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Fellow Steemians,

the aftermath of HF20 had it's downsides, which included multiple days of downtime.

However, there are always two sides of a coin. And while the downtime had it's negative effects, there are also positive ones. Due to the downtime and some changes introduced by HF20, the reward pool of Steem has grown tremendously over the last few days.

If you're not aware what the reward pool is, imagine a big pizza that feeds every Steemian who is posting, voting, commenting and through that receiving rewards.

The bigger the pizza, the bigger the slice everyone gets. And well, the pizza grew from Big to XXL over the last few days.

That is the reason why we have currently so many votes available on Everyones vote got stronger over the last few days.

And while we can't say for sure how long the reward pool will grow and when it will hit its peak, now is still a very good time to write posts and to promote them.

So, head over to, check out how many votes are available, write great posts and promote them!

Team Smartsteem

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If you want to know more about the reward pool, @dragosroua is reporting nearly daily about it and it's growth:


I did not know about your report. Good one!

Good to know!

Yes your right every negative has a positive, cheers mike

I count on you selling votes and delegate using Smartsteem. Don't let me down!!! Smartsteem to the moon!!!

Can someone explain some of the key updates for HF20?


Much tech stuff and the reduction of self-vote rewards.


One of the key updates was Resource credits. You can check out my post about that to learn more:

I suppose the "inevitable question" is whether the rewards pool is getting larger because something in the core algorithm is adding more to it... or because there are simply fewer people posting and sharing than before... meaning it's filling at the same rate as before, but just being emptied more slowly?

Why does that matter? Well because I'd guess if overall usage has taken a steep nosedive as a result of HF.20 that's probably not the greatest thing for the overall community...

It is awesome that the reward pool has grown and everyone's vote has become stronger. Is this because of the general inactivity on the platform around the time of the HF? Thats the only explanation I was able to find. Basically inaction allowed the pool to grow. If anyone knows of other reasons that I;m missing I would appreciate the info. Just trying to understand things :)


Yes, I also wrote about this here: Why Has the Value of Your Steem Upvote Risen 60% in a Week?.
The main reason is the 5 days of inactivity for most people, or at least, 5 days below full power. However, we are coming up to 7 days past the point at which most users regained their power, so if the reward pool should continue to grow then we may be looking at a more general drop in activity.
This may not be such a bad thing if the activity that has dropped off is that which HF20 targeted.


Thanks for clarifying. I'll check out that post for more info

it's really great.

Just interesting. Good to know that the reward pool has bigger and better for everyone's vote it is awesome.

Good evening @smartsteem

I've been using your services (upvoting) for some time already and I've been always satisfied with results.

Today I had my first painful experience, which seem to cost me some funds being lost. I've transferred 10 STEEM to your account and 2 minutes later I added another 20 steem. I waited then another few minutes to receive your upvote.

Unfortunatelly I only received upvote worth those 10 steem and my second transfer of 20 steem seem to be lost.

I'm not sure what could I possibly do to to receive back those funds. Hope you guys would be kind enough to look into my case.



Hey piotr,

I've added 20 STEEM to your balance. The problem was that you made a bid and then made another bid for the same post. While we supported this in the past (e.g. 10 + 20 = 30 STEEM) we're not supporting it right now.

However, I'll make sure to implement it. Timeframe will be 2 days, meaning: in 2 days that feature should be available again.

Thank you for reaching out!


Thank you @therealwolf

I didn't know that you're not supporting this solution of adding extra.

I've added 20 STEEM to your balance.

Could you please let me know what does it mean? I checked my wallet and those 20 steem are not there.

I really appreciate your time.


Hey piotr,

I meant your balance on - you can simply withdraw it from


Thx again @therealwolf

I got it. I've been always using your bot services on I guess that why I was confused.


the best way

i am so happy with this

wow this is awesome :) also should look at this ! wow

Awesome! I wasn't really happy with the troubles of this upgrade, but reading this make me understand the reasons for that. Thank you @smartsteem and keep growing up!

Just checked it out and it is indeed bigger now. Yeah I'm super happy :)

I have handed over my 50 steem power to you. I want to get him back. What is the way to get steem power back. plz help..

Also we have a STEEM price pump happening now so your posts will be worth even more in few days :)

Thank you @smarsteem for your amazing work, helping the Steemit plataform to grow healthy, succesful, with harmony and everyone is happy to hear great news! :D

I didn't know the rewards pool was increased, so thanks for that info! I was really more sad that I couldn't do anything while it was updating.

HF 20 is for the better. There is much less spam nowadays.

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Agree. It feels a lot cleaner.

Thanks for giving information
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Sounds good so I will give your services a try.

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Thanks smartsteem!

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Thx for the update. Though it would be nice to see the ROI increase as well since the supply of votes increased.

Congratulations @smartsteem!
Your post was mentioned in the Steemit Hit Parade in the following categories:

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Thanks for the small yet informative article ! hope to see more updates from you @smartsteem

Interesting. Will give it a try!

SmartSteem is amazing, I have delegated SP to them and the daily payout is really good. Thanks for all!

Worth of checking out!


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Something good! Great!

What is HF20? Sorry i'm kinda new to this stuff. I just want to know more about it. Anyone? :)

Thanks smartsteem! Will probably try this.

Good to know about this.

I don't really understand what Smartsteem is all about but can i get an explanation or a link to understand better.

glad to know about.thank you

I am wondering what will happen once reward pool reach the peak?

The rewards too will go a long way to encourage new steemians on this platform

yeah exactly! and I quote: "The bigger the pizza, the bigger the slice everyone gets." also, please keep me posted on the HF20. cheers to the Team!

what happened to HF20? any update? anyway checking out for votes availability and will try writing great post too and promote eventually. thanks, for the update Team!

rally on voting great posts to gain more rewards. learning while earning at the same time is the best about Steemit!

nice post mate. i'm gonna try this. thanks

This is awesome

@therealwolf @smartsteem i have mistakenly bid 2 time for same post however 1 bid is accepted and other one is stuck in bot

healthexpert transfer 5.100 STEEM to smartsteem

healthexpert transfer 5.250 STEEM to smartsteem

so 5.25 bid accepted but 5.15 bid stuck please refund 5.15 Steem for double bid mistake

XXL sounds nice!

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