Quest In The Realms – an interactive Bananafish production! - Episode 34

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Look who’s there, a wandering adventurer looking for the Bananafish treasure! This episode is part of the interactive story/treasure hunt called “Quest In The Realms”. If you landed on this page because you’re trying to solve the mystery, don’t hesitate and keep delving in the story. If you came here through random loitering, what are you waiting for!?



You break the glass case and grab the experimental-looking guitar. It feels awesome in your hands and has a great heft to it. You sling the neck strap over your head and get distracted playing a few notes. Your playing is amazing. You sound like a better musician already!

The Baphomets charge at you, unimpressed by your new musical prowess. In a panic, you swing the guitar at them and conk one in the head. The strings vibrate violently, producing waves of antimatter that disintegrate the tiny monsters. Emboldened, you quickly learn how to play the guitar and aim the destructive waves. You unleash the rage of your string instrument of material undoing and disintegrate Baphomets left and right.

A large group of them are crowded in one spot, seeming to protect something. More out of curiosity than necessity, you obliterate the group of Baphomets. Behind them is an immense machine. The device looks simultaneously rock-like and yet also alive, like a clumpy, breathing black stone structure. You feel like maybe it would be moist or even warm to the touch. Gross.

Now that the Baphomets are gone, your bandmates are free. You rush over to greet them.

“This guitar is incredible!” you say.

“For sure!” Machete agrees.

“How do you think it does it?” you ask. For moment, you forget who you’re talking to and continue, “Is it like a miniature particle accelerator? Is there some sort of concentrated force from rapid decay of radioactive isotopes!?” You turn the guitar over in your hands, trying to understand the antimatter mechanism.

Your bandmates are staring at you and blinking, confused.

“I dunno, man,” Machete says, scratching his head. “It sounds good, though.”

You agree and decide to move on, swinging the guitar around onto your back.

“What do you think that thing does?” Tio asks, pointing at the gross-looking machine the Baphomets had been trying to hide or protect.





For moment, you forget who you’re talking to and continue

So wanted to pull a "To Be Continued" meme here, Michy; thankfully it didn't stop here and neither did it end badly... Well until we reach the next page that is but read on reader for I shall give no spoilers!~ c:

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Everybody dies...eventually!