Introducing Minnowfairy Bid Bot

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As with all nice fairies, @minnowfairy is here to sprinkle good vibes on your posts! Let @minnowfairy help upvote your posts and increase your exposure in the Steem community.



@minnowfairy is a bid bot. When you send in a bid, @minnowfairy will support your post by upvoting it. In addition, you also have the potential to gain back higher returns on your investment. Isn't that great?

Rules and Policies

  1. Bidding Round: Every 2 hours and 24 minutes (100% Voting Power)
  2. Minimum Bid: 0.10 SBD or 0.10 STEEM
  3. Post Type: Only main posts will be accepted (Comments not accepted)
  4. Tags: nsfw tags will not be accepted
  5. Post Age: Post must be written within 3.5 days
  6. Bid Frequency: You may bid only once per bidding round

How to Join

  1. Copy the URL of the post you want @minnowfairy to upvote
  2. Go to your Wallet
  3. To bid in SBD: Under STEEM DOLLARS, click "Transfer"
    To bid in STEEM: Under STEEM, click "Transfer"
  4. Fill in all the fields in the Transfer to Account box:
    • To field: Enter minnowfairy
    • Amount field: Enter the amount to bid (minimum 0.10 SBD or 0.10 STEEM)
    • Memo field: Enter the URL you copied in Step 1
  5. Click the Submit button
  6. If asked, provide your Active Private Key (Make sure you are using a trusted computer for this)

Wishing you the very best on your journey and growth in the Steem community.


Appendix: How Bidding Bot Works

Every 2 hours and 24 minutes, @minnowfairy will upvote all posts from steemians who have placed a bid during the round. The Voting Power will be shared among all bids placed, weighted according to the amount bid.

For example: At the end of a round, a total of 5 SBD was submitted by 2 bidders. The first bidder placed 2 SBD, and the second bidder placed 3 SBD. As a result, @minnowfairy will upvote 40% of the full voting power to the first bidder, and 60% to the second bidder.


  • Check the comment below for updates to the latest rules and policies.
  • For issues, contact minnowfairy on Discord: @minnowfairy#2586
  • More features will be introduced in the future. Stay tuned!


Special thanks to @yabapmatt for his immense help and support. If you appreciate @minnowfairy, vote for @yabapmatt as witness.



Welcome to Steem. Do read A thumb rule for steemit minnows - 50:100:200:25 for starter tips.
Also get to know more about Steem reading the Steem Blue Paper and share your feedback on our Steem Blue Paper Awareness Initiative
All the Best!!!

Hi @hamidi103, your post is in the queue and scheduled for upvote on the next bid round, which is around 1:15 hours away. Hope this helps.

Thank for information

You're welcome. Thanks for the support.

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