Contest Result: Upvote your Post for FREE Contest

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Hello Steemians,

Our UPVOTE MY POST raffle draw contest has ended. A big thank you to everyone who participated. During these 2 days, we've received 14 entries and a number of encouraging upvotes and comments.


Now on to the the announcement of winners. We're pleased to announce the following three (3) winners:

  1. @jenny018 -
  2. @utieyin -
  3. @chai-walla -

Congratulations! Your posts will be given an upvote by @minnowfairy shortly on one of the bidding rounds.

To everyone, winners and non-winners alike, keep writing great content that targets a specific and consistent audience. We can't force others to read and appreciate our work but with the right attitude and dedication, our chance of success will be better. And one more thing, always enjoy what you're doing!

In the meantime, @minnowfairy is always ready to lend upvote assistance if you need help in promoting your post. For an introduction and other information on our rules, policies and how to join, please visit:



Thank you so much @minnowfairy. Didn't see this one coming. First time I'm winning a contest here. Means so much to me.

thank you @minnowfairy
looking forward for the upcoming contest 😀

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