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RE: The Deadpost Initiative - Week 12 - Share your most undervalued work + week 11 winners ($20 STEEM prize pool)

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This is awesome! I have tons of dead posts, but I’m only about a month in. Shrug 🤷🏽‍♀️. I appreciate any help and getting to know others so thank you so much. As much as I love politics and currency I’ve been writing quite a bit about culture, art, photography. I’ll change things up t see what sticks. This is my original writing about a Native American drum. Happy Holidays! PS. I’m not yet on Steemit for 30 days.


This is one of the most interesting posts I've encountered on here - so far - mainly because it's - and I don't mean to be offensive - the kind of stuff that I've only seen and heard of in movies, comics and books so far. It's so distant from my Western European life.

One of the reasons why I enjoy Steemit so much, is that I get to hear of and actually interact with people from countries and cultures all over the world. Besides the aforementioned, you are a good writer and storyteller and I love how you share not only the process but even give us a little sample of actually playing your drum. I'm looking forward to your future posts :)

What a lovely comment and post. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your feelings and insights. Interesting that you mention "comics and books." I had no idea any of this was mentioned in comics. Cool. I agree that sharing information from other cultures is going to be great on Steemit. I feel because we get to write blogs on info instead of just Meme's or short comments like on Facebook. i feel like I get to share so much more of who I am and get to write too. I love to write, and I am very honored to read that you like my writing. As you know, it is not an easy process. Thank you for your support and kindness. Happy Holidays. xx

PS. I'm going to go take a peak at your blog now. (:

You're very welcome :)

Comics, books, movies, tv series, that's how we learn(t) about other cultures in the years before the Internet entered our homes.

I remember, that when I was a little kid (in the mid to late 80s), I had a wigwam, a toy tomahawk and a head band with feathers. Whenever we played cowboys and indians (I didn't know the word Native American back then), I preferred to be an indian.

Things change when you get older and get to learn history and all. Then again, I love how kids are still so pure, innocent and able to easily identify with anyone. If all humans stayed like that when they grew up, the world would be way better off ;)

Thanks for checking out my blog. Lately, I've mainly been focusing on writing on movies but I'm definitely more versatile than that.

Happy Holidays to you too! x

Kids still played cowboys and indians in the 80s and in other countries. Now that is interesting. NdN is a good side to choose! LOL
Kids are innocent and pure and it definitely is beautiful to see their innocence. Movies is good, what is your favorite movie?

We should definitely take kids as our examples some times. Interestingly enough, they take us as their examples - as we are the adults - and later loose their innocence.

I blogged about some of my favorite movies (per genre) but I probably got a couple of hundred favorites, which makes it (nearly) impossible for me to answer this question :)

Okay I’m
Going now ...

I would love to hear you play it. I try not to regret anything, but I truly hope that if I ever return for a long enough time period, I get a chance to connect with some Native Americans who have a passion for the spiritual aspects of their culture. I would really love to learn more about it, not in an academic way, through experience. Do you know many who are really engaged in these traditions?

@whatamidoing. Yes, I am. LOL! That's why I put I am First Nation. It's taken me awhile to get more involved and I was not born on a Rez, but yes I am very well connected. I'm trying to get my 5k following from FB over here, but they haven't yet grasped the concept. I'm going slow. Hey, that was me tapping the drum in my video. LOL You heard me play.

PS. My slider just showed up and I'd like to upvote your comment. What percentage is reasonable to upvote on a comment? I'm just getting the hang of this. I need 30 hours for a reboot. I've been upvoting like crazy so I'm on cooldown. LOL

I usually upvote 15-30 for comments unless im trying to get back to a decent level of vp like right now

Sorry I didn't notice the video cause videos are not loading on steemit for me right now. I'm looking forward to reading more of your posts :-D

and congratulations on the slider!

No worries, what's the slider mean? I'll post more on First Nation soon. I have to post some of the Colorado mountains for a very nice person today. I did a post on Mesa Verde at the beginning of the week you might enjoy. :)

I'll check it out!

Now, I'll admit that I am not the most musically inclined person that I know - and this is one reason why it took me so long to comment.

However this drum sut is beautiful and I could readily appreciate the craftsmanship that went into it (especially the drumsticks). All this along with your instructional and educational explanation of every aspect of the drum (I never knew that they needed greasing!) made for an excellent post.

This has my vote. :c)

How was I not following you before? Hey, don’t wait so long next time ... thank you for your vote and a help to n my confidence on this platform. Blessings thank you 🙏🏽

Well... it also doesn't help that I am only able to see pictures in posts around quarter of the time thanks to local network restrictions (and your post is a lot easier to appreciate with the photos included. ;c)

As for why you haven't been following me. Every follow is a personal choice and I know that not everybody will appreciate each of the three main flavours that my posts tend to take on. :cP

It'll be great to be on your feed from now on. Its a little daunting starting out on this platform but I can tell you that you are going to be more than just fine. ^_^ Blessings to you also.

Thank you so much for your encouragement and I love what you write so I just have to get my account more regulated because I delegated, then I joined a trail for one day and it messed my entire thing up. Then Steem went down major so I'm trying to figure out how do I get my VP back up? LOL
I was going crazy upvoting people everyday nonstop. Yes, it is daunting and thank you again. Hugs.


Oh! A lot of users don't realize that their voting power only recovers by 20% per 24 hours. :c) So its normal that 'going crazy upvoting people everyday nonstop' will cause voting power issues. :cP

Having only recently accumulated sufficient Steem to get a vote slider (and voting at less than 100% on comments does a lot to help manage voting power better) I have not yet explored delegation. I understand that its not worked out for you thusfar - but that you have hope for it. :c)

Oh - and Happy New Year. ^_^

I do realize that my power goes down and depending on many factors how much I have to use. I was talking about something different. Guess it’s hard to explain unless an entire blog is written about it, which many have been recently. Happy New Year!

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