The Old Dog Explores: A Crazy King Builds a Crazily Beautiful Castle!

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Come With Me as I Visit One of The World’s Most Famous Castles!    

 On our way back from Munich in mid December we decided to make a return visit to Neuschwanstein Castle. This amazing piece of architecture appears to be something out of a fairy tale and no wonder it was built by King Ludwig II of Bavaria, often known as ‘mad King Ludwig’.   

 A view from the bridge behind the Castle. All photos by my buddy unless otherwise stated!

King Ludwig was thrust onto the throne before he was 20 years old and after a crushing military defeat he immersed himself in a fantasy world of building fairy tale castles.   

 Neuschwanstein Castle was the result of his obsessive behaviour and its awe inspiring exterior is matched by a shamelessly luxurious interior! The castle overlooks another castle, Hohenschwangau, a mid 1800’s palace where the King grew up. He maintained a bedroom at Hohenschwangau and could gaze across the valley with a telescope and watch as Neuschwanstein was being constructed.  

Hohenschwangau Castle was where King Ludwig grew up!

  Every aspect of Neuschwanstein tells the story of a troubled individual who many say was mad. Ludwig was obsessed with the works of the composer Wagner and he intended the castle to be a place for the performance and appreciation of the composer's works. It is complete with masterpiece murals of Wagner's operas and includes a private theatre where he fantasized that Wagner’s works could be performed.  

This is a view of the lower castle while walking up to Neuschwanstein  

Another view looking out while on our way up to Neuschwanstein  

Another view from a different angle and a different season (

This picture gives you an idea of the opulence of the interior! (

The King's private study area. (

  Quick Facts About Neuschwanstein  

  •   It was one of the inspirations behind Cinderella’s Castle at Walt Disney World  
  • It was originally called “Neue Burg Hohenschwangau”, meaning “New Hohenschwangau Castle”. The name Neuschwanstein was given after Ludwig’s Death.  
  •   Neuschwanstein means “New Swan Stone” and derives from one of Wagner’s operas character, the Swan Knight.   
  •   Despite its medieval appearance, the castle included the latest in technology: an electric bell system, toilets with flushing water, hot air central heating and telephones.  
  •   The castle was one of the finalists in the selection of the New Seven Wonders of the World.  
  •   The Castle was never finished. Construction began in 1869 and by 1885 Ludwig had a debt of around 14m marks and an unfinished castle.  
  •  200 rooms were planned but only 14 were completed and much of the interior remains unfinished to this day. 
  •   Ludwig slept only 11 nights in the castle even though it took 14 carpenters 4 years to complete the bedroom's woodwork  
  •  In 1886 Ludwig was declared insane and forced out of the castle. He died 3 days later under mysterious circumstances.
  •   Partly due to vast debts, the castle was opened for tourism just weeks after his death and work continued to complete the exterior as curious tourists flocked in!  
  •   The castle is now owned by the state of Bavaria.   

  Would You Like to Visit Neuschwanstein?  

  It is worth visiting this spectacular castle but keep a few things in mind. Since there are so many people going on tours if you don’t book ahead you will have to line up for tickets. We went on a Sunday and had to line up for about 1.5 hours to buy tickets. 

 There is a separate counter for those that have pre-booked and it had no line-up! The 20-minute tour of the interior is by fixed time only and the organizers send you in groups of about 50 at a time! Also, keep in mind that you are not allowed to photograph the interior of the castle.      

I hope that you enjoyed this visit to a Crazy Castle!

Until next time,

@kus-knee (The Old Dog)

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It inspires me to think about the relationship between beauty and suffering.

He sure pilfered his population to build it!

Yes, for the long run (ie. eternity) only intentional suffering and conscious labor have value. What mad kings are we following today?

Wow! What a post, thanks a bunch, this is scrumptious for the eyes. Namaste :)

Good to hear from you.

So beautiful indeed!

Yes indeed.

@kus-knee wow pics!
you would have won the Steemit Photo Challenge "Reflection theme" with the 4th pic.

The castle looks grand specially on the 1st pic. So you guys took a hike to get these shots?

I want to go to Munich!!!

Thanks for the visit. It's not too much of a hike. It takes about 20-30 minutes. You can even go up with a horse and buggy. Munich is great but more about that another time!

@kus-knee with a horse sounds fun!
except for - the horses here are giants - :D
Will be looking forward for your Munich post!

I stopped on the way to Italy from Germany while on a road trip and took pictures from the valley. What a beautiful site!

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Yes it is worth the visit. I was previously there 20 years ago and one could linger a little longer while on the tour. Thanks for having a look! On your profile it says: "Co-Owner of $200 Social" What does that mean?

Very beautiful photographs! loved it.

Thank a lot!

The castle appears in the film, Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang, I believe.

We (@s0u1 and I) visited the castle in 1984. We camped close to the lake you've shown. It's a wonderful castle, a delightful and extravagant folly. My memory could be tricking me, but I believe the bridge was called Victoria's Bridge, over a waterfall?

Wonderful post :)

Your right about the film. I didn't notice a waterfall but the bridge is scary high over a gorge. Thanks for coming!

You're welcome and thanks for the memories :)

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

wow breathtaking :o beautiful pictures!
Thanks for sharing this ;)

Thanks a lot for coming!

Hey Dog, great post! Been there two times and just find it beautiful and majestic.

Thanks man. You live even closer to it than me!

Very good man! Really avesome place, history and pics! (;

Thanks for your visit!

I visited the castle in the late 80s and all the furnishings looked brand new. The location is breathtaking but climbing up to it was no small task. Thank you for the nice post and beautiful pictures!

Thanks for your memories!

The Old Dog is throwing you a bone for your nice comment about your memories.
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Thanks for the nice "bone"!

What beautiful country in that 3rd image! I hope that land is more accessible than the tours inside the castle. I can't imagine the intrigue and oppression that made those castles. And so recently, too, compared to the Midieval castles. I would never have guessed those to be from the 1800s.

Yes I was also surprised that the castle is so recent.

I have always loved Castles and this castle was actually the inspiration for Sleeping Beauties Castle in Disneyland ! My all time favorite movie as a little girl😇 The castles of Germany were also used in all the Brothers Grimm Tales ! I loved them so much I actually painted King Ludwigs Castle many years ago . When i get out to Beaverdell I will take a photo of it to share 😇Thanks for shareing ! Steem on ! 🏰👍 🏰

Yes, I love castles too! Thanks for coming!

So im guessing that Wagners Operas were never performed in his private theatre , after all that !? 🏰

It would seem not. Ludwig intended the castle to be his PRIVATE sanctuary. Now millions visit! He also built another really wacky summer residence which I didn't visit this time.

lol! isnt that the way ! He must be rolling over in his grave , haveing everyone but the opera show trampsing through his beautiful Castle ! haha ! 😂👍😉

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Wow ! THANKS ! for the Bones @kus-knee ! nice donation towards my retirement fund WALLET ! HAHA, Steeming on through the weekend !

Love them Bones ! 🐶🍖🍖🍖🍖🐕

Amazing pics, and you tell a great tale

Thanks a lot!

That is such a beautiful place. I can't imagine all those rooms! And that view is stunning!

i really joined your travel. for me, and many others things as simple as travel has stayed like one impossible-going-to-the-moon-like kind of dream but it won't stay that impossible for long. same as u, i have a big dream of changing the rules and bringing a fixing to the rest of humanity to whom a simple feat as travel as become 'asking too much"