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Thank you followers! I am giving away some STEEM!

I saw a lot of Steemians celebrated their 500th followers milestone by giving away SBD/STEEM to winners of the contests. Since I love contributing to the community, I will do the same today as I celebrate my 500th followers milestone.

Thank you followers and bots and halfbot-halfhuman for following me in my journey in Steemit. I almost gave up many times but due to tremendous support from communities here, I stay on. Life is tough when you have a child with a complication (not to mention daily unpredictable challenges), but life is also full of beauty and wonders worth your time and effort here. Therefore, every minute, every second, counts! Try not to waste your life worrying too much as worrying doesn't help to solve the worries.

If you follow me long enough, you will notice I love quotes. Besides God and family, quotes of life play a major role to further propel me forward before I lie down flat and beaten down. Without further ado...


Rules to enter the contest:

  1. Comment below at this post ONE favourite quote of life, and in 100-200 words tell me WHY (not too long as I have limited time due to alot to juggle at home, thank you for understanding 😉).
  2. Upvote and resteem this post (to show support and thank you very much from my heart, I will check one by one to be fair to my real real followers).
  3. Follow me (as only my followers will qualify to get STEEM from me).
  4. Follow the comments thread below and reply to other quotes from another Steemians which you like (optional).


Winners and Prize:

  1. One week after this post, I will re-read all the quotes again. The No.1 quote that resonate deeply in me that helps me on that day will win 5 STEEM.
  2. There will be 5 more other winners (lucky draw by my son) who will win 1 STEEM each.
  3. Dateline to submit comment is: 1 April 2018, 6p.m. (MYT - Malaysia Time).


Wait no more! Comment your favourite quote of the day (don't forget to tell me why) and give yourself a chance to win some STEEM. And watch out for my account for winners announcement one week from now.

For example

My favourite Quote of the Day: If there is a will, there is a way

I love this quote as it reminded me not to give up. There are so many challenges upfront and at times all come once at the same time they make me feel powerless and out-of-control. In that state, I often feel stucked and my brain stops operating, then I lose my will and my zeal. The quote reminds to stay calm and breathe. Gradually I gain back my will to be strong again. There, I continue to stand and walk this journey calls life.

What is your favourite quote of the day? And why? (in 100-200 words)



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Cool competition ! "Give without remembering and always receive without forgetting !" Has always been a quote which I strongly live by. This is not an entry ya ...

Although not entry, thank you for the quote. I shall give away my 10STEEM soon without remembering and receive all the beautiful quotes without forgetting them.

Thank you for your blockchain entry. 😉

Hahahaha.... tomorrow you will hear it again. Dont be late lah. My last one for the year.

"When you come to a fork in the road, take it.", the great Yogi Berra.
I'm not entering but thought it would be appropriate to give you a quote in the spirit of cooperation.
Congrats on your 500 followers.

Thank you for the support! @sultnpapper

Powerful quote.I really love quotes.

Congrats on 500!!! Awesome Job! Great way to celebrate with your followers! I have lots of quotes I love, but my favorite today would be:

"Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better."
Maya Angelou

We are all learning new and enjoyable things in our lives everyday. Especially in today's world where all the information you ever need is in the palm of your hands. I use this information that I learn on a daily basis and when I learn something new is when I know it's time to "do better." Our decisions we make every day have a lasting impact on this world and knowing those impacts can make true change come about.

Resteemed! :)

I really like this one, gotta hang it up somewhere ;0)

Thank you for the congrats.

I love it when you can see yourself from good to better to best then better than best, finally bestest among the best!

Your entry is accepted. Lucky number 24.

"when in doubt, flat out." - Rally legend Colin McRae.

Cast away any uncertainty and putting your foot down is sometimes the best way to grab the bull by it's horn and plow ahead in life.

Not an entry, by the way, just a share :)

First time I heard of this quote. Definitely enlightening. Thank you for always supporting and somemore commenting but not an entry. Sharing is always a form of love and support. Your comment is imprinted in the blockchain forever.

We can be our own bosses of ourself, we can get that ferrari, lamborghini, whatever we want, where we wanna go, eat or drink whatever we like, how is this possible?
When you channel our time, resources, with hardwork, consistency,dilligent
dilligent breeds success
When all this self improvement are in place, yeaah, you are a boss of your own, you will earn out of your effort and be that boss of all bosses.

I laughed really hard at the irony behind this quote, but no matter how much I learn about the selfishness and malice in this world, I strive to keep my heart free of cynicism.

Self improvement, hard work and generosity are laudable, but we mustn't be naïve.

Worth sharing!

This is a powerful quote to the journey to be your own boss. Thank you for sharing.

But before I can successfully accept your entry, you have to resteem this post first. And be my follower. They are the requirement for this contest. 🙂

Thank you for your time and effort.

Entry #6 and yay to your boss of all bosses journey.☺

Hi Jade! Congratulations! You are a super inspiration as a Mum! Here is my entry!

"Alone we are strong, together we are stronger" - Anonymous
I think it is a slight adaptation from Walter Payton's quote.

