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Be the change you want to see on Steemit


Hello, Steemians!

We all know how frustrating it can be to write great content only to have it ignored by the Steemit community at large. We often spend ours on a work of art, article, short story, or any other type of posting only to see our post sink into obscurity without so much as an acknowledgement. it's one of the things that pushes people away from Steemit. I think we can do something about that.

Earlier this week, I wrote an article on how to comment on poetry in which I laid out a practical, step-by-step approach to commenting on poetry. As many of the commenters there noted, the steps can be applied to many other types of work. You can read that article if you'd like, but I'll recap the steps below Generalized to be applied to other genres):

  1. Read the piece (they're often quite short)
  2. Read it again, or at least the key parts (think about the words and pay attention to the details)
  3. Formulate an understanding of what the work means to you.'
  4. Decide whether or not you like it. (This is important. Don't feel like you have to upvote or comment on something that you don't like) (optional)
  5. Think about specific aspects of the work that you may like such as:
    A. a specific line or phrase
    B. The rhythm or timing
    C. The imagery (or the way the author described an object or scene)
    D. A twist or unexpected revelation
    E. The message (again as you understand it)
    F. The way they describe it.
    G. The amount of info it provides
  6. Begin the comment with something easy to add on to. I like to use the following:
    A. "I like..."
    B. "I loved how..."
    C. "Good poem/article/post. This is what I read into it..."
    D. "Great piece. The following lines struck me: "
  7. End your comment. I usually end by saying "Thanks for sharing" or "Looking forward to more"


The Contest

In this contest, you will go out into the Steem world, and you will upvote and comment on works you find interesting. When you have made your comment, you will copy and paste it in the comments of this post along with a link to the original post on which you made the comment. I will then go upvote that post and you will be in the running to be selected as the contest winner. The prize is stated below.

The Rules:

  1. Read and provide a thoughtful comment on a post.
  2. Upvote that post
  3. paste your comment in the comments to this post along with a link
  4. Upvote this post
  5. Resteem this post
  6. The comment must have been made after this contest began.
  7. Only one entry per person.

This contest is for a thoughtful comment, not necessarily the nicest or most flattering comment. I want to see proof that you read the post and have an understanding of what it means to you. I want to see genuine interaction with the author. Be the change you want to see in Steemit.

The Prize

The winner will take the higher of either the amount of SBD earned by me on this post or 5 Steem (whichever is worth more at the time of payout).

So there you have it. Go forth and do good things. Be great!

Thanks for reading. Please feel free to share your thoughts below.
*All above images are from Pixabay


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I loved your way of thinking man. Your absolutely right we should take motivation from mushrooms cause it knows how to grow back that most of the people doesn't know. Get get depressed whenever something bad happens to us or whenever we r taken advantage of. We think that it is the end of the line there is no turning back etc. We forget that this small things that's happened to us, that made us depressed are the things that will help us to learn, tobe strong, be successful in our life. It will keep us away from doing the same mistake over and over again and help us to know people even betterly so that we don't get taken advantage of. So everyone should learn to live like mushrooms.

I liked the way you have make similarities between mushrooms and human beings. It is really great way to observe how to find good company and how to be get away from bad company. In now a days people always tried to make friends by whom he will get benefits but some of them find the benefits of wealth. I liked the way you have Said that When we are rich and glorious many people who want to be friends with us but when we fell and poor then that's where we just realized who the friend of the thousand who really want to be friends with us. But we don't have to worry about that we should have a motto in our life and we should have a destination in our life which can take us to the highest high of the success. It is also similar to Robert Bruce story. Thanks for the post it was very informative to read and I hope it will motivate some of the people like me....

This is really a great idea. I think more people would get actively involved if they knew how to start the conversation and this gives everyone a really good starting point to do just that. Keep up the good work! Upvoted and resteemed.

What a cool contest @moeknows! Here was my comment:

Unlike most people (statists), I think the smaller the scale, the more workable hierarchy is (like in a family) but that as the group gets larger, decentralization works much better. Sharing, for example, works well in a family environment. EF Schumacher pointed out in "Small is Beautiful" that sharing requires a framework of love/caring/emotion to occur. One thing statists/socialists never seem to notice, though, is that sharing also assumes ownership, which is why even a small family isn't really all that socialist.

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Interesting contest. It just so happens I made a comment right before reading this (does that count?) here it is:

D'oh! I hate it when that happens. I hope you can get a new one or fix the old one.

A good small verse about the problem. Let me spin off a renku for you:

turncoats when we need them most
computers are treacherous

made here:

Yep, you're good as long as it is after the contest started.

I was moved by a cool poem by @clayboyn called Faith.
Here is the link to it:
Here is my comment-

It is interesting that your words are describing the very thing I have struggled with for years, and that is allowing myself to find faith. It is the single most challenging state of mind, that of true faith- whether it is spiritual or trust between people. I identify so much with your words when you said "Follow the path even when I can't see, feeling the way through on my hands and knees. Wherever this leads me is where I will be..."

I almost envy the place you were in when you wrote these words. To let go of control just enough to allow faith to take you where it may, is an enormous accomplishment. Sounds crazy to me when I say it- but the hardest thing to do is to allow things to happen as they happen. I appreciate your words. I am going to quote you in another post, and I will follow you for sure.

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Thank you very much for this initiative. Sharing my comment below.

Hello @dagger212! Great story. I needed to search up for more context to understand the last paragraph. I'm sensing sadness and regret over that one, though I'm not sure if I have sufficient context regarding the reference to the Salvation Army bell.

One thing is for sure, I was left curious, and I couldn't help to wonder "what happened to them?".

All thanks to his post, I was able to come across your profile, and eventually stumble upon this. It was like a bridge!