Who Wants My 100% Autovote for the Next Year?

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I have 200 slots available

During the next couple of months, I'll be making 10 random posts to fill 20 slots on my @steemvoter account. If you are selected, you will get a 100% upvote from me for an entire year.

I'll be filling 200 slots for this contest (10 rounds of 20 slots). All you have to do is:

  • Upvote this post
  • Comment something of quality on this post
  • Resteem this post


You will not be selected if you are a bot or don't fulfill all 3 requirements.
You will also be dropped from the list if you do not create content on a regular basis.
You will also be dropped from the list if you spread a hateful, racist or misogynist message of any type.




I know it's been said in several comments already, but I find it so amazing the willingness for people here on Steemit to help each other out. I've only been posting for about a month but found myself in a strong community called The Alliance, where a member saw my plight re bandwidth and delegated me a chunk to get through my growing pains. And, lately, I've been getting to know the people of SteemUSA. The comments I'm getting, the people who are voting and support, even tipping, crazy.

After being on Facebook for so long, which I feel is a soul corrupting place, this is a crazy breath of fresh air and has reinvigorated me to get back on track with my passion of writing and creating :) And, efforts like this, well, every little bit helps those who are lucky enough to be selected.

Either way, I'm still going to keep on creating, meeting, and building :) Thanks for helping the community out!

Facebook = soul corrupting. You've earned a 100% upvote for that ;) So true. I'll look you up on #thealliance and check out SteamUSA. I'm in Tennessee and looking to do real life events with folks that are close. My eleventh addition!

Hehe, thanks! :) Yeah, discovered that they started putting ads in the mobile messenger when I loaded up yesterday. I was like, 'wtf?' That place isn't community, it's 100% a targeted marketing platform in the guise of a meeting place. When you have to pay for your friends to see the things you post and even your mom can't find you because of an algorithm...yuck. Glad to be here and meeting cool people like you :) Can't say it enough, after the drought I've been through...a breath of fresh air.

Need to look for fellow Steemians here in LA. Get some real world connections going to build the community stronger. I'm in Gamma :)

Meetups in LA sound totally plausible. Huge city with lots of niche interests. Ever get to Nashville, hit me up.

Totally, big city, lots of people. Just need to find them, hehe. If I head your way you can expect a friendly message :) Think I have some relatives around there.

Are we talking about a larger event of Steem holders or just a local meetup type deal? I'm up in Chicago, but based on what the event it could make the drive. Also willing to help coordinate if you would like a hand putting together a larger event.

The steemit ecosystem is a really awesome one.
I've been here 3 months now and I've grown physically and mentally. The numerous posts I read every day add to to my knowledge of things. This has also enhanced my thinking and writing skills too and all other social platforms were not able to do this for me.
I've met great people here who are always willing to reach out to minnows to help them grow and today I've just met another one and that's you Mr @gomatthew. Adding people to an auto voter is not something that just happens and I thank you for this. Now those who end up on the list would be more than happy to continue posting and sharing their quality content and ideas with the community.
Have a great day man.


Cheers! I appreciate it ;) Unfortunately, I closed this round of additions to the list but will be opening up the contest again next week. Stay tuned and Steem on! (but I gave you a 100% upvote for your great comment.)

Oh thank you. I would keep my eyes peeled for the next round.

Fellow Franklin, TN guy here! (Well..actually Spring Hill but close enough.) If you are still giving them out then I will throw my name in the hat! 🎩

Yo Dayne! Awesome to meet ya. Just saw your Mantra Brewery post... @brandyb and I go there all the time. Wanna grab beers sometime this week? We're downtown Franklin near Bunganut Pig.

Cool! Would love to but can't this week. My wife is going out of town for work and I will be playing the role of stay at home dad for most of the week.

@daynewright Sounds pretty fun actually :) Let's connect next week. You use steemchat or Discord? I'll shoot you over my email and cell.

I have been thinking of what to write to impress you for 30mins now. No gimmickry, I will be honest. I am new to steemit. I am in a learning process. My reputation is 28. When your reputation was 28, do you remember how stressful it can get. What if at that time someone gave you a little power that motivated you to carry on? Your upvote is just a bot, but for me it is more than that. It is the motivation to carry on and contribute to this platform and when one day I build a similar reputation as yours, I do the samething as you are doing, giving back to the community. If you think I am a genuine candidate for this opportunity then please do mention me. If you think I am not then still I am going to follow and upvote your posts. Why? Because you went through most of the phases on steemit and you might know who deserves what. Lastly, whatever my luck is, I still appreciate your concern for the minnows. Thank You.