Being in the corporate world, it is always about teamwork, team spirit and team building and getting people to work together for the greater good of the company. Since being on Steemit, I am still super new as this is my 3rd month but I am really overwhelmed to have met so many people who embodied the spirit of community giving selflessly and without personal agendas, wanting the blockchain to grow and more importantly people to grow with STEEMIT in the best way possible. This last few weeks especially has been awesome for me from @aaronleang, @joannewong, @elizacheng & @zord168 with the eating, teaching and most of all encouraging me to get my act together! :) Watching @maverickfoo & @bitrocker2020 share and teach Steemit openly and tirelessly to anyone who wants to learn. @yasmineep organising Women in Business Making an Impact inspiring more women to continue on their entrepreneurial journey where a bunch of us Steemian women got together and really connected. @littlenewthings whose passion for growing Team Malaysia and the discord channel to help everyone is infectious, @keciah who supports all the mamas here and welcomed me with open arms! @happycrazycon who cared to share signature banners with me when I didn't know where to find them and so many awesome contests paid from their own pockets to encourage great content when newbies like me hit writers block!

Team Malaysia embodies this quote to the core!

Definitely we are stronger together. we will grow and grow with all these awesome people. 😊

Entry #18 is in.

Quote "Whenever you find yourself doubting how far you can go, just remember how far you have come. Remember everything you have faced, all the battles you have won, and all the fears you have overcome." - unknown

@iamjadeline i really love this quote, as it reminds me never give up! There are a lots of challenges in life! i am starting my own business and along the time there are people come and people go. although i do feel sad but have to accept the truth and move on then we will find the right people. i hope this motivate you strong mummy! women can achieve anything they want , you can do it. stay strong!

I definitely love this quote @janicechua. I see that you are Sarawakian. I grew up at Sibu, Sarawak when i was young till 19 years old so I consider Sibu as my hometown and myself a Sarawakian too. 🙂

Yes, let us not give up since we have successfully walked a journey. And stay strong together.

Entry #28 for you. 😉

Wow thank you!i still love my hometown even though less chance to go back now.

"God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
Courage to change the things I can,
And wisdom to know the difference." - Reinhold Niebuhr.

This quote is a prayer actually but I think whether one believes in God, one can surely benefit from it. Many times in my life when faced with insurmountable challenges, I would fall back on this quote.

Those who know me will know that I don't give up on problems easily. I would find ways to overcome them to change the situation for the better.

But there are times when a problem can't seem to be solved, I would step back, reflect & pray for wisdom. And allow myself to be guided either to make changes or accept it as is and make the best out of the situation.

Definitely is a reminder for me to accept unpredictable challenge with peace and to be bold to solve problems. Thank you for sharing this piece of wisdom here.

Entry #17 is in. 😉

@iamjadeline Thanks for accepting my entry.

great post! :^D

you've got a great accomplishments in steemit! keep up the good work! I sincerely congratulate you for that. I hope you learn more things about how to be success on you journey with steemit, soon you'll be more popular and you'll be a more of a great whale in this platform.

So here's my quote in life...

" Equality in our life never exist, War is part of human life, there's a Victor and a Looser. A Complete Competition. "

I'm saying this about myself because I imprinted it in my life to be more open and to be transparent which saying things about yourself directly that you wouldn't say in real life, so you got the power to express it a lot to other people how your feelings felt.

This sometimes gives me depression but it's a part of life because you will face difficult times that may affect your life, many people will judge you, but if we can persevere it with a strength we can win this battle, it's a one-way cure for our depression, that's why this quote really helps me in my life.

This is my honest opinion about myself to earn and gain friends, and to be success in life. we must to be open first and be transparent to people, being unique, we have a difference in our lives, different opinions, different colors, different genes, different family, a different environment they grow up, different draw, a different government so many things are different, because the question is, are you letting yourself be the victim or to be the winner?

Thank you for your congrats and uplifting words.

First time I heard about this quote and it definitely keeps us going in life. And to choose the winner.

Entry #7 is in!

At some point, everything is going to go south. You can either accept that, or get to work.

-Mark Watney (The Martian)

I use this quote a lot with my students. When they are conducting projects, I tell them that they can either accept that they will fail if they do nothing or they can start getting to work. Once they solve one problem, they can get on to the next and the next. Before they know it, they would have completed something that they have never thought possible.

Despite this not being said by anyone real, i find it inspiring especially when I am faced with the toughest situation. No matter how impossible things may be, getting to working it out definitely beats sitting around doing nothing. If you haven't watched the movie, the movie basically sums it all up pretty well.

Oh I haven't watch the movie. But it is an awesome quote. indeed by doing nothing, you go to nowhere too. Your students are lucky to have such an inspiring teachers.

Your entry #8 is in.

Congratulations on hitting 500 followers! One of my favourite quotes comes from a game designer Mark Rosewater.

That quote is : "Restrictions breed creativity"

I find this quote to really speak to me. Even if I repurposed to quote for a different context. I find life to be very restricting at times. There are bad days and there are worse days. These days are like weights on our shoulders. We can either buckle under pressure and submit to suffering. Or we can NOT let our restrictions control us. Instead, in a corner, a survivor doesn't put their fists down. They stomp on their opponent's feet, bite their arm and gouge out their enemy's eyes. Having restrictions shouldn't weaken you. It should make you stronger! Instead of making lemonade with lemons, make flammable lemon grenades. (But that is a quote for a different day).

Thank you for the congrats.

I can feel the power just by reading why you love this quote.

Entry #2 for the contest! :)

My favourite quote I credited to my lecturer in school (Prof. Dike Nwadike)):
"In time take while time dots last!
For time is no time when time is lost! "
This has been my favorite quote because it has helped me to overcome procrastination even of the least thing.
It has made me to master my time, doing everything I am ought to do right on time without procrastination. And it has been my secrets of achieving whatever I wanted achieving since am very much conscious of the fact that any time lost is no longer time but wasted opportunity!

