The Old Dog: Would Like to Throw YOU a Bone!

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I would like to reward undervalued posts and jobs well done by throwing some members a bone (steem or steem dollars).

There are many undervalued posts and unrewarded contestants here on Steemit. In an attempt to encourage some of these posters I am announcing  my:

 "The Old Dog is Throwing You a Bone" Program!

This is an idea that I picked up from @papa-pepper in his post that you can see here:


How will the "The Old Dog is Throwing You a Bone" program work?

The program is very similar to what @papa-pepper so graciously announced in his post mentioned above. I will, from time to time, "Throw You a Bone" by leaving you something like this in the comment section of a post:

If you recieve a message with the symbol that you see above just check your wallet for your "bone" (steem or Steem backed Dollars). I have  just sent some steem to the above poster! You can check @eric-boucher's  great but undervalued photo HERE:

What Else Inspired "The Old Dog is Throwing You a Bone" Program?

I was recently contacted to be a Judge in the steemitculinarychallenge 

It was such a privilege but while there were 5 sponsored prizes we had 10 different  people entering. The posts were so good that I've decided to "Throw a Bone" to the 5 entrants that didn't get chosen! They deserve it!

You can check out this great contest which is run by @englishtchrivy HERE!

Once the winners of the steemitculinarychallenge number 8 are announced I'll be "Throwing a Bone" to all non prize winners!

I hope that you enjoyed the announcement of this program and perhaps you will be encouraged to do something similar as well!

Let's Share Our Success!

Until next time,

@kus-knee (The Old Dog)

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I seriously like this, and I like how you comment a little as to why too.

I went more for the mysterious with my WILDCARD and would just post the WILDCARD image and a link, and recently switched to the @papa-pepper SNOW GLOBE for the rewards!!!

I think I'll be adding some very nice comments like you have, and adding more of a personal touch.

Also, just so people can recognize the rewards that I hand out, here are the two images that I use for my "bones."

I think it is such a great way to take rewarding others into our own hands!

Thanks for your great input as always!

Nice to be able to influence one another!!!

This is really cool. Thanks for letting me know about it. Neat to see a platform like this turn into an opportunity for generosity. Instead of complaining about "This post didn't earn enough!" people are taking direct action and providing real rewards. That's great. :)

Not everyone can hand out whale upvotes, so I thought it was a great idea... and I'm glad others did too.

It's fun, generous, and helps build the community too!

I like bones!

I make soup out of them, and feed a lot of people :-)

You're right about that!

Not enough people do that these days. Thanks for mentioning it!

@kus-knee Thank you for your support and generosity!
From my 1st months in Steemit you have been like this already
a very supportive Old Dog - I take my hat off you!

Thanks for all of your efforts too!

A little Steemit philamprothy, sounds great

So true and thanks for your support!

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Sounds like a very good idea!! Who said an "old dog" cannot learn new tricks?

Haha I'm trying!

Sounds like a great idea! Thank you for doing this!

My pleasure to share rewards so that we all win!

That is very kind of you ! And much appreciated by the comunity as its very hard to even get nibbles from whales these days! The contests really help a lot to keep up the moral ! Not sure my spelling is right here? But thats awesome , keep up the great work! 🐶🐕

Thanks a lot for your positivity @karenmckersie

I think you should get addresses and throw a literal bone too, let's take it to the next level! ;0)

I jest of course, this is a great idea!

Thanks @meesterboom!

Good idea,@kus-knee!

Yes we need to reward more members!

I agree with you...

I can tell you that this Old Bird is happy to be flying along side those who are wearing the "big capes" and running with the big old

Hey @rebeccaryan thanks for stopping by. There is either some prize money or a nice juicy bone in your near future!

Well, I think it's exceptionally generous of you to be creating this additional reward program.
I thank you and appreciate the support.
Have followed, upvoted and re-steemed...
Let's get the word out there.

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I don't know if we have already told you :))) but it's a

Very Good Idea I Love It

whoooo let the dogs out! who who who who :)

Thanks and great tune!

Such a lovely idea! It's what I would do too, if I could. There's sooooo many great posts that don't get the rewards they deserve. It makes me happy there's real generosity from certain people like yourself on Steemit, and people like @papa-pepper who always takes the time to write nice comments even though he seems super busy... It really makes the community a nice community!

Your right, there are a lot of helpful and generous members on Steemit and @papa-pepper is a great example of that!

it is cool)))

yes good initiative by @papa-pepper

So nice of you! Thanks :)

Thanks for taking part in the Steemit Culinary Challenge and for having a look at my post!

Your welcomed!!

That is really generous of you, Old Dog! There are a lot of good posts and comments that are undervalued just by upvotes, that's for sure. It's interesting how both you and @papa-pepper gave out extra rewards for the culinary challenge, too. Very nice. People work hard on their entries and I don't envy your judging challenge!

Thanks for commenting. I'll be keeping an eye out for the undervalued posts. Whatever most of us have received here on Steemit has been given to us in some way by other members. If we can share our "wealth" around we all benefit.

love your dog logo! hahah

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Thanks and thanks for the visit!