It's really stressful to come up with content and original ideas and take time to craft your story and check your spelling. And then nobody voting on it or or valuing it. Appreciate you being open and honest about it.. I get frustrated still. I had 20 spots open and ended up filling 34. I'll be posting again on Sunday for 20+ more spots. Let's get you a spot next week and I'll be checking your posts until then for some upvote opportunities. Cheers man!

Thank You and @gomatthew you are spot on. Moreover, I was reading about a footballer sometime ago. He move from a big club to a not so big club. When asked in a interview why he did that, he said ''I had the money to buy a Lamborghini and I did, but after driving for a week you get bored because this is not something that drives me, football drives me and I was not getting regular playing time, so I moved.'' Therefore, for me money on steemit is part of the incentives that drives you, but it is not everything. I wanted to start a blog for ages and I got a platform for free, plus they are paying you instantly. But you have to work really hard, gather all the emotions one ever faced and channel it to make something amazing and great.

I do not know if I can still qualify for this because I do not see a resteem option now, perhaps because it's past the 7 day payout period, but nonetheless if you would consider me I would be grateful. I have been on Steemit now for a short 25 days but and working on developing my blog into something that can reach a wide audience. I am still very much new to the blogging world and to Blockchain but as I grow and learn I try to share my knowledge with others. I've accumulated a little over 700 followers in this short time which encourages me to keep going and makes me feel like I'm doing something right. Of course any help from others is always appreciated. I have been working hard to produce content and learn proper formatting and am getting better with each post. Thank you for your consideration.

good job, hope i will be in the list :)

Check back next week when I open up 20 more slots. I hope you can get in then, cheers!

Wow this is a nice initiative. Will really help the minnows who put up quality posts grow and encourage them to keep contributing to the steemit community. Even if I don't win, I just wanted to commend you on it.
I would like to nominate myself and also ask what is your definition of creating content on a regular basis. Is it like once a week or thrice a week?
And thanks again for doing this. Have a great week

My twelfth addition! Congratz. If you're posting once a week something that adds value to the community, you'll continue to earn my vote on every one of your posts.

With all the whale wars going on this is a great concept.
Thanks for the idea, I hope it helps overcome the negativity the whales are causing.
As an example I saw the following posted the other day. I have no idea how this could be fixed in Fork20. But at least your idea is moves in the right direction.

Post by OP.
Here is another Asian Sensation.. smashing the pool..

@ sweetsssj is using some +760,443.956 in delegated SP to upvote 12 accounts on a daily basis. All accounts are upvoted on the 6th day.
From what I can see there are a total of 12 accounts that are being upvoted on the 6th day and every one of them makes a daily withdrawal to the same bittrex number. The accounts are:

@ honeybee @ helgachen @ serenawu @ ashely056
@ wisemansays @ twinkledrop @ amylee @ maysun
@ allanlong @ sherrychan @ trendylife @ thecatfiles

It seems like she is farming upvotes from these accounts with her delegated steem power. Most of the accounts make 4-5 posts a week so lets do a little math and assume they all make 4 posts.
One 100% upvote = ~$300
$300 x 4(posts) = $1200 per week/account
$1200 x 12(accounts) = $14,400 per week
$14,400 x 0.75 = $10,800 after curation
$10,800 / 2 = 5,400SBD per week and 5,400 SP
SBD is currently worth $6.20 so 5,400 x 6.2 = $33,480 USD being taken from the reward pool weekly

Damn- that's interesting. I hadn't seen the stats on Sweetssj account.