Indeed time waits for no one. It just ticks tocks away. Love that you determine not to procrastinate on stuff.

Just in case you are not aware, you need to follow me and resteem the post to be eligible for your entry to thsi contest. Let me know once you are done. I know it will be done as you are not the type that procrastinate. Well done! 😉

500 followers? Congratulations to you @iamjadeline, and thank you for initiating this contest. Here is the quote that I love the most, I think you might love it too.

Don't walk behind me, I may not lead,
Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow,
Just walk besides me, and be my friend.

This quote really represent myself and my belief. I am not a leader, and I don't like people bossing me around, I love real friends who supported me in good and bad times.

I hope you like it.

Thank you for the congrats. I love almost every quotes and of course this one too. You have a long list of friends walking side by side you since this is your belief. Amazing!

Entry #9 is accepted.

CONGRATS @iamjadeline on your 500th followers!

One thing I learn today at church and one of my pastors said this hence qouted

“ Don’t resuscitate death “

You know all the past and failure that we go through sometimes we tend to think back and bring back what was meant to be at death is brought back to life , why? Because we aren’t able to let go. Something i learn is that - The reason why Jesus died on the cross is so that whatever past , hurts , disappointments , anger etc it all goes to the cross. The cross that Jesus got Nailed. He brought out death to the cross. It really reminded me to always leave the tears and the storms at the Cross. He is above and over everything. It’s time to really look at how Jesus can turn that situation around. It’s time to look ahead and look forward. Don’t resuscitate death to life. What is meant to be put to death , let it be. What we need to focus on is to look straight and walk in His purpose and promises because Jesus won the Victors Crown for all of us. To carry out His anointing for His Kingdom and always having a Kingdom mindset.

In no matter what you go through Pastor , this is an encourage for you , know that The lord goes before you. That every high thing must come down and every strongholds will be broken in Jesus Name. He finishes it on the cross for you. Keep looking ahead and continue to trust in the Lord. Continue to be the best mama jade or pastor jade for the Lord. Whatever you do whether it be at home , with family , wtv. It is for His Kingdom and you carry His anointing. Love you. You’re not alone Pastor, I stand along with you in your journey whether it be family etc etc.

This is indeed a short wonderful preaching here girl 😊. Thank you for sharing this quote here and also all the encouragement and support from you. Indeed we must not bring out our past mistakes or failure and keep on moving forward with the promises that He has for us.

Your entry is in for the contest. Entry #10.

You’re most welcome Pastor Jade :)

“Steemit is not a Race, it damm long Marathon that never ends” by me @veenang

Congratulations on your 500 followers, its a feed need to be celebrated. Yesterday my latest post 3 Reason Why I still Go to Steemit Bootcamp i just finish did my Who Am I where we put our permanent story and encouraged people to join Steemit in every ending write up post.

Since i join Steemit Last Year Aug(however only actively in Dec) i have truly understand that Steemit is not Race. Its Long Long Marathon that never ends. The Journey of steemit lays within us now. Its like cant live without it , right??.
When ever i share newbies info about steemit, i always end up sharing them this quote.

Hope this quote you will like it and give impact to your personal Steemit journey.

Once again, Congratulations @iamjadeline. For #teammalaysia we can make it. See you soon, and Steem Safe.

This quote surely helps me in my steemit race. Eh marathon run I mean. 😊

Thank you for the congrats and steem safe.

Entry #11 is yours.

Congrats on hitting 500 followers and starting your first contest!

I try only as a challenge to myself. also really can give back to community. but alot of work eh. how you manage dailyfoodphotography last time? i salute u can do it daily.

If you have time like me sure can manage..

Time is my greatest challenge. Everyday manage like crazy. Always chasing after time. So I guess I can't do daily contest just once a while contest.

First of all, GONG XI!!! Wow 500!
I think think for a quote!

Thank you for the Gong Xi! Okay will wait for your quote! :)

My qoute is : "Today if you hear my voice hardened not your heart"

Since the holy week will soon come , this is the right time for us to give time for ourself for reflection, recollection and time to listen to the words of God. There are many activities in our churches in this holy season and to join with them is a good way to feel the essense of the holy season. Mostly in every holy week my activities with my friends is to attend recollection and confession we also visit churches meditating the station of the cross in this little way we can share a little of our Lord suffering and sacrifices. Others can do in their own those who like to stay in the room or staying in a quiet places listening religious songs and praying in this simple act the presence of our Lord God can be felt in our hearts and to feel His presence is a wonderful feeling.

Congrats for your 500 followers i am one of them . you are so blessed.

Thank you for your quote and your congrats. But no thank you as you are not one of my followers yet. You need to follow the rules of the contest before the quote is accepted. Otherwise, it will only be accepted in the presence of the Lord, but not here in this contest. Let me know once you have upvoted, resteemed and followed me. 😉

ah ok im sorry just this morning i found out im so sorry @iamjadeline.

Remember to resteem the post as well @sweetspicy 😃

Congratulations @iamjadeline on reaching 509 followers in only 106 days!

I wish you continued success!

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I have followed and upvoted you.

Thank you for dropping by @introbot. Also for the follow and upvote.

It's not what happens to you, it's what you do about it.

