mindset!

Helping and supporting community members!

Showing peace, love and kindness!

Motivating and inspiring the community!

Encouraging liberty and freedom of thought and expression!

Don't let these limit you though! Even topics and themes such health and lifestyle...adventure...beneficial introspection...appreciating beauty...nature and animals...and stories about people and emotion...are more than welcome! Quotes are acceptable only when you have made the graphics yourself...and the post includes additional thoughts and commentary or experience in relation to the image.

Only submit post links that have been created on the same day as this post...or any day after this one leading up to the deadline! This ensures that I will no longer be forced to refuse otherwise great submissions that are too close to the deadline to be upvoted on the following Monday.

This opportunity is for undervalued posts only with less than five dollars in upvotes. I do not recommend using bid bots that will bring your post above the undervalued range. Please do not link to generic random motivational or inspirational quotes or memes found online.

Also...please don't submit posts that only contain a photo...and very little text. Even if you have taken the photo yourself...there is always some kind of story to be told however simple it might be! I see a lot of otherwise really lovely posts...that just lack more context to make it 'curation worthy'. That extra effort could net you a sizable upvote!

For more Information, you can visit the previous contest of the MSP Community Curation and also keep visiting the @creativesoul blog for the upcoming contest.


These are some of the contests that will help every new Steemians to grow from Minnows to dolphins within few months. So you just have to produce more quality contents and also participate in these contests to achieve your goal. If you can't invest in the Steemit network. So I think, The best way is that You have to work harder by participating in these contests.

Now I'd like to hear from you about Some other contests that will help to grow the Minnows to dolphins by sharing your useful thoughts in the comment below.

If you like this post, So please Upvote, Follow and Resteem.

This post is updated, Thanks to @plushzilla, @apolymask to let me know about the new contest IFC, So I thought it was better to update this post to let the Minnows and newbies know about different beneficial contests. @kryptocek & @plushzilla have Guided me a lot about IFC. I appreciate all the team members of IFC because they are quite supportive and engaging.


I would definitely add the Information Finding Championship hosted by @apolymask in this list. This is one of the most interesting and ambitious contests that brings together people of all different skills and knowledge, and is a contest that continually evolves based on the people participating in it (very much like Steemit).

Plus there is a great community of people who are all very supportive and encouraging, so it provides a great environment for newbies and minnows.

Thanks @plushzilla to let me know about the IFC (Information Finding Championship) contest.

Yeah, exactly, I like to add this kind of contest to my list. I really appreciate @apolymask for organizing such an amazing contest and You also did a very good job to let know.

I appreciate you for the nice feedback, keep it up!

This is so helpful and you explained everything really well. Thank you
I'm going to look at all of them and give them a go.

Thanks for reading @sanddrift. Glad to hear.

Hey there. Plushzilla showed me the link to this page and also already left a comment, but I felt like I should also say something if it might help.
I started a contest here on steemit a bit over a month ago and so far it seems to be doing really well, we're working with #newbiegames and #newbieresteemday and I've heard a few people express that they feel like it helps them post more often and to come up with ideas to post about and the rewards aren't that bad for a new player either, especially some of the rounds now that we are being sponsored by two different witnesses.
The game is sort of like a talent show, except I tried to make it as broad as possible so as many different kinds of people could enter if they wanted to, which is one reason why I think it's a good fit with the "newbie" scene. Almost anyone can play if they really want to.

So.. I think our contest might be a good fit for you list in the future and thought I should mention it, lemme know if you have any questions and good luck with your efforts in general! Seems like you're doing a good thing for the community. :)

Thanks @apolymask for the appreciation.

From the few days, I tried my best to find-out some great contests that basically helps the Minnows. It is quite good that @plushzilla just aware me about your contest. YOU are doing a great job to organize this kind of contest for newbie and minnows in a form of the talent show & I also appreciate the witnesses @ats-david @timcliff @theguruasia @nxtblog @soundlegion who sponsors your contest. I will definitely add this contest to my post and I will also be a part of your contest. I already joined your "IFC" discord channel.

I appreciate you for the nice feedback. keep it up bro and looking forward to your contest and posts.

You're welcome. Thank you as well for the response and the nice words and ecnouragement, glad to hear you'll add our contest to your list! And that you also want to play in the contest yourself? If so that would be super cool! It's definitely not too late to get in for a chance at the grand prize of 155 steem! :D And a lot of people are telling me they are having a lot of fun, so regardless of the monetary aspects it seems to be a good community of people who enjoy interacting with each other!

If you have any more questions about the IFC please let me know and we can also continue this on discord as well! Cheers! :)

I have already added the IFC contest on my list at number 3. You can check it out @apolymask.

I really appreciate you for such an amazing contest and Glad to see that the community is quite supportive. I just needed some help a few hours ago about IFC, but lots of people are coming forward to help me out.

Thanks @apolymask.

Awesome! Good to hear. You're welcome, and thank you as well! :D

Thanks for including my contest! A new one will be post as soon as I can find the time. :D

Patiently, i will be looking up for it.
Thanks for being good

You're most welcome @jrswab.

I appreciate you bro, The way you held contests for Minnows and looking forward for your upcoming contest.

Thank you so much for the shoutout! Although the rewards are unconventional...I have begun to style my 'Positive Pal' series very much like a contest to increase participation and also determine how to tie in other elements later on.

So far...it seems to be encouraging more of the kind of content that I personally feel are quality contributions to the platform! I very much appreciate the mention...and the new entry post is out just now! <3

Thanks @creativesoul, Glad to hear about 'Positive Pal' series. I really like your idea to help new Steemians to grow on the Steemit network.

A Few days ago, I thought I had to write a post about different contests. So Finally, I wrote the post & I want to spread this post to more Steemians to let them know about a different contests, which is held by Minnow Support Project, MSP Curators & Witnesses. I know These contests will help each Minnow on the Steemit network to grow their visibility, followers, SP and rewards.

I really appreciate you for the nice feedback. I will join your current Contest with my new post.

Thanks for this valuable list


Congratulations you have been upvoted and resteemed as part of my personal selection of top 10 contests for minnows of the day

To reach more people, try out the #newbieresteemday Discord Chat channel Contest Promotion Box.

We invite everyone to follow our @newbiegames account and use the #newbiegames tag for their next game or contest to connect with more of our members.

@newbiegames is a part of the #newbieresteemday initiative.

To learn more visit: Come Join Us!!! (Newbie Resteem Initiative)


Thanks @newbiegames.

I just joined the newbie resteem Discord channel.

I Clearly have not seen any of your post that isn't wonderful. You have a way of making things look so easy and accessible.

Thank you

Thanks for reading @donnest, Glad to hear.

I appreciate you for the nice feedback, keep it up bro!

In a few lines you get us a large "list to do" ! jajaja. thanks for this post. It helps every minnows who is trying to do it better.

Thanks for reading @nowonline.

I appreciate you for the nice feedback. keep it up!

I wish I could read this post earlier. This information is so helpful. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for reading @betterperson, Glad to hear that It is helpful to you.

I just came across your other post and I really liked it.
I decided to check your profile just to realize that we seem to share a number of interests :)

In particular that we both share a similar passion towards cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology :)

If you will reply to this message (that would allow me to believe that we may develop mutual engagement and help each other) then I will follow you and upvote some of your future posts.

Thanks for reading @crypto.piotr, Glad you liked it.

Yeah, you also shared some amazing contents and I appreciate you for the kind words.

hope to stay in touch mate

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Great stuff. Fully support all this.