When my friend @pjay96 told me about this great opportunity, I thought to myself that this is indeed a Steemit model and mentor. i appreciate @gomatthew for this

You're the 31st on the list!

this will make me a productive steemian,again lost my ,life purpose for a wile now. feel i am a waste of carbon. i dont deserve the air i breed andd,wasting resorses eating drinking, feel i am a wortless consumer of energy.so long time since my last post. autovote for a year, may motivate me posting again.
love your work autovoting.
love a fellow steemian

Man time flies, I've been on Steemit for 28 days trying to become more familiar with the different aspects of the steem ecosystem. I've been using Steemit, Dmania, Decent Memes, Dsound, and plan on using Dlive soon but like anything I know it takes time to grow on any platform. So I've been posting original blogs, writing poetry, creating memes, and commenting on fellow steemians posts it's just a very slow road to getting new followers and views of your created content. There is nothing like working on a post that no one notices because there are so many others being posted all the time, I see why people are using bots. Anyway, upvotes are great even better if it comes with added visibility for those that create.

It's a lot of hard work indeed
Networking should be your first priority (in my opinion) get to know people, so they can get to know you, find your way around, I'm mainly taking part in contests right now
It gets me started in a fun way, and the chance of a small prize is always nice, it also helps me find my way, and unlocks my creative side

Thanks for the advice, I have participated in a few contest purely by stumbling on to them but I will look into being apart of a few more it a great idea.

It's a great way to engage in this community, you can check the tag "contest" and/or "contests" or check
@artz blog, he does weekly updates on available contests , good luck & have fun out there 🤗

Great advice @cryptocatz. Contest have really helped meet new folks.

This is yet another reason I love Steemit -- the giving attitude and willingness to help each other out. I expect big things for Steem in 2018 and I think the numbers of people joining will increase.

my sixth addition!

I love this initiative of supporting others by placing them on your auto-upvote. Its like an early valentine present to the community, kudos @gomatthew for this amazing opportunity and idea.

33rd addition!

a great initiative I liked. Continue with this project and it's good

wow this is so nice of you. a 100% upvote from you will really push my steemit carrier to great heights. i ll like to nominate myself to benefit from such kind gesture from you. thank you.

my thirteenth addition!

This is a great. I would love to be on your auto upvote because it will help aid me to grow my steemit career. I post at least thrice a week mostly about motivation and health.
So I believe you will help ease my steemit and other minnows who are lacking motivation due to low upvotes.
Thanks for the opportunity.

You're the 30th on my list!

In very new to steem so this would be amazing to win... I try to post 3 times a week...ish.... but always quality

I'm doing something similar - giving ongoing auto upvotes to other steemians whose work I appreciate. I think steemit will be a better place if we combine the power of automation with personal involvement and responsibility.

Hi Matthew. To support you and show my appreciation for your authentic content on steemit, I've added you to the list of steemians who get my automatic upvote. I'll check back regularly to read your posts and comment on your work.

Much appreciated @oropeso ... you've been added to my list as well. My seventh addition!


This is so kind of you, hopefully, one day I'll be able to offer such valuable gifts to the minnows of steemit. I really enjoy writing short stories and code, your upvote would help me get the traction I need to gain a small following and continue what im doing :)

Check back next week when I open up 20 more slots. I hope you can get in then, cheers!

@gomatthew this is a fab idea. I've only found Steemit recently and still finding my feet. I've just started posting and reading/following some really interesting posts and people here. This place is so much better than facebook. Thanks

Thank you.. it's a wonderful place to express yourself and find people of common interest. I just ceebrated my first year! Oh... and you're the 21st on the list!

do not expect much, hopefully I'm lucky. :)

Keep posting and see how your wellbeing increases. You're the 22nd on the list!

want to appreciate @gomatthew for this friendly gesture. Truly this is what steemit is about, giving back to the community and help others grow

Keep posting! You're the 23rd on my list!

I think there should me more quality giveaways like this ... Thank you!

I'll call this the attribute of a true steemain. The community apprecaites you @gomatthew . Am sure we are yet to see the best


25th on the list!

This is an interesting concept. I normally like any initiative to help small people like myself to grow and get more following. Especially when they produce niche-content, like philosophy in my case.
But I wonder how this would work. Do you check for quality of the posts? I do like the trusting element in this, so yeah, after having thought this through, I'd like to nominate myself.
And in any case, thanks for opening this door to people!

Great questions. I dedicate 1 hour per day to curation only and part of that is checking my auto-vote spreadsheet to make sure my auto votes are going to folks that create content of value and strength. If they have gone a while without posting, I'll shoot them a message to see if I can help in any way. If they abandon posting anyways, then I remove my vote and apply it to someone else. It also keeps me engaged outside of the people I usually follow. I think it benefits everyone, myself included. Welcome! My eighth addition!