A lot of time when a certain thing happens in our life we tend to blame others, or we tend to justify it or we give excuses so that we feel better. Doing so doesn't give any solution or solve the incident. Instead, we should always look for what we should do about the incident to solve the issue and prevent it happen again in future. For example, I experience this in my workplace when production issue happens we figure it out what is the root cause of the issue and what are the solutions available to fix it and at the same time prevent it happen again in future.
The quote can be applied to any area of your life. It can be your professional life & personal life.

P.S: Congrats on your 500 followers milestone! :)

Thank you for the congrats. Oh yes often than not, we are stucked by focusing on the incident that happened and forget to take further steps to rectify it.

A good quote for everyone and everyday.

Entry #12 is in.

Care givers need care

This quote is 4 words long but it has deep meaning. It highlights everything wrong with our society. Everyone wants to receive and not give. We all want to be served. We all want solutions. But we never think about the solution providers, the care givers, they need care too. Be polite the police officer. Be cooperative with your doctor. Show love to your baby-sitter. Say nice things to the bank cashier. They need care, love, and all the good things we need from them. Even though care-givers give and care because of their profession, we all need to realize that CARE-GIVERS NEED CARE!

If everyone focus on this quote in relating to others, there will be awesome caring society. On the side note, this is not applicable for me to use to my children. But yes children as young as 4 years old can care for his or her parents too.

Entry #13 is in.

"Only I can change my life, no one can do it for me. "
Nothing much to elaborate but a plain quote to encourage myself to be strong and keep going whenever I'm down.

No wonder you can one hand hold baby and the other hand do writing. You emerge strong just with this quote. I will learn from this too. Powerful quote.

Entry #14 is in.

When I saw this, I immediately told myself that I must join this since I do have one particular quotes that I kept close to my heart since I was a teenager.

If you wanna be somebody. If you wanna go somewhere, you better wake up and pay attention. - Sister Act 2

The things that we strive most in life don't come easily but it is not impossible as long we acknowledge it and pay attention on how to eliminated the impossible.

p/s: congratulations hitting the 500th followers @iamjadeline. Cool contest

Thank you for the congrats. I love Sister Act. Oh yes we better wake up and pay attention so that every precious moment is seized.

Awesome quote.

Entry #15 is in.

"A well-fed man has many problems. A hungry man only has one."

Some people living in stable societies (especially in Western Europe and Canada/the US) are very good at finding foolish things to worry about, such as "politically correct" pronouns, who should use which bathroom (based on their "feelings" about "gender"), the latest gossip about immoral movie stars, singers and politicians, and news about who won the latest sportsball game.

They let themselves be distracted from the truly important issues, where they could make a difference in the lives of the people they care about, such as performing acts of loving kindness for their family and friends, passing on sound ethical values to their children and preparing for possible calamities: learning first aid, storing some simple medicine, bottled water and dry food (rice, powdered milk, simple spices etc.), acquiring self-defense skills etc.

This is indeed a subjective quote, nice one but not meant to be used to generalised a situation. But is a food for thought.

Before I accept your entry, please upvote, resteem and follow me first. These are the rules for the contest.

Let me know once it is done.

Thank you for sharing the quote.

Upvoted, resteemed and followed (in that order). Congratulations on your 540 followers. 8% increase since you made this post: wow!

Thank you so much for your congrats!

Your entry is accepted with lucky number #31.

Congratulations and good luck with your contest!! This is such a great idea!!

Thank you for the congrats. First time doing contest and now I know it takes more time than I thought it should be. But to be able to give back is a nice feeling. Feel free to help me share with the freewriters if it is appropriate. Thank you for your support for us all. 😊


"If you can't stop thinking about it, don't stop working on it.
Michael Jordan

I just read this quote a few minutes ago on steemit and it resonated with me. I am a person with ambitious goals. I have huge goals and dreams I'm working to achieve. It's not always easy to continue to step forward. Sometimes I wonder if I should give up. This quote is a good reminder to keep going. When I care and I am passionate about something, I feel that way for a reason. I am meant to help create the changes I want to see in my world. If any idea can persistently occupy my mind, it's an important one. It deserves my attention and effort to make it manifest.

The world definitely needs more people like you. Keep working on your goals and I am sure you will achieve them.

Nice quote.

Entry #16 is on.

Thank you. Congratulations on hitting your milestone. I just passed 100 followers myself.

Congratulations on your milestone and more to come:)

Congratulations @iamjadeline

My favourite quote of the day

“When you want something, all the Universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

And in 100-200 words please tell me why you choose this quote? (as per mentioned in the "how to enter contest").

When you devote all your focus or concentration and energy to one goal, somehow there is an event that straightens your steps toward achieving that goal.
When it rains heavily and you suddenly have to go to a certain event that is important to your life, the rain will stop you.
Consciously or not, this often happens for most people. And this philosophy is in fact true. In the end you will be surprised at the result where you put your entire focus and energy to achieve it.

Sorry my english very bad. Hhee
Anda dari malaysia, apa saya boleh pakai bahasa indonesia saja? Hehe

Not bad at all to me. I totally understand your explanation. Kalau hendak taip dengan Bahasa Melayu pun boleh. Walau bagaimanapun, saya sudah 100% memahami kesemua yang kamu taip dalam Bahasa Inggeries.

Entry #4 is in! ;)

Hehe. Ok Thanks u

You are welcome. =)


Thank you. If you are free, please join. Comment jer. the more quotes the merrier. ☺

nice post,,Upvoted and followed me!!!!

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Well, I have the Platinum rule for you: Do unto others as they would have done unto them.

