The Old Dog Updates: The Throw a Bone Program First Month Review And New Announcement With More Prizes!

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I Am Expanding My Throw The Bone Program to Include More Prizes!

Last month (December 15th) I introduced the "Throw You a Bone" program. Its stated purpose was to search out undervalued posts and reward them with some prizes (Steem or Steem Backed Dollars). 

Let's face it, whatever success I have had comes from you, the community. I believe in giving and sharing and that this helps us all.  

A Quick Review of December's Results

In the image above you see a little review of what I was able to give out in the first 2 weeks of the program. Small beginnings to be sure but now it's time to expand! Success breads success!

An Expansion of The Throw You a Bone Program

I will continue to search out and reward undervalued posts but I am also adding a new way to receive a reward. 

Get Rewarded For Commenting

From now on I will select the best comment from any of my posts and send a reward to the commenter. For example you can get a reward for commenting on this post but also on my most recent and still active post: 

The Old Dog Explores: A Crazy King Builds a Crazily Beautiful Castle!

I will select the winning comment and send the reward as soon as my posts expire!

I hope that you enjoyed this new incentive for participation!

Until next time,

@kus-knee (The Old Dog)


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I want to be rewarded for my captivating good looks, not for my comments.

Maybe picture comments would help.

If I had your brains, Papa, I would no longer need to get by on my looks!

Brains... A terrible thing to taste!

Mine are tasteless ........ you can tell from my posts.

At least your posts don't stink... (Odorless)

Maybe that was supposed to be "waste."

Then you had better post some more in the series "Where am I"! 😜

Yeah, I actually really do like those! Except steemit doesn't have a notifier option to watch out for when specific people post, so I keep on missing those post the majority of the time :( I am following to many people :p

Thanks for the easy smile you just gave me and the creative comment yet true comment. Namaste :)

Love the short conversation! :)

Pretty cool Idea! Knick nack, patty wack, give a dog a bone! This old man came rolling home...... At least that is how I think the song goes!

Good memory!

Thanks, each dreadlock I have is an extension of my brain synapses ^_^

Thanks again for your very generous Bone-ation to Steem up my profile for us all to enjoy some more. I'll check out the other ones you gave a bone to as well, now that I know. Namaste :)

I am glad that this post spurned you on to check out other bone winners!

@kus-knee oh wow you've actually continued it!
Kudos Old Dog - you really have a huge heart!

Let's face it, whatever success I have had comes from you, the community. I believe in giving and sharing and that this helps us all.

I resonate on this - it is indeed giving and sharing. And yes, we all need each other :)

Will resteem later , I need to let my SCC get noticed first and will be coming back! Thank you for extending it!

thats a cool idea

Thanks a lot! We need to share so that everyone can succeed!

Not sure what to say but I’ll share a picture of the aftermath from the recent dust storm we had out here in West Texas. It was so bad you couldn’t see and it brought in hundreds.. no thousands of tumble weeds from the fields around town. Plus it knocked out the power for my field and we lost a ton of production due to everything being down :(


Great initiative, Steem On ;)

Thanks for having a look!

A great community idea, throwing some love!

There are a lot of givers and sharers on Steemit!

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Anyone who puts that much effort into a comment deserves a bone!
Please check your wallet!

Hurrah, thank you very much!!!

You were selected (by my co-workers) for the "Meme my Dog" contest this morning. I'm doing the reward and "Wall of Fame" post this evening. (after work) Do I have your permission to use your Graphic with a "Link back" to your Throw you a Bone Program?

I like to ask first, and I figured I 'Bury' the contact here, since we don't have a 'messenger' application here on Steemit. ~Peace.

Wow great news! You have my permission! Thanks a lot!

i won't lie, all these is heartwarming! but cold dog, throw me a hot dog instead. just once! then bones later!

oh, i just saw it is old dog, when i peered more closely. my bad! so my joke about cold dog and hotdog failed! gosh!

That's a nice initiative, @kus-knee! Very generous. Here's to good comments!

Thanks for coming. I enjoy your posts as well!

Thank you for posting @kus-knee. Sounds like the sort of e'spirit de corp rally Steemit could use.

Appreciate you bringing this good idea to Steemit.

It's a lot of fun to share with Steemers!