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This is a daily contest.

100 Dogecoins are given to daily winners.
Winners will be selected based on how much I like their answers with me being the judge for now, OR using random.org depending on the nature of the contest.

How to participate

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Today's Question

What is your best GAME of all time and why do you like it?

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  • If I like more than one comment, prize will be split between them or one winner selected with random.org

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Gears of war, the first one... it was so flawed but had so many revolutionary ideas built into the game play... story line was dramatic and mostly action packed... I loved being able to stick to the walls, slide into cover, jump and roll, sit high or low and even blind fire around corners...

I was a shotgun short range or exploding dart champ long range... I always rushed and I could bust out some wicked beat downs with the pistol if caught off guard completely humiliating the enemy whom thought he had cooked my goose. Then there was the chainsaw rifle, just sit afk and wait for the last dumby standing to come look for you and usually they will walk right up to you and well that chainsaw would lock onto the target no matter which direction he was with a quick button tap, humiliated.

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Dude you’re taking me back now Gears of war 1-3 were amazing! I don’t know if it got worse after that or I got older and it just didn’t have the same appeal

I was so into gears of war at one stage my Xbox was giving me trouble so I cut a hole in the side panel and added an extra fan to it lol it was loud AF but at least I could play

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Yea the "red ring of death" was nicknamed the "red gear of war" because of all the crazy overhead processing that game required, your Xbox worked just as hard on spectator as in play and I think I killed 2.... 6 in total but 2 on the first gow

I think they got crappy as they lost the plot on the story line and built out goofy characters to fill in holes, gameplay changed but not for the better I still say the first even though the buggiest was the most realistically featured. Made surprise attacks a real nuisance.

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Forgot my address 🤦‍♂️


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Seems like this was a hit back then.
Surprisingly, i never played it


Seems like this was a
Hit back then. Surprisingly,
I never played it

                 - gamsam

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


Good one @haikubot


That means I win right? 😝

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It’s the bomb! Not sure if the online game play works any longer but it’s worth looking into even the story line you will quickly realize how it changed the gameplay dynamics opening the doors to things like Fortnight and even GTA 5 ... the developers moved onto contribute in all the best releases for like the next 10 years!

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The best game I’ve ever played was Tekken 3! All my cousins had copies of it and whenever we got together at anyone’s house it would turn into the most heated battles of all time! Sometimes we would take a break from one another and head to the arcade and play against strangers just to see if we are really that good lol most of the time we were! I really had so much fun playing that game and becoming an expert with each character and their fighting styles


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Loved Tekken too. All of 'em

Good day friend. I can say that my game of all time is and will continue to be Super Mario Bros. It is a game that since I was a child I loved all its versions and different video consoles (Mario 1, 2, 3, Mario Kart 64, etc). Despite his little pixelation of those years (1990) onwards, for me it has always been a game with many worlds and different degrees of difficulty. The mission (rescue the queen). Mario Kart on Nintendo 64, was super fun, because we could compete among 4 friends at once. It's a pity they did not get a Mario Bros in the new consoles, because it would really be a great adventure. God bless you. Greetings. My Dogecoin address is:



Used to play that game for hours and hours. Pretty old but i still love it.

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One of the best online role-playing games for me is Dofus, it is a game that played for a long time as a teenager and spent hours on the computer playing with many friends, I made friends from other countries such as Mexico, Colombia, Spain, Brazil, France, among others. I still remember that stage as a child, there were no more things than just playing on the pc.

Address: DN19R6d1X1q53o9sndrKRaWrs9W99UxBPZ

The best game for me so far is @super8ballclub who would have thought an android game will pay you through cryptocurrency? this game does.
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