In an older post I wrote about the Golden Rule not being a good life motto if it is being abused by others and so the Platinum rule can be used instead. Also, not everyone wants to be treated the same way as other people do so there can be a problem with how the Golden Rule is applied.

Example, a friend likes to be treated like a princess and so she treats others like a prince or princess too but not everyone likes being served or given stuff they did not ask for. Or if someone backstabbed you, you will backstab them as well, making you vindictive and a negative follower of the Golden Rule thus instead of it being a helpful rule it becomes a harmful tool for everyone involved.

If one uses the Platinum rule, it makes you consider the other person, find out what that person likes and prefers in order to treat them the way they prefer to be treated, and vice versa of course. :)

Anyway, congratulations on reaching 500+ followers!

This is indeed an art to master in our daily social and interaction with people. While it is not easy, one can use their heart to understand what is people's need and emotional quotient.

Thank you for sharing the Platinum rule. Before i accept your entry, kindly resteem the post as it is part of the rules. 😊

Thank you for the congrats.

Resteemed. :)

Entry #20 is in. :)

Perfect. :)

"The more you live the less you die."

This is a quote I read at my high school graduation ceremony and it is still one of my favorites. For me, it is a reminder that if there is a moment we aren't choosing to live our best lives, parts of us could be dying. When we feel too hopeless to try, our hopes could begin to die. When we feel too afraid to pursue our dreams, the dreams may die. When we are not honest with ourselves or our loved one, our integrity starts to die. On the positive side: In those moments when I need motivation to push myself to do my best, I remember this quote and choose to live more fully and strive to be my authentic self. The more I live as my truest self, the more my physical, mental, and spiritual wellness grow and I am more likely to live a longer and happier life.

Congratulations on reaching over 500 followers! I wish you the best in your Steemit journey!

Thank you for the congrats! Please follow me as stated in the rules. 😉 Before I number your entry.

In the meantime, your quote boosts me up. At times i wake up feeling lay back, moving slower. Okay better get moving to achieve goals of the day.

I thought I was following you for awhile, since we have been talking. Sorry about that. Sometimes when I use the eSteem app on my phone it doesn't record actions. I'll follow again from my computer. Thanks for the reminder!

No worries. We all are busy people. :) your lucky number is 21 😊

Feeling lucky!

Quote: Learn to love what you do and fall in love in doing what you love

This the best quote I always tell people whenever they going to give up. Whether is a job or anything related to their life. Most people just do things that had been told but never try to understand it at all. This is why they always stuck in the same situation over and over again. Learn to understand how things works are really important. If we don’t even love the things we do, why would we do it in the first place? So always learn to love what you do and fall in love in doing what you love.

P/S: Congratulations on reaching 500 followers!

Thank you for the congrats.

Yes I am learning to love Steemit so that I will not give because I have another job that I love so much that is parenting. Haha.

I love this quote. It helps me. Thank you for sharing and always supporting so that I don't give up here.

Entry #3 is on! ;)

That's an awesome initiative! I actually missed out my 500 followers, so I am aiming my 1,000 followers later.

So for my favourite quote (of my lifetime) since 2015, would be from 1 John 4:18

"There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love."

This is my constant reminder that I carry with me all the time as I remind myself that not one love harnessed from a human being is perfect; except the one who knew no sin and became sin to be punished so that we have ever lasting life.

And since then, I remind myself; whenever I hit a storm in life, I should not be fearful, because what I did from past to future is already completed at the finished work at the cross.

If God brings me to a storm, that means there is something I need to learn from it and He will never leave me and He will always pull me through with Jesus alive in me.

Hope this quote gives you strength daily especially when you have tough times with Jansen and wonder when will this ever end; knowing you are never punished for what is happening but whatever was meant for evil God has turned it good!

This is indeed one of my favourite promises. With it I sail through the storm. Thank you for sharing this awesome insights, it definitely adds up to my day.

Entry #19 is in. 🙂

Hahaha funnily, this is my favorite too and I was about to share it here too @littlenewthings. Such a great quote/verse, right? That is why it resonates with us three.

Will think of another quote for the entry @iamjadeline :)

We beat the same heart beat! Okay, will wait for your quote!;)

It’s in the passion of difference makers to try every possible means to leave the world around them better than they found it. They make an indelible impact and society remembers them for that. The love of God is a great gift, cherish it, share it and make this world a better place and people around you better off with the love you have to give. With love God changed the world and his creature through his son. Majority of people out there are trying to make a difference. Don't just make a difference; become the difference!

Don't just make a difference; become the difference!

Love this! Anyway, is this an entry for the contest? if yes please follow me and resteem the post as mentioned in the rules of the contest. Then only I accept as entry.😉

My favorite quote is: "Do or do not. There is no try." from Master Yoda, Starwars
This legendary line was spoken by Master Yoda, played by Frank Oz, in the film Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, directed by Irvin Kershner (1980).__

Why it means a lot to me, is that during the movie, Luke Skywalker had some doubts on lifting his X-Wing fighter from the swamp and he had to achieve that by using the power of the Force. Without the change of his try mindset to a do or die mindset, Luke would not have achieved the impossible.

Hence, what this quote has done to the way I've lived my life is also based on another similar quote, "Whether you believe you can do something or not, you are correct.”
What this generally means that, self-positive thinking and self-confidence will take us on a long way further to achieve the impossible once we've put our whole mind, heart and effort to achieving it 100%.

