Quest In The Realms: the adventure begins!

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tortillas_de_pelo low_res.png

Welcome proud adventurer!

Prepare your backpack, sleeping bag, and whiskey flask: the long-awaited Quest In The Realms starts here!

This is an original Bananafish production. It's a story where, from an episode to another, you will be able to make your own decisions and choose your own path till the final victory!

..or to a grotesque, ignominious end..

QITR is not only a hilarious adventure that will gift you moments of pure fun, but it's also the king of the challenges. You will have to make the right decisions, gather the hints and solve the final riddle.

You will impersonate Mendoza, the charismatic leader of the Tortilla de Pelo punk-rock band. Together with your deranged friends Tres Culos (bassist), Machete (lead guitar), and Tio Billly (drums), you will face all sort of bizarre situations.

But what can we expect at the end of the wild ride, there inside the pot at the end of the rainbow?

Get your boozy old hands on the main 30 STEEM treasure chest + 30 @steembasicincome shares + 10 Steem Monster Beta Booster Packs distributed between all the participants!

Without further ado, let's see how this thingy works in a 3-steps super cool infographic.



You can see it as one of those multiple-ending books we played with when teenagers, but with the boost of a riddle and a final treasure chest!

How to play

  1. Create your own adventure through the episodes of our multiple endings story.

  2. Find the hints (they are words standing out in some episodes) and the mystery account/episode.

  3. Solve the final mystery riddle and email us the solution to [email protected]

  4. The first one solving the riddle will win 30 STEEM. 30 SBI and 10 @Steemmonsters Beta Booster Packs will be distributed between the participants with the best comments to the episodes.

Also if we don't ask you anything for participating (this is a party for everyone!), the @bananafish - our potassium deity - will bless your adventure and strongly appreciate the following:


I think that, more or less, this is everything you need to know in order to have a chance to survive and steal the treasure! The final riddle will be published after the mystery episode payout, on the 18th of February. The results of the contest will be declared on the 22nd of February.

Oh wait! I was almost forgetting!!

  • ATTENTION: right now the bananafish gremlins are working frantically to establish the links between the 57 posted episodes. We suggest that you wait for one hour from the post publishing in order to enjoy the best gaming experience.

  • LEGAL DISCLAIMER: the Quest In The Realms is a pure fiction based work. Everything in the Quest in The Realms is written with a non-offensive and humorous tone. Any similarity to real people, places, and events are merely coincidental and entirely fabricated.

That being said, enjoy the ride and many potassium blessing to you all from your favorite fiction deity the @bananafish!






Hi White List Author!

Thanks for being part of our contest community.

Here is a 100% upvote from @contestkings

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Just giving out %100 upvotes. It’s a good thing to see!!

I'm very proud to be part of all this!
Can't wait to see who will reach the best finale and whos will solve the riddle!

I'm so curious too .. we could start a round of betting on who will be the winner 😛

What an absolutely amazing piece of content! You guys are awesome! Can't wait to start my own little adventure!

I can't wait to hear what you have to say about it once you read it!

I can't wait to hear
What you have to say about
It once you read it!

                 - tristancarax

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Thanks for the appreciation Raku, you're awesome too with your great horror stories. It's a joy to see you being part of the Bananafish Realms!

I've been so lax with reading lately I apologize for not visiting sooner to join the quest! I'm gonna spend some time now following this amazing quest and seeing how long I can last on the adventure ;-)

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Ride the wild bananafish!

Congrats! You guys really did it! Looking forward to starting an adventure on the Steemit blockchain.

Only a few weeks away and already, if you look through the door, the whole train has long since rushing in a new direction. Respect! You put all your energy into it, all the work with the graphic design elements and the mechanism, a lot of brain grease has already flowed into it. I feel too rusty and prefer to take the Orient-Express, where I have a leisurely chat with a distinguished man and smile benevolently at the wild hustle and bustle around me. Have fun with this trip!

Months of work to prepare something original and enjoyable for everyone. We started in late October, I think. Thanks and enjoy your tea in the dining car.

At the end of a long they when I traveled on the lightning rail to the Shaman of Man Ha... Meden Rudnik, met with the Sages of Digits and Currencies in Kame... Karnobat, drank the heavy wine my father has bestowed upon me... I have been reminded of another adventure waiting to jump upon my drowsy head...

Wake up and smell the Potassium!

Great to have it started, maties! Onward to ... well, onward!

Give me your pusher's name!! He must have prime quality potassium! We're happy to see you here with us, proud adventurer of the Realms!

giphy (13).gif

Four and then some hours of not going to sleep took me there... Let's see if I can do it again without the potassium boost and stay coherent enough to reply to those authors of a fun and also fun adventure.

I trust my brain to self produce the needed drug mix 😜 let's see, let's see!

It's a nice contest, but if you want to award the first winner, why do you need to process email with answers? There are several ways to hide prize in blockchain (for example, if you use several accounts for a contest, you can hide private key from prize account or do something similar). Blockchain games and contests must be provably fair if it is possible, isn't it?

Thanks for the idea. We're a selfless community of fiction writers and we focus on the quality of our literary content. This email solution seemed a good one to everyone but we can always improve, we don't have programmers between us and any suggestion is welcome. The email gives us a precise time in order to determine the first participant that forwards the solution. A screenshot will be posted and we have 16 steemians guaranteeing for the result (our core members) + an independent third party steemit witness, @crowdmind, to certify the authenticity of the outcome.

Thanks, I do not blame you, just suggested the idea, how to use advantages of the blockchain and cryptography. I'll try to participate, if my English level is enough to understand stories =)

I think it is, indeed. Thanks again for the pro-tip and happy treasure hunting 😉

@autovoters, @talentclub & @fuerza-hispana supporting your good content :)

I am afraid this is too difficult for me in English

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Where are you from?

I'm sorry.
For your English.

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@marvyinnovation - here it is. May your venture be a safe one ... good luck!!! hahaha

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@majes.tytyty - Here is the finished product. I hope you enjoy it.

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