Ok, that sounds like a lot of work and dedication, respect. I'm honoured to be part of your autovote. Thanks!

Actually I like vote, but I am sad because I hope you also vote or follow @abinz

I will, but you have to resteem my post

I am amazed at this leveled ground opportunity for all , i have no doubt this will go far to help all who may have quality post yet no relevant recognition. thanks @gomatthew I personally appreciate this opportunity

Absolutely! You're 26th on the list!

I'll get on your list because were in an alliance together and we both stack precious metals. Add that to the fact we're both creative and handsome people so the choice is obvious. I'll actually leave it up to some other lucky winners because I recently just started following you after I saw you on my posts. I'm happy if you drop by once in awhile so good luck to the others 👍😎

Clearly, we are gorgeous and have incredible taste. I actually added you to my auto post already... about an hour before I made this post.

How bout that, I'm already a winner! 🙌

Wow, this I one. Of the nicest thing that have ever happened in steemit . With this minnows like us can have a chance growing in dolphins.and eventually to Wales. To better this community. Thanks very much.

You're 27th on the list!

Appreciate this initiative. I would like to apply for a slot if you think I deserve it. Irrespective of whether I am chosen or not, I would request you to select authors who have have less Steem Power but good reputation, who work hard and contribute through both posts and comments and most importantly who don't spam.

I am very new here and any such aid would help me go a long way on my Steemit journey.

If you select me, I promise that I will do my level best to keep your faith. Please check my profile to see the few posts and many comments I have made and select or reject me based on that.

Thanks again.

You got it! Keep posting! You're 28th on the list!

Thank you, I will definitely keep posting :)

It seems you found a wonderful way to give back to the community, i small group batches. Its great to see people do things like this! Thank you! 😀😀😀

My ninth addition!

Well, thank you 😀

What a great idea. It's inspiring to see all the ways that people are able to support and encourage each other on Steemit, such as this. It's totally redefining the concept of money and how it's generated and the more people see concepts such as this, the better. :D

My tenth addition!!

And also.. great point about redefining the concept of money.

Nice initiative !

Thank you ;)

Is the contest open to anyone? Or just steemsilvergold members? I'd love to be in the club eventually but I probably post to many rocks and jewelry posts to be accepted. Also my steempower is pretty dismal... Lol

Open to anyone!

And this auto-vote reward is exactly for folks like you.. so just do the 3 steps and you'll be 29th on the list.

Thanks so much for the opportunity then. I really appreciate all the support this community has shown me in my short time here. I'm pretty ignorant when it comes to my knowledge on cryptos, and this place has a vast amount of information, on cryptos as well as everything else. I really want to get into hand pouring some silver art myself. I'm a silversmith that does mostly fabricated silver work. I've been fascinated with all the beautiful silver castings some of your members are creating. I'll do my homework and step up my game. Thanks again for your generosity

Thank you again. This is the best contest I've seen yet.

Personally, I think this is best kind of giveaway. I prefer steempower delegations and upvotes to just plain SBD giveaways.
It helps your reputation and it is a better reward of quality content.

Thank you @gimatthew for this offer, wouldn't want to miss it for anything.

My first addition!

Wow, thanks
Really lucky

I'm just happy because i had a similar idea but i have so little reputation, i can't even help myself yet but wish to help others. I believe @gomatthew that this will help this community grow larger. Thanks for this great initiative. I only joined steemit 2 weeks back and i wish this idea had come earlier than now. Thanks again.

That's awesome that you joined Steemit, you'll like it here. Unfortunately, I closed this round of additions to the list but will be opening up the contest again next week. Stay tuned and Steem on!

Not everyone would want to show such an act of benevolence. Though I'm still a newbie, but I no with time, I'll get balanced properly. Most importantly with someone like you around and that mega upvote. Wowwww. I'll get there. Really appreciate the good work u're doing. Big fan.

I appreciate it ;) Unfortunately, I closed this round of additions to the list but will be opening up the contest again next week. Stay tuned and Steem on!

No problem, thanks once again for the initiative.

Upvoted and resteemed! :) Great post to inspire us to bring value to others. Adding you to my auto upvotes.

You are my 15th addition! Look forward to your posts.

Thank you! Looking forward to following your journey as well.