Meanwhile, in comparison, if we're half hearted and 50/50 in doing something just for the sake of "trying it out" and "not going all out to achieve it; We won't get very far ahead and we will end up achieving a sub-par final results and outcome.

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awesome quote that reminds me to do things wholeheartedly.

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Congrats on achieveing your 500th followers milestone! You have put in so much efforts and you deserved it! Nice to meet you by the way! Here is my entry:

My all time favourite quote is:

Everything happens for a reason.

Challenges and setbacks are inevitable in life. People become upset, lost, demotivated and eventually give up when things fail. The reason I like the quote so much is that I couldn’t agree more with it. I believe everyone has been feeling awful at some point in their life. I’m no exception. Back then when life obstacles happen, I always try my best to be positive-thinking and focus on the bright side. I will read through many motivational quotes, messages and posts from time to time, in hope to inculcate a positive mindset in myself subconsciously. However, the old adage “bad things always come in three” is somehow true. When unfortunate events happen in series to the point that you feels like nothing is going right in your life and everything just fall apart. It’s hard to be optimistic. time goes, I realized that nothing is coincidence, everything that happens, everyone that cross your path are meant to be there for a reason. You might have learnt the lesson in a painful way, but it is all worth it. The setbacks are meant to test your faith and help you grow to become a better person. It is always hard to see the reasons behind it when shitty things happen, but just bear in mind that these are the trials to shape us to a better version of yourself. Your future self will definitely appreciate your relentless efforts and perseverance today.

Sorry for exceeding the word counts. Too much of introduction that I havent get to the point when its already exceeding 150 words. LOL

Thank you for the congrats and also lengthy explanation which i took time to read. Well let us take all our shitty things and turn them to goodies. 😉

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Congrats on your 500-followers milestone!
Great idea for a contest, although I can imagine going through all of the comments will be quite some work, let alone deciding who will be the winner. ;0)

I have a lot of favorite life/love quotes, but I will share only one:

If you can solve your problem, then what is the need of worrying? If you cannot solve it, then what is the use of worrying?

I love this one, because it is so simple and so true. I need to keep reminding myself of it, because I’m a person who is always worrying. I worry about things in the past, I worry about things in the future... ‘What if...’ goes through my head all day long. This is absorbing a lot of energy, energy I could use for other things. Because, you know, ‘what if’ makes just no sense: we can not forsee the future, nor can we change the past..
So I’ve been working hard to change my mindset, to live with this quote in mind. I must admit, I still have a long way to go ;0)

Thank you for the congrats. Well you know because your organised contest before. It is indeed a hard work.

Oh yes I also live by this quote. Basically why worry if it doesn't help so I will try to shoo shoo away my worries (easier said than done) and try to stay calm.

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Doesn’t that go for everything - easier said than done? Lol

This is a great contest. Congrats on the 500 followers! It's always interesting to see people interested in what you're writing. :) Many blessings!

Congratz for achieving 500 followers! I guess it's time for me to brush up my story telling skill haha.

Here is my entry:

"Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life." - Steve Jobs

Since I was young, I always are the star of my parents. They send me to piano tuition, English class, etc; and I am not interested in Piano. I don't want to let my parents down, so I continue to practice and practice, even though I don't like piano.

Until I was 16, I decided to speak up with my parents, I promised them to get my grade 5 piano certificate, and then after that I will go and learn guitar. I always wanted to learn guitar since I was young.

Fast forward 2 years later, I am jamming with my friend in the band room. Here is one of the song we recorded "Hey Soul Sister".

Thank you on the congrats.

Wow you really like apaapa pun boleh. Many in teammalaysia like apaapa pun boleh. I love this quote. I am glad you are living your life now and doing what you like that makes the awesome you! high-5!!!

Entry #1 is in for the contest! Yay! By the way nice jamming!

I know a lot of stuff but master of none hahaha 😂

I think you have at least master one or a few without realising it because you have higher expectation of where you should reach in order to be considered as mastering it. To me you are super enough, just like @superoo7. ✌And to many others, you have mastered some skills there.

Thanks @iamjadeline, really appreciate it 😁

@superoo7 is a genius. The fastest person I ever met to learning programming just in 3 months and accomplish more than anyone else could imagine. Luckily, this is not a programming contest otherwise I will not have the chance. 😆

Luckily this is not a programming contest as i know nothing about programming. Lol. 🤣

"In a world where you can be anything, be kind. - Unknown"

I always believed when I was a kid that people's life-changing moments regardless big or small starts when one act of kindness happened upon the person. I believed that it's more than just "being nice" to people. It is a tough and hard choice that one makes from deep within themselves knowing that even though they'll be treated for granted or being perceived as silly/fool/stupid etc, that person makes the choice to be kind anyways. Despite being mistreated or misused by people, I wanna choose to be kind anyways regardless of any life circumstances. I know there's a saying that "When given the choice between being right or being kind, choose kind." The truth is, being right didn't ever change the heart or mind of another person, being kind is.

I may not know for sure whether this resonates deep within you or not, but I hope this blesses you in any way or another @iamjadeline. Jiayou okay? Know that you are not alone in this! Bless you and your family! Congrats on reaching the 500 follower mark! Looking forward for more from you! Much love!

Thank you for the congrats Scott!

You are one kind loving person for sure. You are right, kind people often receives advise from people to be smarter not to be taken granted by people. Oh yes I bless you be kind and smart too. Sometimes we are deemed as a fool but at the end of the day, we will be accountable to God on all the good deeds you have done. Keep it up!

