Quest In The Realms – an interactive Bananafish production! - Episode 26

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Look who’s there, a wandering adventurer looking for the Bananafish treasure! This episode is part of the interactive story/treasure hunt called “Quest In The Realms”. If you landed on this page because you’re trying to solve the mystery, don’t hesitate and keep delving in the story. If you came here through random loitering, what are you waiting for!?



An opulent colonial mansion gradually shows itself between the lush vegetation as you approach.

A portico with white columns leads to the entrance door. With a proud smile, Oddy invites you to come in.

As soon as you are inside, however, the appearance of the villa changes abruptly. You seem to have entered the laboratory of a mad scientist.

Deformed individuals in rubber gloves and surgical masks walk the large atrium, moving bizarre equipment from one room to another. From the open doors, you glimpse operating rooms full of monitors and buzzing machines, or containment cells closed by reinforced glass.

Your host also seems to have changed. The smile has disappeared from his face.

"Let the new guests do the usual tour!" he says in a peremptory voice.

Servants in lab coats and masks surround you and hastily push you along a corridor crossed by pipes and bundles of cables.

You are led through a chamber that contains a row of large glass cylinders, connected by pipes and filled with a greenish fluid.

You realize with horror that inside each cylinder floats a deformed version of Elvis Presley, in stasis, as if someone had tried to clone the old rock and roll legend, failing every time.

You pass in front of these monstrous failed experiments as you’re pushed along by the servants. You see one that consists only of a gigantic tuft and a pair of sideburns. Another one is so fat that it looks like Jabba the Hutt from Star Wars with a toilet bowl half incorporated into its lower regions. The next cylinder contains a body entirely covered with flesh fringes. And just when you think it couldn’t get worse, you see a guitar with a human arm in place of the handle, short deformed legs sprouting from the body and Elvis's face in place of the soundhole.

You and your bandmates shout exclamations of disgust, to which Oddy responds with a hysterical laugh.

At the end of this round of horrors, you see another cylinder, which seems to contain a perfectly successful Elvis clone, complete with a white bejeweled jumpsuit and a shoulder strap guitar.

At the foot of the cylinder there is a console with many indicators and keys, including a large red button with a label:


The masked attendants of the villa urge you to continue through a door at the back of the room. What do you do?

  • If you push the revive button beside the normal clone cylinder, turn to 29.

  • If you pretend nothing is happening, turn to 30.




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