Contest Kitchen 1 EXPIRED (few hours early)

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Hellooooo Pioneer Chefs!

We have winners!


And they are judged with the fumbling kitchen chef algorithm (love the broccoli suggestion!):

number 1 winner (broccoli AND oregano): @andrina, 3 STEEM

3x runners-up (broccoli OR oregano): @yesslife, @akomoajong, @solangeh each 1 STEEM

Congratulations, thanks all for playing and making fun of fumbling junior pizza chef @leeuw!

Some news:

Due pleasant circumstances, @leeuw will be sparingly on internet for the next 2 -3 weeks, hence

all @leeuw contests will be pushed back 2 - 3 weeks

This includes next week's scheduled Contest Kitchen 2, featuring Master Contest Kitchen Chef @jennimorillo.

Until then! And now it is my great pleasure to refer all Chefs and Junior Chefs to a brand new posting by @jennimorillo where some very healthy dessert recipes are on display! Check this one out and keep it bookmarked, you may need such knowledge as we begin playing Contest Kitchen 2 in two or three weeks from now.


Good day, I hope your absence is for something of benefit to you, congratulations to all the winners, this contest was very fun, where creativity played a very important role, again thanks friend @leeuw

thanks for yor kind words, i apologize my kitchen expiry was early and my judging was hastened. I would like to upvote your next quality posting (any posting by @perlanacarada is quality) with a 5 STEEM voting using my favorit smartsteem voting agent as thanks for your pleasant and helpful contest support. until soon, about 2 or 3 weeks tops. @leeuw will keep steeming, but reduced, we’re going to have good fun again, including kitchens and the puzzles!

Hello Friend how are you? I finalize another very funny and spicy contest, I am infinitely grateful to be part of all this funny and beautiful madness that happens with @Leeuw, thanks for considering me as judge, thank you for recommending my publication from which you can extract details that will help you in the kitchen .

You retire 2 or 3 weeks I think you have to retire a few days and so you cook new ideas for the next contest.

@Leeuw I send you a big hug from my beautiful Venezuela, I'll miss you these days, take care, friend!

Congratulations to all the winners, thanks to everyone for participating!

Wow I closed the contest I was so busy that I did not pass through here, whatever you have to do these 2 or 3 weeks that is good for you, brother!

thank you, keep on steeming, the steem blockchain has a full reward pool currently, see

Hello Friend! I love the work done, your contests and ideas are great. You will miss these days that is not here, I hope soon returns. Greetings friend!

thank you, keep on steeming, the steem blockchain has a full reward pool currently, see

Congratulations to the winners! :D

Friend @akomoajong, congratulations I am very happy to share with you in the contests of @Leeuw, thanks for your support

Thank you Jenni!

Check out this image of a comment I made yesterday. I also did resteem the post. Good luck!


Friend, how are you? I am very happy with this gesture that you had with me, you are a great friend here in steemit, my RC is a little low I guess I have to wait for it to go up a bit, maybe the weekend you do not see me here, I'm very happy be your friend.

Please tell me if I have to do something with that denomination?

You're welcome. No, you don't have anything to do wrt that photo.

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Congratulations to all fellow winners and many thanks to you chef @leeuw

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Friend, congratulations to see you in the box of winners really I feel very good since you were always aware of participating at the end you reached the goal, I am pleased to have met you and share your triumph, congratulations and many greetings to you. @akomoajong

Thank very much!, you're so kind!

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thank you for playing!