Quest In The Realms: a treasure hunt for bold adventurers!

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30 STEEM, 30 @steembasicincome shares and 10 @steemmonsters Beta Booster Packs are waiting for one bold adventurer to grab them!

11 February 2019: the adventure begins. Mark the date!

The time has come! @f3nix's writing here, your Bananafish prophet for all seasons. Finally, I'm ready to rip the Maya's veil and to describe this unique project. A massive co-writing adventure on which each @bananafish core member worked hard in the last weeks:

the Quest In The Realms

Will it be fun? Will I win big time? YES and YES! The Quest In The Realms (QITR) is a unique playable format which combines a multiple-endings adventure with a treasure hunt. The result is a contest where you will try to survive through a 55 episodes story and, at the same time, get your boozy old hands on a treasure chest of 30 STEEM!

The Bananafish family wants to make this event become a true party and a unique opportunity to reward as many steemians as possible!

And this is where an additional 30 @steembasicincome shares pot comes in! We will distribute one or more SBI shares to the participants that played the adventure, sending us the QITR solution, and to those with the best comments to the episodes!

Infographics are better than a river of words. That's why the Bananafish whispered once again to my ear, revealing to me the following "Adventurer's Guide". Let's cut to the chase and explore into details how this wondrous quest works!



How do I finish this article after such infographics, so ingenious that would make Machiavelli blush like a third-grader? (boasting time!). But, of course, with nominating all the Bananafish core members that made this possible:

@tristancarax (the inspirer and decision tree consultant), @ntowl (our professional editor), @marcoriccardi (decision tree chief), @brisby (statistics & marketing research), @cyemela (main storyline consultant), @theironfelix (decision tree consultant and Cthulhu Fhtagn), @gwilberiol (master riddler), @dirge (main writer), @michaias (main writer), @calluna (main writer) and, last but not least, me @f3nix (format creator, Tortillas and main storyline creator, coordinator, supervisor, post-it fetichist)

A heartfelt thanks also to our precious partners @crowdmind (don't forget to vote the @crowdwitness as your witness!) and @steembasicincome. We Bananafishians strongly believe in the power of the crowd (I bet it. It's one year that we keep running every week a co-writing contest). Together we can accomplish wonderful things! Go @crowdmind, go @steembasicincome!

11 February 2019: the adventure begins!

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@creativecrypto, @blocktrades, @theluvbug

I've tagged you here because you have supported my work. The above is a quest put together by the knight's (I'm one of about 15 or so) who stepped up and chose to write a crazy adventure.

Any help in making this a successful adventure is much appreciated.

This looks like a worthwhile and fun, imaginative event. Looking forward to seeing how it rolls out. I'm hoping to play.

Thanks for the appreciation @blockurator! We focused on encompassing an enjoyable and rewarding experience in a 100% original format. See you in the Quest and good luck in solving the riddle!

This is a huge success guys. Congratulations on awesome work!

Thank you for your constant support @hidden84 and @svemirac! It took some time but we created 55 episodes overall.. gonna be a blast! :-D

Thank you! In appreciation for your all-around awesomeness, please accept this gift of the coveted golden bananas!

Intriguing, enticing, exciting, mysterious... wondering where these episodes will go is making me delirious... with curiosity.

I may have to get my sleuth on and try to compete ;-)

You're right @raj808, the Quest is many things together! These episodes will take you far away, make you laugh or gift you a psychedelic trip but, most of all, will you survive to the Tortillas' awful music?

Hooray! We get titles. ... Uhh ... what do we do now?

(btw stop posting hypnotic gifs :-P)

What do we do? uhmm... publishing time and then popcorn time!

casually slots in my philosophy and fiction-craft posts c:

Oooh! Can we have Bananafish title badges?

That would be cool. I hope you liked yours 😉

Do you think you wouldn't mind carving them out with your teeth? I need squirrel slobber on this badge to know it is authentic.

Hahaha how did this came into your mind? I've to say that I like the idea of Brisby's teeth as a certification 😂

Ask and you shall receive, Tristan and @f3nix!

Holy crap! Real slobber!!!

I love it. Thanks so very much, @brisby.

Aww! I'm so glad that you like it! Anytime you need some squirrel slobber, you can count on me. 😂

Wowowo!! Look at the squirrel slobber! 😂😂😂 I need to create discord titles now.

Chief Squirrel in Charge of Slobber! 😁

Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah!

Fuzzah! Fuzzah! Frugnao! Uhmm everyone pointing on the banana and no one on the fish! Im fed up with the potassium. Where's the iodine!!

I am not thinking I will win this but I will play along with it best I can.

There's always a good quantity of @steembasicincome shares to win for everyone. Good luck Steve and spread the new if you can!


Thanks to everyone who's worked so hard and supported this fantastic quest!! A Round of Banana Grog for All! 🍻

Bwahahaha that bananafish gif is hilarious! We should find a bananafish stamp for when we upvote a post.

Let's go bananas!

Huzzah the blast is coming! 🤘😎

Finally, a real title to believe in

shines Cthlhu fhtagn slate

I knew you would have appreciated!

Indeed I did, but my real q: will yah finally relax and make a comment on Steemit again?

Yes you're right.. tomorrow I will, starting from yours. Still i've to draft my episodes arghh.

L’irony. (Though it is not, I know yah had to deal with a lot of connections and fulfill a lot of quotas to make this happen).

True. I'm usually not very ironic.. sometimes I'm trivial.

Hört sich doch, schon mal sehr spannend an. Tolle Arbeit die Ihr leistet. Freue mich schon drauf, das Spiel zu testen😄

Danke für deinen Kommentar! Most of all we focused on playability and fun. It's a real game in itself with the additional touch of a cool reward. See you on the 11th!

sangat bagus bg cocok buat insprasi


All your art imagination is so beautiful..

Thanks, it's because of the potassium!
We look forward for you in the Realms with our new quest!

Ooooh my! I have a really strong feeling that I will die quickly, but anyways I'm so looking forward to participate :D

If you die (highly probable 😂) you can always step back and take another direction.. we will close one eye! :-D

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