I know for sure I am not alone because I have you all alongside. You too jia you.

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Congrats. I was there just two weeks ago myself. I am happy to see we are growing together and that your kid is happy again (I read most of your posts anyway :P)
Instead of giving SBD i wrote an article about my growth, helping the users with the power of my own example. I will do this for my 1000 followers, haha!
I wish you a happy week!

Thank you for your relentless support that enable me to go far. :)

Congratulations to you too! Yes so happy we grow together.

Hereby I wish you a happy and fruitful week too ☺ and let me go check out that article of yours. I really wish I have more time on steemit to read so many awesome articles. time is always a challenge. 😢



I always think that every little things that happen in our life has a reason. So whether it is for joy or sorrow God has reasons why He allow those things to happen.

This made me a person who worry less when something unexpected and undesirable happens in my life. Although human as I am I get hurt and disheartened but I want to look at the brighter side of it.

I believe that trials and challenges are made to teach us and make us ready to face another challenge that will come our way.

So when we experience adversities in life? Let us love it even if it’s hard, live with it even if we don’t want it, and most of all learn from it.

Such a beautiful quote and wonderful explanation from you 😊

Yes let us live it, love it and learn it.

You are entry #26.

Congrats on your 500th follower! You deserve every bit of it. I really need to be more consistent despite my schedule so I can make the kind of impact you make as well. :)

My favourite quote is:
"He who has a why can bear almost any how. - Friedrich Nietzsche

I love this quote because I truly believe that if we have a strong purpose for doing something, we will find a way to achieve it. Being born with brittle bones, it seemed impossible for me to be an athlete. But deep in my heart I knew that I wanted to be one, and that I wanted to use my life to inspire others to achieve their potential. With that as my driving force, I am doing everything I can to qualify for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics, knowing that if I have a WHY, I can bear almost any HOW.

I join earlier than you so that is why. And everyone here on Steemit has their own pace due to different life's commitment. You are good enough.

Now I know why you are who you are today. Thank you for sharing this quote. I learn something new today. All the best to you in your journey to the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics!

Entry #5 is on!!!

Congrats ont the 500! Here’s my entry:

You reap what you sow.

That was actually a Bible verse from the book of Galatians 6:7. I try to live by this. Even here on Steemit. Whatever compensation I get is all because of the work I have been doing.

That verse! Short yet strong impact!
Your time and effort here will have you reap great reward.

Entry #29 is accepted😊.

Crossing my fingers here. Thanks for accepting my entry. Again, congrats on reaching 500 followers.


Not really sure if that's an original or not but I've learned to live by it.

16 years ago my first son was born. His life began as a great struggle. To spare too many details, his body wasn't put together right when he was born. He spent his days at the hospital, as did his mother and I. He fought hard for each day he spent with us. Always a struggle for my little man. On his fortieth day, he could fight no more, and went to be with our gracious creator.

A parent normally teaches his child, however in this case, my son taught me so much in those forty days. I learned so many lessons and truths through him and our time of trial. However to keep it shortened up I'll stay on point....


I guess what I'm saying is, the next time your car won't start or you don't have web access or you get bad financial news, whatever it may be. Remember, as bad as it may seem, it could always be worse AND time always passes. What seems like the end of your world today, will barely be a memory in years.
So when evil tries hitching a ride on my back to bring me down, I pause and reflect. On my family, on friends, the love that is in this world, the smiles on people's faces I've helped....and when life's at it's worst, no matter the situation, those things always bring me back to...If that's the worst thing that happens to me today, I'm doing good.

All of my love to yous and all of yours.

We love you, Samuel, always and forever.👼

Thank you for sharing your personal story with me. I had spent my time with my son at ICU for 30 days due to his CDH and had seen many that could not survive in ICU. Reading your story, I could feel the pain. is Samuel the name of your son?

Indeed, if that is the worst thing that had happened, you are still doing good. This quote that you shared is full of courage.

Your entry is accepted- #30.

My regards to you and family.

Yes, his name is Samuel. How many kids do you have? And how old is your son with CDH? You're more than welcome for me sharing also. I like to tell my story. Always with the hopes that someone will hear it or read it and it may lift them up or help them. I hope that you have a great day/night.


I just hit 100 followers myself and finally finished my "thank you" post and my give away. It was a lot of work for me. But it felt great!!!

I have 2 kids. One 7. Another one with CDH is going to be 4 this coming July.

I just read your thank you post. So much effort put in to thank all one by one. That is really awesome. Congratulations on hitting 100 followers and more to come!

Thank you so much! My boy Evan is also 7. He likes to play soccer, frisbee, shoot his bow and arrow, and play online video games like Roblox. What do your kids enjoy? Also thank you so much for the compliments and the congratulations.

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I am also following you. Hope to see more interesting content pop up in my feed.

Sorry you didn't appreciate my interpretation of the quote I provided. I can't stand gossip, and I think I have cured my wife of this bad habit. :-(

They let themselves be distracted from the truly important issues, where they could make a difference in the lives of the people they care about, such as performing acts of loving kindness for their family and friends, passing on sound ethical values to their children and preparing for possible calamities: learning first aid, storing some simple medicine, bottled water and dry food (rice, powdered milk, simple spices etc.), acquiring self-defense skills etc.

I appreciated every explanation given as i want to learn. As I said it is a food for thought. I had replied you at your earlier comment and here one more time in case you did not notice.

