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RE: Who Wants My 100% Autovote for the Next Year?

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I know it's been said in several comments already, but I find it so amazing the willingness for people here on Steemit to help each other out. I've only been posting for about a month but found myself in a strong community called The Alliance, where a member saw my plight re bandwidth and delegated me a chunk to get through my growing pains. And, lately, I've been getting to know the people of SteemUSA. The comments I'm getting, the people who are voting and support, even tipping, crazy.

After being on Facebook for so long, which I feel is a soul corrupting place, this is a crazy breath of fresh air and has reinvigorated me to get back on track with my passion of writing and creating :) And, efforts like this, well, every little bit helps those who are lucky enough to be selected.

Either way, I'm still going to keep on creating, meeting, and building :) Thanks for helping the community out!


Facebook = soul corrupting. You've earned a 100% upvote for that ;) So true. I'll look you up on #thealliance and check out SteamUSA. I'm in Tennessee and looking to do real life events with folks that are close. My eleventh addition!

Hehe, thanks! :) Yeah, discovered that they started putting ads in the mobile messenger when I loaded up yesterday. I was like, 'wtf?' That place isn't community, it's 100% a targeted marketing platform in the guise of a meeting place. When you have to pay for your friends to see the things you post and even your mom can't find you because of an algorithm...yuck. Glad to be here and meeting cool people like you :) Can't say it enough, after the drought I've been through...a breath of fresh air.

Need to look for fellow Steemians here in LA. Get some real world connections going to build the community stronger. I'm in Gamma :)

Meetups in LA sound totally plausible. Huge city with lots of niche interests. Ever get to Nashville, hit me up.

Totally, big city, lots of people. Just need to find them, hehe. If I head your way you can expect a friendly message :) Think I have some relatives around there.

Are we talking about a larger event of Steem holders or just a local meetup type deal? I'm up in Chicago, but based on what the event it could make the drive. Also willing to help coordinate if you would like a hand putting together a larger event.

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