@gomatthew thanks for your wonderful initiative. I will like to be part of your list if there is still any slot available. It is people like you that gives us hope to keep steeming

Hey! Thanks for your interest. Check back next week when I open up 20 more slots. I hope you can get in then, cheers!

Hey Matthew, this is a really great initiative! Good way to find good quality content, to support it and hopefully grow a strong solid team...

Would you potentially be interested in curating my art? If it's a style that you like, I'll definitely apply! My intentions are to be part of a strong team, hopefully being able to pull my weight sooner than later ✊🏽


Check back next week when I open up 20 more slots. I hope you can get in then, cheers!

Done! This is absolutely wonderful @gomatthew it's a very nice initiative and one i'd be glad to be part of. I love to see the community spirit of fellow steemians in full swing, It's great that you're contributing to the growth of others. I'm currently part of the newbie resteem initiative with the tag #newbieresteemday which basically resteems the post of steemians who use the tag (majorly newbies) as the platform makes their work more visible to the general community. Once again, love the team spirit!
very commendable!

Thanks, that's a great idea. It takes a little bit of time to get going, but keep posting.

This is a great... This would go a long way to encourage quality post and use of time. People spend their time on other social media, following celebs and unnecessary things... But steemit and this idea of yours will change things. Thumbs up

Wow! So excited to be part of this

That's really a good step. You are giving the community back something by encouraging them to take up the part and do something valuable. I really appreciate it.. Keep it up ..
Have a nice day ahead.!!!

My second addition !

Thanks for the addition brother. I won't let you down :D

I am blogging about my dog Floppy. He had back surgery in December. We couldn't afford it, but love him so much we charged it on our credit card. I am blogging about his recovery and rehab to pay for the surgery. Here is the latest post:


I daily vote would be amazing in helping me achieve my goal.

That's awesome! Amazing what we do for our furry family. Check back next week when I open up 20 more slots. I hope you can get in then, cheers!

I applaud you for your support towards growing the steemit community, It's rare to find people seek the good of others.
Keep touching lives, keep steeming

Thank you :) Much appreciated and felt. Check back next week when I open up 20 more slots. I hope you can get in then, cheers!

Am an animator but my first work on steemit wasnt appreciated at all....so am trying to join communities that would appreciate it

Check back next week when I open up 20 more slots. I hope you can get in then, cheers!

Great idea! I just started adding content pretty regularly, I hope I can still qualify?
Check out my blog to see if I'd be active enough ;)


You are my 16th addition!

I joined Steemit last month due to heavy loss I incured in the farm cos some farm workers refused to come, I was introduced to Steemit by a friend who told me I could raise some funds if I can share my experience here, of which am gradually doing that but this place has become a community of great minds think alike which made me forget about the money but on the friendship.
Would be nice if am on your list.

So true. Am I'm sorry to hear about your heavy loss. Steemit is an amazing tool. Check back next week when I open up 20 more slots. I hope you can get in then, cheers!

Helping those who are in need is one of our main goals in steemit.i really appreciate what you are doing on this platform helping people like me..since i joined steemit i havent got any standard upvote from things i post, due to fustration i was depressed if i was different from people who do have upvote when ever they post, i think with @gomathew am moving towards making everything different in my steemit life. I will see to make a testimony if am selected.

Check back next week when I open up 20 more slots. I hope you can get in then, cheers!

This is a great initiative you're spearheading here. It's easy to get caught up in all the flag wars and SBD value pegging discussions lately. It feels like maybe some folks have lost sight of what this platform is supposed to be about: creating, finding, and curating great content. This is a step toward the right direction, IMO. Thanks for giving little fish a chance.

Great points .. I'm about over the pissing matches and dick measuring . check the egos at the door.

This. 👆 It's staggering to think what the collective will, knowledge, and insight of the steteemit community could accomplish if we would let ourselves.

Wow that's pretty cool of you to do that. Just saw your video in Cambodia blowing stuff up, that's freakin bad ass! I am following you now.

Yeah, that was a killer day. Can't wait to head back. You are my 17th addition!

This sounds really interesting.. I love people that brings up ideas that help others succeed.. We are here in steemit to succeed and this can only be achievable through the help of friends and others.. I really love your idea. It's a great opportunitythat needs to be used.. I key into this

Check back next week when I open up 20 more slots. I hope you can get in then, cheers!