You entry is accepted - #31 😊

I'm sorry to hear about your son's CDH. My wife is an experienced nurse, and I always make an effort to learn about various diseases and how to stay healthy or regain health:

What a scary condition. You must be under terrible stress!

We have since then acquired alot of skills as nurses taught us before we could be discharged. Thank God my son survived. Living under terrible stress, no doubt, but thankful enough that he is still with us. He just weaned off from his bi-PAP and now is learning to eat.

By the way, I can't stand gossip too.

What a cool contest! Good luck to everyone! Upvoted :)

I've only now come across you since starting here. I happened to browse the contest section and saw this. Congrats for hitting 500!

For my entry:

"This too shall pass."

For whatever pain, suffering, heartbreak, hurt, loneliness, depression that we encounter, that we bear; for whatever sacrifice we do for our family, for our loved ones; this too shall pass. It is a variation to change is the only constant thing on earth or change is inevitable.

Whatever happens, always remember that we will overcome.

It is a promise that if we hold on, never give up, and persevere, the obstacles we face in the process of traversing the road of success, those will be over sooner or later. Don't lose focus.

Just like here in steemit, we all started somewhere but as we push on and learn the ropes we will succeed just like you. You have come a long way and the worst part is over. It happened. It passed and here you are, a winner.

Thank you for your congrats.

Yes let us hold on this quote and eventually we will emerge as a winner.

Nice to meet you.

Your entry is accepted, No.32 is your lucky number.😊

Quote: 天苍苍 野茫茫 风吹草低见色狼
By: 萧朗
This quote reminds me that even tough the sky is open and grassland is beautiful, we need to be careful because when the wind blows, it will reveal color wolfs that will come and hurt us... hahahahahahahaha

You are so funny. I pray no one will come and hurt you. 😉

Is this an entry for the contest? if yes, you may upvote and resteem this post. then i will enter it with a lucky number.

This is not an entry... just a funny post from me... hahaha... don't worry, let others win some steem...:) Thanks

Quote: The earth is turning to keep you moving.

This quote sounds simple yet the impact is powerful. What I specially like about this quote is that life is surrounded by up and down, good and bad, happy and sad. Like it or not, we are the one who choose the path to determine what we want to achieve. While we maybe procrastinating, life still goes on. Therefore, we should move together like the earth and sun who never failed to carry out their jobs everyday, and we too can play our important role to ensure we can shine on others too.

Yes no matter what happen, we should keep on moving and not give up. This is indeed a powerful quote.

By the way is this an entry for the contest? if yes please resteem the post as mentioned in the rules and I will enter it into the contest with a lucky number.😊

Thanks @iamjadeline for the kind reminder. Your quote challenge indeed remind everyone of us to stay positive at all time. Just re-steemed the post by the way.

Thank you for the resteem. You entry with lucky number #35.😊

"Its okay, let's do this again". - Holy Spirit

This is exactly what HS will tells me, everytime I fail at something. Be it in the process of bursting out in anger, forgiving people, fear that I won't make it til the end, doubt that I won't ever be good enough, disappointment, guilty or shame of keep failing or making the same mistakes etc etc.

Everytime I relapse, this 'quote' will gently crawl to my heart when I am in the midst of beating myself up. It has become a rescue line for me in desperation times. Its only a simple 6-words, but it brings tremendous grace to me. If He can give me that amount of grace, I can too give the same grace to myself. And when HS says, "let's do this again', it means He will do it together with me. I don't have to fight this battle alone.

Writing this to also encourage you @iamjadeline, knowing your emotions can go happy and sad in the next second. His grace will always be sufficient for you. Bless you lots Ps.Jadeline! ❤

Thank you for sharing this quote to encourage me. Indeed failure only happens if we stop doing something, so no matter what, let us do it again.

Your entry is accepted - #33.🙂

Congratulations @iamjadeline for having your first 500 followers. More to come and yes, you are so with following because of the great quality posts you always produce diligently. Admire how consistent you are and you are a great contributor to Steemit that should not be missed!

No sky contains, no doubts restrains, all You are, the greatness of our God.

This is part of the song, Greatness of our God.

I often am amazed whenever I sing this line of the song. I know myself can be a doubtful person, sometimes and yet sometimes I am able to believe "blindly". I have always an issue of trust so when God spoke to me through this line, that even my doubts cannot restrain Him or hold Him back from pursuing me and everyone else, I know He knows me more than I do for myself. He has been the craziest Person I know in my whole life. He knows we humans would doubt Him, may not just accept Him but that is still not preventing Him from loving us.

At times when I fail and doubt myself, He says He has faith in me. He has faith that I will have faith. True enough, His faith can produce faith within me and it is never me trying to dig out something I do not have. The grace He so freely gives and always gives even in my doubts will never fail to prove to me that He is bigger than my doubts and He takes opportunity to show me I too am bigger than my doubts. He never cease to take opportunities to show me who I truly am and what I am strong in, the way He has made me to be. I can feel His delight when He made me through this line of the song. He is great and yet He is good.

I am glad that my doubts is not the limit for things to still happen. There is Someone orchestrating all of these. Doubting Thomas was also not a restraint to Him. He still shows Himself up to Thomas.

I have to applaud the composer of this song from Hill song Worship for this realization.

Thank you for your congrats.

Thank God our doubt will never restrain Him from pursuing us. Although our doubt causes us to be paralysed at times, He still keep showing His love and boost us up with reminders of His promises.

Certainly a beautiful quote (lyrics of the songs that people should embrace).

Your entry for the contest is no #34.