Hi @gomatthew! Great initiative. I am trying to make a name on Steemit by showcasing my (usually travel-related) photography. I seem to be gaining some Steem (;-)) but I recognise that in the beginning it can be difficult, and I am still a relatively small fish in the ocean.

Personally I have a few people on my auto-vote list as well, which is great to automatically support the people that deserve your vote. I usually re-assess this list every month so as to keep it updated (i.e. are people still active and posting quality?). I have started to follow you and if I like what I am seeing I may include you on my list as well :)

Cheers, @Finance2Nomad

Sounds great friend! You're the fourteenth addition to my auto vote list! Congratz!

oh.This is really great with me.In very new to steem so this would be amazing to win.

Really neat incentive that you are willing to support a good quality poster for a whole year. I would love to be this person. I like to post every day at least one or two posts. I am into photography (especially taking pictures of my agates). I like to share my dreams and anything else that comes to mind, including my adventures. Feel free to stop by and check out my work. You can see how the quality of my work has progressed. I even bought a new nikon to provide better content. I'm learning photoshop techniques and more.

There is also a lot of abuse happening around here. While any upvote is appreciated, I am in this for the long haul. I hope that Steemit succeeds far into the future and I plan on making sure that Steemit stays successful by using my voting power to curate good content and flag bad content, up to and including rewards pool abuse. Too much of it is going on and not enough is being done.

With that said, I'm all about having fun and enjoying the platform. Doing that brings rewards, and my most profitable comments and posts I really enjoyed writing. Either way, you wouldn't be making a mistake by choosing me. With great voting power comes great responsibility, and I look forward to more financial freedom by protecting this Utopia. I am not sure how you're picking each winner, but I still enjoyed sharing my thoughts with you.

It also looks like you've filled up all the spots, that's cool too. Good luck to the contestants!

Check back next week when I open up 20 more slots. I hope you can get in then, cheers!

Plan on it, thanks!

Please check my profile and see I am An Original Content Creator active on many Steemit challenges/contests, DTube, DSound, Member of Lucksackspoker aka Steem Poker League, I also Support Papillion Charity. Thanks for your consideration. I am also currently working on getting a few apps developed for Steemit and could use the extra help !

Check back next week when I open up 20 more slots. I hope you can get in then, cheers!

Way to go bro. That is awfully nice of you to do for the community.
pew pew

On the list friend! 34th spot.

The idea is wonderful, I want to be one of those lucky ones.

Check back next week when I open up 20 more slots. I hope you can get in then, cheers!

Steemit need more people like you, when I enough Sp I will also like you. Thanks for the good work. Hope I will be on the list

Check back next week when I open up 20 more slots. I hope you can get in then, cheers!

I really like your Disclaimer but how can you really tell a Bot human discontent?

You will not see any hate-speach coming from me, it is something we just don't di in my circle of influence. It's useless, nasty and it hurts people.... on that note Mean People suck!

So I still don't really understand what all the steem voter and minnow helper and so on. Well I don't know how to use them, I actually want to get rid of my minnow booster account, it sucks up all my votes on who knows what!

Thanks for what you're doing @gomatthew

Check this post out for getting out of MinnowBooster. Remember, it takes 7 days. https://steemit.com/minnowbooster/@gomatthew/getting-your-steem-power-delegation-back-from-minnowbooster

Thanks I'll check it out real soon! I went into it blind... I had no idea it takes 7 days

Why are you still not reading my coment? @gomatthew

Check back next week when I open up 20 more slots. I hope you can get in then, cheers!

Can I say that this is a very generous offer from you and only an idiot would not want this for themselves.... Hello I'm your idiot!! Would it be possible to nominate a friend of mine? @huw28582 is still finding his feet and he really needs all the help he can get. I'm doing OK for myself and its not that I wouldn't appreciate your 100% upvote but there are guys out there who would benefit from it more than me.

Man, you're such a thoughtful dude! Kudos to you. Both you and @huw28582 are o the list (that's quite the steemit handle btw ;) My fourth & fifth addition!

Hmm something of quality. So much choice on steemit, steemsilvergold is the highest quality it's full of shiny happy people who are always looking out for each other, cheers bud 👍

I cant even imagine being selected,its going to be too good to be true,but anyways who ever gets selected is sure to have an impact of what you are doing,espercially for unappreciated minnows!God bless you!

Check back next week when I open up 20 more slots. I hope you can get in then, cheers!

what a golden opportunity this is for me especially. Atleast I will have the privilege of getting better upvote for my hardwork. I am so happy to have come across your blog today. This is a rear privilege and I must grab it and I might be lucky to be among the chosen ones. Thanks you somuch @gomatthew for such wonderful initiative, people like me need it a great deal.

Wow! Only if the rich people in my country could be like you, the world would be a better place. Thanks for this initiative @gomatthew, steemit needs more people like you.

Finally someone on steem who is doing something for other than there self benefit! i love steemit, however i am worried about the falseness of the website, which by i mean fake people, minnows commenting on whales and dolphins saying ' interesting post' to hope for that upvote. Keep up the good work improving the community, i am currently struggling with ideas for my posts, any suggestions ? :)

If you have some experience as a trader, there are tons of people on Steemit looking for advice on what to do during bear market corrections. Holding vs selling, shorting etc. I'd write about that.

This is why Steemit and is great.

No circle jerking. No shady strings attached.

Whenever I see some dude claiming to give out something free in a Facebook group or something, it's only to serve them.
You rock @gomatthew.

I would, but I am against all upvote bots, so I would only accept in a hipster rejection acceptance sort of fashion.

First of all, I followed you after reading your post as what you are doing is really awesome to help minnows :)

Secondly, I got this post through a resteem from one of the Steemians I am following and hence I can say that resteeming your post did get more exposure XD

It would be really nice to get your precious upvote for a year as I am running the Steemit Lotto Weekly Game and the Science Challenge also on a weekly basis.

This will help increase the reward pool of the games and allow me to distribute more to the community!!

Thanks for such a generous gesture and I hope more deserving people than me win it XD

Keep Steem'in hard XD

I'll take it, but then again I wonder how that non-misogyny criterion fits to your end-of-article image:

I mean, isn't that a bit derogatory towards women? You ironically fit your head on a girls body showing her naked butt to.. what.. to spank that little bitch into submission?

I don't mind both, but their combination is a bit hypocritical.. or am I just too oversensitive?

It's clearly a parody. I'm a logo designer and Coppertone is my favorite logo. It's me, farting out Steem.

I really appreciate your enthusiam @gomathew towards enabling this community of creative minds grow. I am only but a week old in steemit and yet i feel like i have been here for ages. Obviously i still have alot to learn and i believe in time i will not only be shown the robes but i will also learn to hold a firm grip on it.

Wow first of all I'll want to say tanks for having such a nice initiative on helping others.
I've been on the steemit platform for almost a month and I've been enjoying it eversince! I'm so glad I tried it. It changed my life more than I could ever imagine. It helps me not only on my financial needs but also feeds me so much knowledge and I love it! Im really glad to see people like you sir on helping others out by upvoting on their posts and helping them to gain both the popularity and the cash they get out of it. I think everyone deserves to get in your 200 slots, since everyone has something to say, a voice and a potential talent in writing.
After being on so many social media sites, this platform is the only life changer out of all of it. I hope more power comes to STEEMIT and to you sir!

It's amazing to see people that are willing to help improve the lives of people and this is why I have fallen in love with steemit and fellow steemians. @gomatthew, a whole year is alot of time and I am happy to see you not just earn from the platform but also give back. I definitely will resteeem this because the whole community deserves to see this.

I am feeling inspired by what you are doing @gomatthew and I hope to do same some day when my upvote will count

You got it man! You are my eighteeth addition!

Wow, I'm grateful. You just made my day

this is great, hope i will be in the list, good luck for you

Great initiative that you are starting. I think that your upvote would help my site a lot and bring my content to more people.

No matter if I get lucky or not I want to thank you for helping our community the way you do.

Auto vote is really a revelation, it would however be very awesome if the owner of vote autos can really monitor the actions of the people they put on it, most times these people knowing they are on auto vote, make posts of just two or three lines because of laziness, but I'm glad you highlighted you will monitor the content creating.

Thank you for this amazing opportunity I'm @josediccus, I'm a poet and content writer

You're welcome... and I really dig your poetry. Beautiful. You are my nineteenth addition!

I'm so elated thank you so much